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  1. Burton's knee injury was entirely preventable. If he runs hard it of the box he's standing on second. Instead he dogs it and has to slide to make it to second. No trainer can prevent that, it's on the player.
  2. So I only get to watch the Twins when they are playing the White Sox or are on national TV. I tune in and get to watch this $h!& show...
  3. I attended this game last night. Here are my observations.Twins offense was pretty much non existent. 1 run on 3 hits for the game.Varland looked really good.There were a couple of long outs against him.His fastball was 94-95 to start the game and 93-94 in the 6th. 9K's and 1 walk, not to many 3 balls counts.His off speed stuff looked good too. 91 pitches, 62 for strikes. He left with a 1-0 lead. Sisk came in in the 7th and promptly hit a batter and walked the next. a bunt and a sac fly tied the game.Thornberg pitched 2/3 of and inning without issue.His fastball was 94-95.Peacock got the bottom of the 9th and I can't tell you what his stuff looked like because his 2nd pitch went about 430 feet on a rope.An absolute no doubter. One of the hardest hit balls I've ever seen at Principal park. Saints lose 2-1. Game took 2:19.
  4. I attended the Saints game against the Cubs here in Des Moines today. Here's what I saw. Balazovic's fastball was 94-95 in the first inning. He had trouble throwing any of his other pitches for strikes, so they started sitting on his fastball. Threw 75 pitches in 4 innings. In the 4th he was down to 92 on his fastball. to be honest, he really didn't look very good and he was visibly frustrated during the game. Strotman was, well Strotman. 1 2/3 innings 2 K's 2 walks. hit 97 on the gun once, but was usually 95. Moran looked good in his 1 1/3 innings. 3 K's. Cotton looked good too, but did make a mistake and game up a dinger. Palacios made a really nice play on a ball hit to his left in the 2nd. Later in the game, Contreras made a nice catch against the wall in center. Helman and Bishop hit HR's for the only offence. final score cubs 4 Saints 2. I've posted about this before, but a pitch clock is a MUST for MLB. 9 pitchers used today and game time today was 2:12.
  5. Yeah, well they aren't using the same baseball now as they did in 2019. Apples and oranges.
  6. well, you get a lot more than 1 channel for the $65. A couple of years ago I got the Twins and 100+ channels for $65.
  7. So what? to use an investment line, past performance does not guarantee future results.
  8. Frankly, I'm losing interesting baseball, at least the way the Twins play it. Pitchers pulled after 65 pitches and 5 shutout innings. The lack of fundamentals, the analytics above all else approach. Just boring baseball.
  9. Nah, we will just hang around and watch this make no difference in October, if we even get that far. These are (maybe) win the division moves, not seriously challenge for a world series moves.
  10. They need to sell. Even if they picked up a few pieces, they wouldn't be competitive in October, too many holes in this team. Sucks but we should be used to it by now.....
  11. His OPS is higher than Kepler, Polanco, Urshela, Sanchez, Larnach and Miranda. If he could learn to walk more, he would be a VERY useful player.
  12. This is just insane.The front office fiddles while the bullpen burns. Maybe last year could be excused because of injuries/being out of the race by may. But there is no excuse for this year. If they do nothing it, and soon, it should be a fireable offense. They have tradeable assets, get it done.
  13. Cruz has had 34 more at bats with runners on and 23 more with runners in scoring position. Of course he's going to have more RBI's, he's had more opportunities. Cruz's OPW with runners on,.817, Arraez .984. Cruz with runners in scoring position, .878, Arraez, 1.037.
  14. I was able to attend the game today between the Saints and the Cubs. Absolutely perfect weather, 75 degrees, sunny with a little breeze. Some observations. I wanted to see what Kirilloff looked like. 1st inning he was late against some mid 90's fastballs and struck out. next at bat was good. after getting down 0-2 he worked out a walk. Next at bat he flew out to fairly deep center. in the 8th he hit the ball hard but was caught in deep center. the game was tied so he came up again in the 10th. He hit a bullet to center for a double to start an 8 run inning.. He made the final out on a grounder to first. So even though he was only 1-5, I thought he hit well. Some other observations. Andreoli and Cave both made nice diving catches, Andreoli's being more difficult. Cave also missed a difficult but makeable catch at the wall that resulted in a triple. Morales, the catcher looked good at the plate, with 2 hits, one being a grand slam in the 10th. Beckham had 2 hits, including a HR. I was kind of shocked to see Sanchez throw 103 pitches. I didn't think that happened anymore. Gore did not look good in relief, walking 2 and hitting another while allowing 2 runs to tie the game in the 9th.Game took just over 3 hours, not bad considering the amount of runs scored. All in all a fun day at the park and my ticket cost a grand total of $2.40. Thanks groupon!
  15. Pagan inspires zero confidence. I cringe when he comes into a game.
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