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  1. It's just so awesome that the Twins finished last in the Central. But they did hit a couple of long home runs during their 5,431 official at bats. Whoopee.....
  2. I vote for adding a glove guy like Iglesias and spend big on Buxton and pitching.
  3. Here is one person's thoughts on how to handle the 40 Man roster and the upcoming Rule 5 draft. I obtained the current roster from MLB.com and the Rule 5 eligibles from a Twins Daily article. There are currently 42 names on the active roster including the 60-day IL and pending free agents. From this list, I would drop the following: Charlie Barnes Alex Colome Ralph Garza, Jr Griffen Jax Michael Pineda Devin Smeltzer Lewis Thorpe Williams Astudillo Andrelton Simmons Jake Cave Kyle Garlick Rob Refsnyder That reduces the list from 42 to 30. Next I would add the following to protect them from the Rule 5 draft: Royce Lewis Jose Miranda Josh Winder Blayne Below Cole Sands Wander Javier Jermaine Palacios Kody Funderburk That leaves two empty spots on the 40-man roster. This is just my opinion and is based on nothing more than a hope for the future and a six-pack of Spotted Cow beer.
  4. Winning baseball game is so damn easy. Just sign hitters that have 100 MPH exit velocity and pitchers that throw near or above triple digits and you will go 162-0 every year. Don't worry about anything else.
  5. If you are just going to throw out off-season goals without any pathway to achieving them, why not set your sights higher? How about: just sign Max Scherzer, Kevin Gausman, Robbie Ray, Carlos Rodon, Marcus Stroman, and Noah Syndergaard as starters, Javier Biez, Freddie Freeman, and Carlos Correa to strengthen the infield, Chris Taylor and Sterling Marte as utility players. Okay, front office, now go get it done. Oh wait!! Get three of four outstanding relief pitchers while you're out shopping. And pick up a Snickers Bar for me. Easy - Peasey.
  6. You certainly pulled that response out of thin air. The commenter never said he was satisfied about any win total. All he mentioned was that the Twins won more games than any other last place team. Dispute what he said, not your opinion of something you think he might be vaguely implying. Or try something completely different for you - say something positive about the Twins.
  7. I'm an old fart so I'll use old school language. It's quite possible that he just figured out what worked and went with it. Or he matured. Or he gained confidence in his abilities. Hard to display these statements with graphs, charts, 8x12 color glossy pictures (go to Blockbuster and rent Alice's Restaurant), or any other visual aids, but it works for me.
  8. And who were the three big spenders last off season - the darlings of the hot stove league? Philadelphia, Toronto, and San Diego. How many made the playoffs? None! Money apparently doesn't buy happiness or a division winning team. Make smart moves, not expensive moves.
  9. Watching players in the Metrodome trying to find fly balls. That was hilarious. What a crappy stadium.
  10. Why do you let facts get in the way of uninformed opinion?
  11. Remember that the front office cannot just "lasso" two top starters. The pitchers have to be willing to play in Minnesota. Recent history has suggested that many top pitchers are using free agency to move closer to their roots or to fulfill a need to be near horses.
  12. Question for you. I am too old to be on social media (or give a damn about it) so I have no clue what YMMV means. Please translate into English. Thanks.
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