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  1. Is his nickname "The Doof"? I have literally never heard this before.
  2. I don't see much of an issue. As we saw this year, there are always injuries. Depth is good. Even if everyone is healthy, with no Cruz we can do a lot of mixing and matching. Donaldson/Miranda split 3B, Sano/Kiriloff split 1B, Donaldson/Sano/Arraez split DH, Kiriloff/Arraez/Miranda split LF, and if they trade Kepler then Kiriloff can slide over to RF part time too. But most likely someone will get injured and we will have a good fill-in
  3. No mention of Freddy Galvis? I see him as an ideal fit for next year.
  4. How are Berrios starts so entertaining and so frustrating at the same time? I feel like they should have someone warmed up constantly after the 3rd inning and give him the world's quickest hook at any sign of trouble. We have seen the same thing sooo many times.
  5. Honest question: Do Twins fans dislike Donaldson? This is literally the first I'm hearing this. I love watching his shenanigans!
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