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  1. Can somebody remind me what are the rules for the September call-ups now? I know last year changed but I don't remember what changes were for just last year, and what changes stayed. How many players can be called-up? Thanks
  2. For a moment I got scared that he was writing about me. Then I saw that the guy retweets. No, that is too much technology for me. Phew!
  3. "What if they switch uniforms mid-game because they were traded for one another!" For Astudillo? Ohtani and who else?
  4. I took a look at the Mets minors. I am no expert, but the whole system doesn't seem very good to me. I don;t know if they are a good partner from the Minnesota point of view,
  5. Wait. We are playing with no shortspot. No wonder we were losing so much.
  6. No, no guys. You have to keep talking about how the Twins suck. That is how it works!
  7. I think we are starting from the end. When there is a failure, first you have to revise the extent of the failure, what is bad and what is still good. The causes why the failure happened. What processes have to change. And then, after all that (which might take months or even more than a year if it is done right) you have to decide if the people you have can do the necessary changes or not. I think that was what they went through in2016 and up to this year the results had been good (not exceptionally good, I am not forgetting about the playoffs). Starting from whom to fire it is tempting, it shows that you do something, but rarely accomplishes anything
  8. They are not wow players but they are very good. One thing I noticed is that both seem to have a mature approach at the plate. I remember when Buxton came up you could see the inmense talent, but he was chasing every ball down and away. Same with Rosario and a little bit less in Kepler's case. But these too players seem very professional already in their approach.
  9. I don't know. We have really bad pitching this year, but we've had a lot of bad pitching over hte years. Remember when the "ace" was Scott Diamond?
  10. I agree with Greglw3. If the Twins go the route of blowing it up and rebuild, it is going to be at least 5 years of 2020 Tigers level seasons. If Buxton and Berrios want lo leave, then that will be unavoidable. But if they can be kept, the Twins should make the effort.
  11. This is it! I don't care what happens the rest of the year. Now I c
  12. The thing to me is not this year. If you think this year, the answer is obvious, trade for what you can get. But, what is the depth for the position in the minors? Is Lewis going to be ready when he comes back? People recover from ACLs but it takes a while to get the same flexibility and trust in your knee. And for all what I read, Gordon is not someone who you can put as a SS everyday. I know that he has a 1 year contract, but you can keep him one more year of the team we'll have to find another SS stopgap for next year.
  13. I think after the pandemic interruptions injuries are up in practically all sports. May it be related to disruption of pre-season rutines? I follow soccer quite a bit (forgive me) and it has been terrible. And football pretty much the same.
  14. I wouldn't crucify Celestino after 2 games. Probably he is not ready. He was pushed to the majors out of bare necessity, You are playing the fifth guy in the depth chart, at some point it is going to hurt.
  15. The thing is what to bring: A third catcher or an outfielder? Refsnyder and Larnach are pretty banged up too.
  16. "Turtle will just be needed to fill in elsewhere". Talking about this. He hasn't play in like a week. Is he hurt?
  17. I would agree that Shoemaker wasn't as bad as the end results... if it was not the case that it happens too often. Second or third time through the order he starts to get crushed. Maybe when Maeda gets back, Shoemaker can get piggybacked with Dobnak (kind of similar case). The one that could be a serious problem is Donaldson. He has a big contract and is not really playing well at all. And he has 2 1/2 years left on that contract.
  18. Well, after this strech playing the Oriols and KC, we get the Yankees and the Astros, so it is going to be a quick back to reality.
  19. In the case of Simmons missed catch, it was like Berrios throw was so good that Simmons didn't expected it.
  20. Today's umpire was plenty incompetent. He called strikes in more than 2 pitches that were clear balls ( in one case it was almost a foot outside). It was for both sides, so I can't say it was partial or corrupt. The electronic zone, once calibrated, it is going to be the same for everyone, so, once you know what it is called a strike, that's it.
  21. Also, if you are in the bleachers over left, center or right field (or the Plaza) when the bullpen is ptching, a helmet is not required but recommended
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