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  1. I see that the Yankees are refining their cruelty to us. In the end, they are going to win, but before they are going to destroy our bullpen the day before a double header. Nice
  2. Because the game at that point was already 11-4 and you want Buxton to finish the year healthy under all circumstances.
  3. The article is well reasoned. But many times we are overthinking this things. Every year teams that are supposed to be "contenders" fall flat (our beloved Twins are the example this year), and teams that come out of nowhere end up contending (Washington 2 years ago, last year Tampa, this year Giants). So, for next year, try to assemble the best team you can and see what happens. What I agree, don't waste your time and money with bad retreads for the rotation. We have enough internal candidates for that. One or 2 really good ones for the rotation and that's it.
  4. I am reading the comments and don't really understand the putting down of Lewis. Yes he had a relatively bad year in 2020 but then he excelled in the fall league. then 2020 happened and now he torn an ACL. A bad injury, but today they come back from those (soccer players, in a sport that requires twisting on the knees all the time, come back from it). I say let him play in 2022 before you make any decision on that player.
  5. I am no medical expert, but a young guy that was thrwing 93-95 2 years ago, and now can't get 90? I think that shoulder might be in pretty bad shape.
  6. A question regarding Enlow: "However, he will miss a good chunk of next season — if not the entire season — after undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier this summer. While that may seem to disqualify him from Rule 5 consideration, a team could select Enlow and easily keep him on the 60-day IL for the entire season. Doing so would save his 40-man roster spot for another athlete and effectively eliminate the chance for Enlow to be returned to the Twins". Can the Twins do the same? That is, putting him in the 40-man roster, and immediately transfer him to the 60-day list?
  7. Now what they are doing with this guy is just awful In the 1st he threw like 45 pitches and it was evident that he had nothing. And they send hin out for the second. Why? So he gets hurt! I don't like critizising Rocco, but it is kind of unprofessional.
  8. Right now, for next year rotation is only Maeda. I think they will bring a couple of free agents, so there will be 2 spots available next year. As of now the one that looks better positioned to take advantage of the opportunity is Ober. Then I think the second spot is close: Jax, Barnes, Thorpe?, one of the new guys? That is an interesting race to see till the end of the season. (I don't put Balazovich, Duran and the other younger guys because I don't think they will be ready at the beggining of next season, but I might be wrong)
  9. Normally it is not. But when you look at how those runs came, and how this looks for Ober as a futute possible starter, it was solid. He gave those HR and practically nothing else. I prefer to see that of a rookie than an outing where he gets shelled and because of luck he gives only one run or two. Sure, the best is that the pitcher does not give anything. But that seldom happens, especially with a rookie.
  10. Nice victory all around. But you know a thing that I really liked? The safety squeeze executed to perfection by Simmons. We've seen this year so many bungled plays that seeing that executed so well was very nice.
  11. Can somebody remind me what are the rules for the September call-ups now? I know last year changed but I don't remember what changes were for just last year, and what changes stayed. How many players can be called-up? Thanks
  12. For a moment I got scared that he was writing about me. Then I saw that the guy retweets. No, that is too much technology for me. Phew!
  13. "What if they switch uniforms mid-game because they were traded for one another!" For Astudillo? Ohtani and who else?
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