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  1. Started turning the corner today. They've turned down the oxygen twice now. Hopefully on the road to going home.
  2. I've been in the hospital since getting back my positive test results late last Thursday. I got the test the Tuesday morning before that. I was regularly taking my temp while waiting. Bounced between 100 and 103. After I got the result I was at 104. This is the worst illness I have ever had. I had the Pfizer vaccine back in March/April. But it still hit me hard. It has been traced back to 9-3 where I was at the Luke Bryan concert. No mandates, no showing vaccinations. This has been hell. Nevever lost sense of taste or smell but has most other symptoms. Plus picked up a bacterial infection. I don't wish this on anyone.
  3. Dodgers have been dumpster diving recently as well. They claimed 2 pitchers from the Cubs, one of whom was sent to AAA to make room for Vasquez.
  4. Maeda went on teh 10 day IL on 8-23. Sano was activated from the paternity list that day. So Dobnak and Ryan were the 2 adds on 9-1.
  5. Twins traded LHP Andrew Vasquez to the Dodgers late last night.
  6. Wilson Ramos out for the year after tearing his left ACL and MCL. Martin Perez has Covid.
  7. Randomly just thought of this but I'm thinking the Twins will call up Larnach and a pitcher on Wednesday for the 2 extra roster spots, and rotate others through teh taxi squad so moves can be made fast.
  8. And the corresponding move is Garver to the IL.
  9. Gibault is here to be the mop up man in case Albers has a short start tonight.
  10. Jorge Alcala activated, Ian Gibault called up. Kyle Barraclough and Edgar Garcia optioned. Also just breaking byron Buxton will be activated and start tonigh. No corresponding move yet.
  11. Celestino was called up because they had no other OF's on the 40 man roster.
  12. Even with Gant they need another starter for Thorpe's spot.
  13. Nelson Cruz was placed on the Covid list by the Rays. Unknown whether it is a precaution or he has contracted it.
  14. I'd consider a 6 man rotation to help limit Ober/Jaz/Barnes workloads.
  15. @Otto von BallparkI think Albers gets that game. Unless they don't play tomorrow then they can push Jax and Ober back a day.
  16. Teams are able to use them. Much like last year they do not have to disclose who are on them. Also AAA rosters were expanded to 28, and the taxi squad is considered part of their roister so a AAA roster can be as high as 33 players.
  17. Yes one open spot. They should have a few extras on the plane anyways since they have a taxi squad up to 5 players.
  18. Cave probably on the roster. As far as starting I wouldn't say he would have replaced any of them. Arraez would have moved around the field. Plenty of AB's for all.
  19. He was kept in AAA this year partially due to service time.
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