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  1. Wabene: Don't you worry buddy, I got you covered when it comes to vitriol for Baldelli's managing ability. I'm here for ya!
  2. I place the vast majority of the Twins' problems on Baldelli. No MLB manager gets less out of his players than Baldelli. If he's just doing what he's told by the FO, then he's a weak patsy and all the more to blame.
  3. The Yankee's dominance over the Twins has reached such monumental proportions that it has to be a featured entry in psychology textbooks and the focus of research papers & symposiums on behavioral science. As a Twins fan it has been brutal to endure, but I must admit that it has also become quite fascinating to behold.
  4. Why did Baldelli use Fulmer in 8th when Twins had a 6-0 lead? He could have used Pagan in 8th or let Sands easily handle two innings. Our supposedly 3rd best relief pitcher should be saved to hold a close lead in the 7th tomorrow, not waste his arm in a blowout today. Baldelli's managerial decisions continue to baffle.
  5. I thought Stu wrote humorous articles. What am I missing? This interview of fan Charlie Johnsrud was well done and Johnsrud is correct in pretty much everything he said about Buxton & the Twins.
  6. Well written article Matt Braun! More please. Now let's watch Baldelli sit Miranda, Urshela & Celestino tomorrow. Hot batters need their scheduled rest afterall. And after 6 long innings of throwing a baseball, it's a virtual certainty that Mahle will need to skip his next turn in the rotation so the Twins can avoid overworking him.
  7. It all starts and ends with Baldelli. The players will produce if given competent leadership.
  8. Have you watched this team for the past 2+ months attempt to play baseball? This bunch of pampered powder-puff players & their limp noodle manager will not make the playoffs in 2022. So the headline of the article is moot. I never dreamed I'd miss Gardenhire & Molitor, but here I am, admitting it. There's no fire, no motivation, no inspiration, no instinct & no playing the hot hand. Just bland, boring, basic number crunching that takes being human out of baseball and leaves a remnant of automated, oft-injured bipeds devoid of heart & soul.
  9. This, sooooooo this! 100% agree. Rocco is not a competent MLB manager. His decisions lose 3 games for every 1 game his decisions win.
  10. Article on benefits of methylsulfonylmethane for athletes: https://www.thepumpingstation.com/msm-benefits.html
  11. The mystery surrounding the constant accumulation of injured Twins' players doesn't get enough attention. Year after year the injuries pile up despite a determined effort by the Twins' executives to rest players and restrict their workloads. Today's Twins' players are some of the most pampered athletes in sports history, yet the injuries continue to mount. Something beyond simple bad luck must be happening. Perhaps nutrition is being neglected? I'm 57 now, when I was 37 my knees and left shoulder hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. I was ready for replacement surgery just to end the pain. Then one day I searched for alternative solutions on the Internet and discovered the world of nutritional supplements. I started taking 100% natural supplements like methylsulfonylmethane, hyaluronic acid, collagen, magnesium, etc. to supply my body with what it needed to heal and remain healthy. It worked within a month! Still today, 20 years after I was in joint pain agony, I'm pain free and can work circles around guys much younger. I simply give my body the nutrition it needs to repair itself & remain strong. Medical schools spend very little time teaching nutrition to medical students (it's bad for business) and therefore medical professionals spend very little time talking about nutrition with patients. Of course, short cuts of performance enhancing drugs have been used, but that's a different beast and has nothing to do with nutrition. Is it possible that an athlete like Byron Buxton simply has a body that is grossly nutritionally deficient? The result would be constant injuries and an inability to fully heal because the body isn't given what it needs to repair itself & remain strong. I don't know what the Twins do, if anything, to provide enhanced nutrition to their players, but I've never seen nor heard it mentioned in any media. Based on the frequency of injured players, perhaps nutrition is an area where the Twins' could improve.
  12. Hmmm, what about the unending popup ads that clutter everything up and make it an obstacle course to read an article? My increased effort to even read anything posted due to said ads makes me think I've done my part.
  13. Ok, no more calling Buxton "injury prone." From now on he must be referred to as "prone to injury."
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