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  1. Jeffers is a borderline elite defensive catcher. In addition, his Baseball Savant swing results scream breakout. If he ever learns some patience at the plate, he's going to be a monster. Sanchez, on the other hand, is one of the worst defensive catchers in MLB that gets regular time behind the plate. In addition, his Baseball Savant offensive profile would lead you to assume he must be a defensive wizard since he has a job. He's not.
  2. Sanchez better start hitting. A weak hitting, poor fielding catcher is not really an asset. At least be decent at one of those things.
  3. Risking injury. I don't disagree with hustling in that specific situation, but 99% of the time that players don't hustle, it's the right decision. Unfortunately that may have been one of those 1% plays.
  4. I was going to put this here as well. Of all the hitters the Twins have had on the roster since 2019, only Nelson Cruz has hit LHP better. Garlick would be firmly planted as a top 10 hitter in MLB if he could put that up for his total line. As a bench player though, on a team where the primary corner outfielders hit left handed, his role is about as secure as anyone.
  5. Height at 1B is extremely helpful when the rest of the IF is less talented. in HS and college, that height advantage can be extreme, as the 1B has to stretch up and down the line to snag poor throws on a regular basis. MLB fielders were closer to this for most of MLB history, so it's no surprise the belief exists. In the modern MLB game, fielders around the IF have such incredible arms that throws are rarely needed to be stretched for horizontally. They just don't make as many errant throws. Footwork/positioning and scooping ability is much more important in modern MLB. ------------------- [side note: I play amateur baseball. The main, and very noticeable, difference between 30 year old amateurs and 30 year old pros on defense is the ability to throw. Most amateur players at comparable ages seem to have similar range and glovework as their professional counterparts. But wow, the throwing is SOOOOO different.]
  6. Getting Garlick some 1B work would do wonders. Arraez has looked shockingly proficient at 1B, particularly on scoops. That said, his numbers against LHP are "meh" at best and unplayable at worst...like he's going now. Rotating Garlick between RF and 1B against LHP would be the best way to maximize his production.
  7. Incredibly well written article Matt. Really fun way to digest this info. Thank you.
  8. I heard on the Pitcherlist podcast that the Twins barreled 13 balls against Verlander and didn't score a run. Baseball is weird sometimes. (Note: I think it was barrels. Might have been hits over 100 MPH. How would I look something like that up?)
  9. I'd move the Jays to 4 and slide the Astros and Twins down one each to accommodate...but that's just picking nits.
  10. A high-contact, walk-taking, slap-hitting, speedster has a lot of value. This version of him is better than I had hoped for. Let's see if he can keep it up!
  11. Bundy's results so far are not sustainable. This start feels a lot like Martin Perez, circa 2019. Ryan, Paddack, and Ober have all looked solid. I'm not worried about Gray as long as he stays healthy. Archer is still a question mark. He looks passable. Winder has looked great! It's nice having a wild card like Bundy as the seventh best SP on the squad right now. We're gonna need them all.
  12. 10th seems about right. No dispute here.
  13. Not really. According to the brightest minds in the biz, pitcher performance stabilizes at 200 pitches. That is about what Paddy Wagon has thrown. His pitching numbers are uniformly excellent, with above average control, command, and movement. He is a big mover up the lists of Pitcher List, Pitch Plus, and others. Ignore the production and focus on his pitching independent of results. It is impossible to not be impressed.
  14. Another fan of the pitch clock here. I have heard from 8-10 hardcore baseball fans that went to minor league games that used it. Every one of them raved about it. If that is the response from hardcore fans, it's going to be even bigger from casual fans. As an isolated rule change, it seems to be far and away the best rule change MLB could make for a better fan experience.
  15. Correa's hard hit rate is as high as it has ever been and he is in the top 5% of the league in that category. The issue is that he's hitting so many balls into the ground. Based on his track record, that will correct itself. I'd add on that Larnach and Gordon have both been a pleasant surprise in limited time on the field.
  16. While it cannot be proven, it is generally agreed upon by most sports fans that defense is more consistent than offense. Baseball analysts generally agree that a pitcher's offspeed pitches vary from start to start, but the fastball is rather consistent. I have this theory that Joe Ryan's fastball is like a team with good defense. Even if his offspeed is not working, he has one of the best fastballs in the game and that will prevent him from having too many ugly games. He can always fall back on that 65 fastball. And when his offspeed is on, he is amongst the best in baseball. Does that make sense?
  17. I thought Sano was thrown out with two outs, in which case I had no problem with him being sent. Which of us is remembering that correctly? Regarding the Sano play, he probably would have scored if he had not slowed down so much as he was approaching 3B. The Sanchez send last night was really stupid. The top of the lineup was coming up with no outs. You may not even send Polanco on that play, much less Sanchez.
  18. This is a really fun piece. You should start a weekly segment tracking key metrics and where the team ranks. I for one would read it.
  19. It's now Tuesday, but going 4-4, against what I would consider wild card contending teams in BoSox and Mariners, is a great sign. They have pretty much looked like an 82ish win team thru 10. I'm digging it.
  20. Arraez will be in the lineup against all RHSP and probably be used to pinch hit in any close and late games that had a lefty starter. His career splits peg him as a below average bat against LHP. He's probably closer to league average as he enters his prime, but with all the RHB on the team, there is no need to press Arraez into action unless needed. Give his knees a break against LHP and save those bullets for RHP.
  21. Do we know if Shane Mack used the song of his namesake? Not a lot of walk-up music is documented from those prehistoric times.
  22. Very fun exercise! I'd move Miranda up to 20ish, but then it breaks the groupings. Otherwise, It's all pretty fair and accurate. Go TWINS!
  23. While I don't expect Arraez to be in the lineup much against LHP, I'm surprised by the spot in the lineup that Urshela occupies. It kind of looks like Arraez was a late scratch and Rocco didn't want to mess with reshuffling.
  24. Why dump Sano? He's one of the four best hitters on this team on a reasonable contract. Outside of 2020 (gets a pass like everyone else who struggled) and the first couple months of 2021, he's been absolutely fantastic. Even with the those rough stretches, he still has a roughly 120 wRC+ over the last three seasons. That is not a player any team dumps. That is a player you figure out how to get into the middle of the order.
  25. Gardner is a LH batter, so he has the strong side of the platoon going for him. Unless you think TB will just give us the blue eyed boy for Jhon Romero to swap 40 spots. Then sure, I'm game.
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