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  1. Teams expressed interest in taking on Pagan's contract for a minimal prospect, but it doesn't mean he has a lot of trade value. Jansen is a highly sought after player and would take a lot to trade for. This is a good resource to see how players' trade values compare. https://www.baseballtradevalues.com/trade-simulator/ A fair trade would be Royce Lewis for Jansen or Jose Miranda for Jansen. They list Pagan as having 0 trade value, which is pretty close to true.
  2. That you think the Blue Jays would be remotely interested in a Jansen/Pagan swap is baffling. hahahaha
  3. Please god, let him be traded soon!
  4. So will this take the Twins out of the mix for a right-handed outfield bat? Maybe that will change if they decide to trade Kepler.
  5. Sign Rodon. For as much as it takes under 30 mil a year. Make a play in the trade market for Sean Murphy or Danny Jansen at C. Elvis Andrus or similar at SS. Mancini or similar as an extra OF. Bullpen arm.
  6. Good get! A's were 9th best in the league looking at fewest days lost to injuries last year and 2nd in 2021. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/injured-list/2022/cumulative-team/
  7. If Tyler Jay is back in baseball, why don't the Twins still own his rights? I'm sure they'd take a flier on him if he's back. EDIT: NVM. Apparently we traded him for cash at some point.
  8. No brainer to offer arbitration. Then see what happens as the offseason plays out. Starting him, trading him and using him as a reserve are all on the table.
  9. Sneaky great numbers on Ryans first full season in the Bigs. Happy he closed it out strong. I didn't realize how much of a horse he's been relative to the rest of the rotation. Love it!
  10. The bullpen is taxed after yesterday and we have a double header tomorrow, and you pull Ober, who is absolutely cruising, after 70 pitches???????? Even if they won this game they would be screwed for the double header. I can't even anymore.
  11. Off to Cleveland with a chance! A sweep there is very unlikely, but winning 4 of 5 will put us just one game back and very much in it.
  12. To be fair to Lopez, he got a ground ball that (again) if he didn't touch it, would have been an out. He got a ground ball to first that Miranda misplayed that could have been an out, then he got a ground ball that Palacios misplayed that should have been one, possibly two outs. Lots of bleeders since he has arrived here. He hasn't been impressive, but he has also been very unlucky.
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