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  1. Nobody appreciates a decent catcher until they don't have one. There are few you'll find who can play good defense as well as hit. I think Jadi Molina.
  2. In his own contribution during one of those stretches when the Twins are going through a prolonged pitching flux, Archer has been about as important to the staff as Devin Smeltzer.
  3. Reusse is an old crab. It oozes from his fingers on the keys.
  4. My favorite when he was here. I wish him well.
  5. Here's to Smeltzer, big chance--for he and the Twins.
  6. LOL.....nice and accurate comparison of Pagan to our ol buddy Kyle "meow mix" Gibson. Gibson was the epitome of "nibbling"--drove me crazy. Wish him well, but very glad he's gone!! That's funny, all the years watching him pitch, I'm thinking, Jeez, Gibby, just throw a strike.
  7. In the 22 years I have followed the Twins, the pitching staff, more often than not, is an annual mystery.
  8. Having followed this team for 20 years, this would seem to be the usual state, with but a few brief exceptions.
  9. I think the simple fact the Twins now are in this position tells me all I'll ever need to know about the Twins, and I've been following them for 20 years. In essence, yes, they've only had two pitchers during the entire time who the informed fan might regard as aces--two!--and now they're back to mining prospects again. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
  10. Interesting to find in the record of the Falvey-Levine leadership, they managed to tack together a powerful hitting team with sub-standard pitching. After scratching their way to division titles over two seasons, much optimism about this one, they crash (not in the least because of sub-standard pitching), and now here they are, back at the bottom but left with what we are told are all kinds of good prospects, none of them proven, btw, or with the strength and status of Jose Barrios. I'm trying to find in this a measure of progress.
  11. The Cleveland baseball club of the Major League is changing its name from the Indians to the Guardians. One may speculate why, what it intends to represent, but done is done so why quibble? Personally I'll just scratch it off as an exceptionally lousy name for a ball club. Guardians of what? Their great baseball heritage? Tris Speaker? Bob Feller? The lake? Better had they gone back to the original, the Spiders. I could get behind a team called the Spiders. Think of the logos on the caps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Spiders
  12. I recommend the Sports Illustrated profile on Joe Ryan. This fella is a different breed of cat.
  13. Here's mine to Hector, one of the classiest professional athletes I've ever had the good fortune to follow, that principally being his time here with the Twins, which provided the opportunity we'd otherwise seen from only afar. I've been following this team for 20 years, and few other Twins if any in that time have shown his commitment and effort. Best of luck tomorrow and beyond, Hector. You're a credit to the game.
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