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  1. "MLB is clear on this point: If there isn’t a deal by Monday, games will be cancelled and will not be made up. The season will be less than 162 games and players will not be paid for a full season, no matter what". I don't know about this. If the games are not played because the owners don't allow the players to play, I think a good lawyer could argue that since it is not their fault, they still should be paid. But I am not a good lawyer, so there goes my argument.
  2. True, but since the owners declared the lockout (not the players), shouldn't be reasonable to expect that they iniciatethe proposals again?
  3. One thing that could be done is if your team looses an average of, let's say, more than 90 games in 5 years, it is out of MLB, and some other team is created. A relegation system of sorts. For those not aware of it, when there is relegation there is as much drama at the bottom of the standing as there is at the top.
  4. Agree on Rooker. His power is indisputable, but he doesn't recognize pitches that well, and his fielding is almost Delmonesque. Also, we don't need another year of Cave. Celestino can fit that role
  5. I would put more emphasis in his injuries if they were something chronic, like Donaldson calves. But in case of Buxton they were more freak things than anything else. So, nobody knows the future, but, to put an example, the possibility of him breaking his toe again is not greater than any other player. Sure, probably injury history can be used in negotiations, but up to a point.
  6. The guy capable of the most amazing plays, and also the most ridiculous ones. I remember when he bunt the ball into his face. People didn't know whether to worry or to laugh. Another one for the memories, was one already playing for Milwaukee against the Twins. Twins were winning like 12 to 2 and he hit a homer off Blackburn (not that difficult to do) and started to admire it. And all the players were like, what's wrong with this guy? After the game all were saying, nothing wrong, it's just GoGO.
  7. What happenned with Kepler. I think I heard in the broadcast that his departure was COVID related. Was it so? I hope he is OK and didn't spread to others.
  8. Thank you. I was not saying that throwing sliders hurt your fingers, I was more on your line, that sometimes adding a pitch that you are not used to, even if the pitch is efective, can lead to strains because you haven't mastered it yet.
  9. Given the horrible, really bad 2021 that he had, anything could be an improvement for Dobnak. So, I say him. Related to that. In spring training, they say he had come up with a new slider that was really good. Soon after he went down with the injury to his finger and never really recover. A question for those who know about pitchin. Could it be that the slider was really good at the beginning, but it was putting additional strain on his finger, and after a while the finger got hurt with the consequences that we've seen?
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about the ACL injury by itself. Soccer players come back from ACL all the time, in a sport that twisting on the knees is essential, and with plenty of contact in the area. Sure, he probably will be rusty at the beggining, and probably will not play his best SS intially. But I would bet that he can come back from this.
  11. I see that the Yankees are refining their cruelty to us. In the end, they are going to win, but before they are going to destroy our bullpen the day before a double header. Nice
  12. Because the game at that point was already 11-4 and you want Buxton to finish the year healthy under all circumstances.
  13. The article is well reasoned. But many times we are overthinking this things. Every year teams that are supposed to be "contenders" fall flat (our beloved Twins are the example this year), and teams that come out of nowhere end up contending (Washington 2 years ago, last year Tampa, this year Giants). So, for next year, try to assemble the best team you can and see what happens. What I agree, don't waste your time and money with bad retreads for the rotation. We have enough internal candidates for that. One or 2 really good ones for the rotation and that's it.
  14. I am reading the comments and don't really understand the putting down of Lewis. Yes he had a relatively bad year in 2020 but then he excelled in the fall league. then 2020 happened and now he torn an ACL. A bad injury, but today they come back from those (soccer players, in a sport that requires twisting on the knees all the time, come back from it). I say let him play in 2022 before you make any decision on that player.
  15. I am no medical expert, but a young guy that was thrwing 93-95 2 years ago, and now can't get 90? I think that shoulder might be in pretty bad shape.
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