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  1. The Twins have the longest postseason losing streak in all major sports... They are an absolute joke. And in what universe "should" they have been in the playoffs last year?!
  2. And how has the cowardly Twin's way worked out so far? Oh yeah, just the worst losing streak in pro sports history...
  3. You're the Pohlad's ideal fan, never willing to admit there's not enough talent on the team to win but instead always blame luck for why the Twins continously suck.
  4. If intensity means doing whatever is necessary to win, this team must be at the bottom of the barrel in intensity, because they didn't win with any sort of consistency...
  5. Why on earth do you believe this team as somehow gained intensity?
  6. The Twins were the opposite of respectable last year, they were an embarrassment. They played in an absolutely awful division and couldn't even bother attempting to win it. Every time they had a chance to compete in the division they pissed down their leg. While you are impressed with the Twin's lineup, I just see injuries all over it. The absolute ceiling of this team is sneaking into the playoffs. They are much closer to a rebuild than any small chance of success.
  7. Trade Buxton instead, he'll never play anywhere near a full season.
  8. It astounds me that you keep falling for the Pohlads BS. A playoff baseball team would make them more money than the garbage they've been throwing out there for the last 15 years.
  9. Except he isn't even a useful pitcher... Why bother to even be a Twins fan when your bar for the team is so low?
  10. We do not have a great team, we have proven time and time again to be mediocre.
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