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  1. Let's hold off for say, oh a season or two, before we proclaim we are smarter than every other front office, This pitching staff could go from great to bad in a hurry.
  2. Sinclair is evil. I will never give them a dime of my money.
  3. If you have heart issues, don't watch when Pagan is pitching.
  4. Winning cures a lot of ailments. Frankly I think "chemistry" is overrated, especially in a game that is pretty individualistic. If you asked a 100 different people what it meant you would get a 100 different answers.
  5. The hitting will heat up when the pitching goes south. It's the Twins way....
  6. I know Twins Daily contributors need to write SOMETHING, but these small sample size articles mean almost nothing. Let's get to 40 games played and see where everybody is.
  7. Letting Tortuga go was the right decision. He was a terrible catcher.
  8. You have a lot more confidence in Smeltzer than I do.He seems like an AAAA guy to me....
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