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  1. I think Cano might be that pitcher. Although they need a 40 man spot when Bundy is activated so maybe Cotton?
  2. I saw on Twitter that Larnach is with the team and will likely be activated in a day or 2.
  3. Tony O's Cuban Sandwich for me. In fact that's what I'm getting today. And Diet Pepsi to drink since the doc says I can't have regular pop due to diabetes. Also because I saw what drinking did to my dad so i really don't drink alcohol much anymore.
  4. I'd expect Smeltzer to be DFA'd when Bundy is back but I think they'll keep him as a LH option since there's only one in the bullpen right now. I think the likely one to go will be Contreras.
  5. He hasn't pitched since May 3ed so i think they knew several days ago he'd be making the start today.
  6. I don't see Kiriloff getting sent down. They need Arraez to be able to move to 2B or 3B on occasion. I'd be stunned if they kept Miranda up over him. If both get sent down I guess that would mean we see Sanchez play some 1B, as he has been taking grounders there. If they decided to move Lewis to 3B, then I guess Urshela could play some 1B. Rather than risk losing the DH id Sanchez/Jeffers gets hurt while catching and the other is the DH, that might make more sense for them to both play 1B and let someone else DH. Rocco said last night that they would be alternating C and DH duties. I don't even know who the emergency C is at this point since Romero is out.
  7. Rocco said someone will be called up to make the start tomorrow.
  8. Or instead of a DFA they can put Sano on the 60 day IL.
  9. They can, as several teams have done it this year. From what others have said in another thread Levine has said they cannot add someone in this way until 3 players are in Covid protocols. But I've seen several teams do it with just one player in protocols so I'm not sure if that rule was added at the beginning of May maybe?
  10. It absolutely is the case. Other teams have been using it all season.
  11. I was a week early in calling this. He's been horrible this year.
  12. For the 69th time Arraez is no longer an OF.
  13. Only one I can think of is Rick Aguilera. Things were different in 1995-96 though.
  14. How long ago was that added? Only asking because I remember someone last year asked about adding it back again. And thanks.
  15. Just because an injury is minor doesn't mean an IL stint will be the minimum days.
  16. Larnach was put on the IL, meaning they now have Godoy on the bench.
  17. Larnach to the IL, Godoy recalled, as he is the only position player on the 40 man not already up.
  18. They said on TV last night they would be staying in Baltimore until cleared.
  19. https://www.mlb.com/twins/roster This is accurate as the Lewis move has not been made official yet. I'm thinking he'll take Arraez's spot as it sounds like Correa won't be going on the IL.
  20. No way MLB will let it happen. They're not going to end MLB.TV or Extra Innings and lose all that money.
  21. As of now neither has been placed on the COVID IL. It makes sense to wait until they're back home to make any moves since they'll be back late tonight.
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