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  1. Eddie being Eddie! On another note, he's been on fire since coming off his injury. 1.171 OPS in his 20 games with the Braves...
  2. Berrios is very good. He'll never be Scherzer level....
  3. "If we are so good at tweaking" .... that's the 64,000 dollar question. Are we REALLY any good at tweaking? I think the jury is still out on that....
  4. How do you know this is a down year for him? Maybe his first 400 or so at bats were the outlier and not the norm. His stats are on pace to decline again from last year. The power that some thought might materialize hasn't happened. He has no speed so he has to hit a lot to be valuable.
  5. So ESPN showed only one line out against Ryan. So not many hard hit outs against him? Can't see the game so any info would be great...
  6. Too early to say that. That being said, I'm not a fan of this pick or last years either.....Hope I'm proven wrong.
  7. The problem is he is below average wherever you put him in the field. That basically makes him a DH...
  8. I'm in Colorado on vacation, so I can see the Twins on ESPN. So far so good. My first look at Ober, I like what I see, there is potential there.
  9. If Cruz is "mentoring" all these players, why aren't the results there? Polanco, Kepler, and especially Sano haven't shown any improvement...Frankly, I think the "mentoring" thing is way overrated...
  10. Why would Tampa replace a younger player OPSing .872 that actually has a little positional flexibility with an almost 41 year old player OPSing .858? We will get very little for Cruz...and I highly doubt it will be from Tampa Bay. They have shown over the years that they are probably the smartest front office in baseball....
  11. I'm glad you find this stuff interesting.
  12. So in other words, a bunch of stuff i don't really care too much about.....thanks for the info though. I mean, i can see if a ball is hit hard or not with my own eyes. whether it was at 100 mph or 102 mph makes no difference to me....
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