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  1. Ok, no more calling Buxton "injury prone." From now on he must be referred to as "prone to injury."
  2. Donaldson will help Twins win with his bat, his glove, but mostly as a fire starter. Aggression, adrenaline and emotion improve athletic performance and help teams win games. This is the very reason the Twins improved when Tori Hunter returned and when Dozier took a leadership role. When a team has a leader with the passion of milk toast (everyone knows who I mean), the team goes nowhere. Donaldson's passion and fire will be the biggest benefit to the Twins that he will provide. Fortune favors the BOLD!
  3. Whatever players the Twins are considering through free agency, trade or draft, there has to be a test conducted before any are chosen. Each potential player has to be connected to heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity monitors. Then that player is to be shown a uniform of the New York Yankees. If the monitors indicate any type of fear or anxiety in response to seeing the Yankee uniform, the Twins should have no more interest in that player. We need players that don't turn into jello when playing the Yankees.
  4. Based on the fact that I feel like a Cleveland Browns fan, yeah, it hurts the Twins with the fans. I'd rather they didn't even make the playoffs than to embarrass themselves like this. They didn't even compete. They set records for sports playoff futility. I'm totally embarrassed and ashamed to be a Twins fan. Kirby Puckett must be rolling over in his grave. What a disaster. I'll check in next year in late September to see how they're doing. Even then I won't care and won't pay attention until they actually win a playoff game or two.
  5. I'm done. I'm just soooo over this train wreck of a franchise. Life has too much to offer to waste anymore time or concern on this nonsense. They suck when they're bad and they suck when they're good. No more. Goodbye Twins.
  6. Ugh. Everyone can talk about how this team has nothing to do with the other Twins teams that lost before. But they are absolutely linked. The Twins' players hear about the franchise's playoff losing streak and long run of failure and it burrows into their subconscious and affects performance. In the same way most players that join the Yankees hear about all the Yankee success and winning and it boosts their confidence and they play better there than they did for any other team. Success breeds success. It's all in the mental game and the Twins have to figure out how to avoid turning into jelly-legged, terrified, star-struck imitations of the Bad News Bears. The Twins' baseball talent is every bit as good as the Yankees but the mental game is 180 degrees apart. And another thing . . . the Twins need to conclude that Gibson is DONE for the year and get him replaced with another pitcher, anyone. The man is not healthy and should be nowhere near a pitching mound.
  7. Arraez is here to stay. Gordon has been reduced to trade bait. Arraez is simply clutch and has the "it" factor. To have the plate presence that he does at his age is incredible. He will prove to be a huge contributor for the Twins for years. He's nearly as loveable and fun to watch as Astudillo.
  8. 3.5 game lead with 16 to play for division. 2.5 and 3 game leads over OAK and TB for wildcard. The way this team is performing . . . ugh . . . it doesn't matter who the're playing the rest of the way, the playoffs are far far far from a sure thing.
  9. I'm speechless. I'm in utter shock. The Twins willingly gave this game away. They had the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the 9th and Rocco let LaMarre hit when Cron and Sano are on the bench and available. Un F**king Believable.
  10. .311/.380/.477 in AAA seems good to me. A nice feel good story of local guy getting an opportunity. He was a beast in 2018 spring training. The outfield needs some healthy bodies, nothing wrong with this move.
  11. If there was any evidence that Pineda was trying to mask another substance, MLB would have never reduced his suspension time from 80 to 60. He had a brain fart and took a diet pill to loose weight. He's human, he made a mistake. I'm sure he's beating himself up plenty enough. No need to pile on.
  12. When you're being paid millions of dollars to play the game, you give it 100% effort. Puig should have run to first because there is always a chance that Odorizzi or Cron would drop the ball in the exchange. That small chance could have allowed Puig to reach base safely and eventually score to allow his team to win. Then at the end of the season they may make the playoffs by one game all because he ran to first base on a low odds play. No matter the probability, players should give their best effort on every play. Otherwise, why play the game at all? When you play the game lazy, you give your opponent an advantage. Fans don't want lazy players on their team who give opponents an advantage! And Twins fans saw the lazy effort and scolded him for disrespecting the game, his teammates and the Cleveland fans.
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