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  1. I like Correa, but committing 8-10 years with a huge contract, while having some of the best prospects playing the same position (Lewis, Martin, Lee) and with other needs in sight (catcher, more pitching), I don't think is wise.
  2. For ex Yankees out fielders, we might not have Judge, but we have Jake Cave. Ain't the same?
  3. I normally don't agree with Rocco's critics. I think he is a decent manager. But the last few games are showing a team that has lost any sense of dignity. You'll be on vacation in a couple of weeks for 6 months. Come on, some effort!
  4. I am starting to think that it is a pity that Correa's option is not a mutual one.
  5. I would say we need to have a little patience. Many were down on Gordon after a couple of bad years...and yesterday he practically won the game by himself for us. I am not saying that all 3 will succeed for the Twins, but, if you don't have to buy the hype for every prospect, you don't have to buy the doom either.
  6. I was looking at the box of the Saints game. The hitters are awful in general. I guess anyone that was a little better is playing with the Twins alteady. The injury toll in the outfield has been atrocious.
  7. Now, do you think that MLB organizations would run huge analytical departments, and spend millions of dollanrs in them, if they don't give you a competitive advantage? Of course they give you a competitive advantage. Don't be fooled by appearances. Some managers look more folksy, some look more like college professors, as is the case with Rocco, but all of them use their analitycal departments. And it is not just a spreadsheet, it is a huge pile of data that they collect, more than what we imagine.
  8. I am really impressed with Sandy Leon. As a catcher you see that he really know what he is doing. And the safety squeeze was perfect.
  9. I kind of agree but the alternative was Megill (or Sands, but with Archer pitching today, you would like to save Sands for today). It was a kind of pick your poison situation.
  10. Also you have to consider who your pitcher is. The batter is their clean up hitter, a guy that can hit home The batters that came after him are no good, much less likely to hit home runs . Pagan is likely to give a beach ball down the middle that can be a home run. I think the situation was for an IBB.
  11. Only for this series, but we could have use Garlick. 3 lefties in a row...
  12. The question right now is, will they make it? They have to win the division, probably at least 2 teams form the east (or west) will have a better record than any of the central teams. Luckily we have only 8 more games with the reign of terror (Dodgers, Yankees and Houston). After that is is only within the division or teams under 500. We should beat those teams, or well, we don't deserve to be there.
  13. I don't know what they forgot, but since he left the pitching has been absolutely terrible. Rotation and bullpen.
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