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  1. In no way will the owners be okay for losing games after the debacle the last 2 seasons. Manfred has already said that the bogus runner in extra innings will be going away. Maybe the only good thing he's ever done.
  2. If they sign Taylor he would be at SS most of the time, with Arraez getting time in LF.
  3. Just stayed with options listed and went a little over the even budget. Basically it came down to filling needs. Taylor for SS although I think he'll get more than $12M. Melancon for the bullpen is that difference when I went over. Need a vet arm who can close if needed. I really don't care for most of the options listed, and I think Jansen gets more than $12M. Also considered Iglesias but he can be very bad for long stretches. Needed 2 SP and I didn't like anyone below Rodon when trying to save money, and Stroman kept me from adding Ray. Moved Dobnak to SP because he's not good when he's used as a RP. Put Arraez at DH only because he should play nearly everyday, knowing they'd be moving players through the DH spot. Struggled with the last bench spot but went with Refsnyder over Celestino as Celestino needs to play everyday and it wouldn't happen barring injuries with the big club. Could have signed a lower listed FA but they're mainly SS and I already filled that and have Gordon and Polanco can always play there on occasion.
  4. I'd be fine with Taylor at SS until Lewis or Martin is ready. He can also be the backup to Buxton in CF right now, leaving Kepler in RF most of the time, and play some in LF and RF. I'd rather have him as that 4th OF than Celestino who needs to play everyday. He's a proven OF on top of MI. Or if you get someone else to play SS you can use him all over. Most of all this would leave Polanco at 2B nearly everyday.
  5. Well when the actual backup plan was Luis Arraez, who was pressed into duty at 3B when Donaldson got hurt it isn't unreasonable to have ;et Eddie go. When injuries pile up you can't really control having to go to your third, fourth, fifth options. And Eddie was terrible in Cleveland. I'd guess his WAR was even less there. Edit: .6 in CLE and .5 with ATL.
  6. I never use ESPN. I've seen way too many mistakes with their stats.
  7. I did see lot of the games. he was definitely average to above average at 1B. Having Morneau work with him will only make him better. Like how Tom Kelly helped Morneau get better, I believe Morneau will do that for Kiriloff, as he has talked about doing that during a few broadcasts.
  8. Marcus Semien should me mentioned as well. One thing I would consider, if they are intent on Lewis or Martin being the long term answer, is waiting it out until 2 or three of the SS sign, then get a one or two year deal with one of the others left.
  9. I know you're thinking more recently but the only one I can think of is Jack Morris.
  10. The best World Series of all time.
  11. JT Riddle has elected to become a free agent.
  12. CLE, DET, or KC could have been that team as well. As I said in my post above CHI cosated because they had no competition.
  13. The White Sox are being exposed in this series. Breaking it down to how they did vs playoff teams (13-19): HOU 2-5 BOS 4-3 Mil 1-2 NYY 1-5 STL 2-1 TB 3-3 They beat up on just 5 teams (20-8): BAL 7-0 MIN 13-6 CHI (N) 5-1 TEX 5-1 DET 12-7 They were on 39-34 in the 2nd half. 18-24 in one run games. Jusr 16-13 in SEP/OCT. They were an average team that beat up on a few bad teams. They coasted down the stretch. Had there been another team challenging them in the division they may not have been able to hlpd them off.
  14. It's not under the Twins because the Twins are never mentioned in it.
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