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  1. Signing Seager makes sense to me, given his age. And Gray was cheap. But paying big money to Semien looks even stranger now. I imagine that Kiner-Falefa would shift to a utility role, but maybe they would look to trade him. He might not be the worst 'cheap' SS option, being similar to Iglesias and Simmons but much younger.
  2. The decreasing supply of options is concerning, but on the other hand, it's not like we'd be happy if they panicked and massively overpaid for mediocrity. Or at least, I wouldn't be. There are still some free agents left and potential trades out there, so there's just no way to judge at this point. It could be a reasonable strategy to trade for a #2 starter with a year or two left under contract, and then sign a couple one-year free agent deals, as a way to avoid blocking young arms. *Could* be in the sense that it would depend on the young arms actually appearing and succeeding, which seems to be a rather uncertain prospect.
  3. I'm very relieved that the deal was made. There is one thing that nags me a little bit - if Buxton himself was highly confident in staying healthy going forward, would he sign this deal? With only one year to go until free agency, he's really *not* betting on himself here, despite the MVP escalators. There are of course a wide range of potential outcomes. The reality will probably be somewhere in between the best case (mostly full seasons with impact production) and worst case (mostly hurt) . . . just have to hope it's closer to the former, and that the Twins put a winning team around him.
  4. The problem is that we don't know what happened years ago, when the Twins reportedly at least explored the possibility of an extension while Berrios still was under team control for a while. He reportedly was not receptive to those entreaties, but while we have some new information about what he would have been willing to accept recently, we still don't know what he would have accepted several years ago. So while I do prefer the cash + Martin + Woods-Richardson over Berrios' contract with Toronto, the general reasonableness of that deal makes me wonder whether an opportunity was missed back then.
  5. The part that gets me is - the Twins have very little long-term money on the books. What exactly is the trade-off here? Is there some funny business going on with Pohlad's budget? I never really believed that Terry Ryan just enjoyed being cheap or whatever all those years . . . if fingers start pointing at Falvine over the payroll being low, surely it means that Pohlad is in the background. Folks are just grasping at straws though, because we just can't make sense of it . . . guys like Buxton are the key to winning the World Series . . . there is no media reporting that Buxton's asking price is crazy high. The reporting numbers seem incomplete in some way, because otherwise it seems inconceivable that the Twins would be holding out on him. Maybe some crazy opt outs or something? I've been supportive of Falvine from the beginning but this issue could flip that. I'm just hoping, without any actual basis, that they're going to extend him. It's hard for me to even process alternate scenarios right now.
  6. I was at the 2nd Baltimore game... what really stuck out was how often Twins' batters don't even try to hit the ball hard. Guys like Span and Mauer like to be patient and work the count, but a lot of times they get into 2-strike counts, between borderline pitches, fouls, etc. The emphasis on making contact really hurts in those situations because they prefer making weak contact to trying to actually hit the ball hard. The result is just a bunch of groundouts. Heck, Span didn't even pull the ball once in batting practice. I think the problem is more organizational but Vavra certainly is part of that.
  7. I think there are a couple different issues at work. First is the idea of pitching to contact, versus refusing to give in. It's a trade-off between extra-base hits and walks. I'm not sure one approach is necessarily better than the other... it just depends on the pitcher and the team around him. The second and more important issue is pitcher quality. If a guy stinks there is no approach that will yield great results. A guy with good stuff can attack the zone and be effective. I think the main reason the Twins lack pitchers with good stuff is their drafting strategy- even after the first few rounds they strongly prefer low-ceiling college guys to raw high schoolers. If you draft enough 18-year olds with a live fastball, some of them will turn into Major League power pitchers. They have obviously drafted high school pitchers over the years, and had disappointments, injuries, etc., but not to the same degree as a lot of clubs. I understand focusing on college pitchers in the first 2 rounds or so, but after that it's really hard to find guys with much upside. Why bother drafting someone with 5th-starter upside? They can get that anywhere. Take a high school pitcher and work with him. Most will flame out but some will add velocity and learn how to pitch.
  8. Managers start getting heat early in the season all the time. They generally shouldn't, but it does happen. One series is nothing but a bad April could turn it into a legitimate issue. I personally don't think it really matters, but many in the media and fan base think otherwise.
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