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  1. Literally no reason not to like this deal for the Twins. They're paying a guy who legitimately could win an MVP the same amount they paid for Happ + Colome last year.
  2. Agreed, but he was also a TR signing & extension.
  3. If I can afford the new car at this moment, and I'm trading the old car in at the dealership, i.e. upgrading, then no, I'm not wasting money on the older vehicle when I know I won't recoup anything for it upon the trade. If the Twins wanted to upgrade, then they could've/should've just sought an upgrade. I mean end of the day it's not my money, so I don't really care about that aspect of the Cave situation, but the notion that he's just an insurance policy that enables the team to continue shopping pre and post lockout kinda flies in the face of the Twins seemingly endless commitment to the guy the last few years. I know you're defending the move and not the player here, and you're right, it's early, but they could've plucked a below average CFer who'll hit .200 out of the pile at any point in or out of season. I think they have to see something with Cave if they're willing to commit any amount of $$ to keep him.
  4. I'm cackling thinking about the incoming mental gymnastics the "be the Rays," crowd is certain to unleash.
  5. Specific examples? No. I couldn't name a single player that signed a contract outside of arbitration and was cut, let alone one that subsequently filed a grievance. I didn't know 1 year contracts for arb eligible players weren't fully guaranteed either. He isn't uncuttable. I just feel like all signs point to him being on the active roster and he has some armor to help ensure that happens. I wouldn't say I'm freaking out. I do think it's poor use of a roster spot.
  6. Eh, unique yes, irrelevant no. I do agree that getting attached to a specific number in regard to what we expect the Twins to save/spend doesn't make much sense.
  7. That's my understanding as well, however I do believe that @Otto von Ballpark linked this site a few days ago which further hammers home the notion that Cave is here to stay. The grievance would be over Cave's ST performance vs. his peers; it would have nothing to do with his '20 or '21 seasons. A team that's supposed to win by building from within, i.e. drafting and developing sold a 2nd round pick for $6M. To me that's a pretty clear indication of where priorities lie. Hughes and Reed each shared a long leash; I view Cave's situation as granting him one longer than I'd prefer as well. I don't doubt that if he's as atrocious as he was last season MN will move on, the quibble is over the opportunity he'll have to prove it one way or another.
  8. Nick pointed out the lack of precedent for such moves, but there's also the potential (likelihood?) of a MLBPA grievance being filed if/when the Twins do cut Cave. This is an ownership group & FO that sold a relatively high draft pick to SD rather than just eat more of Phil Hughes contract when he was traded. If there's a decent possibility they end up on the hook for the full 800K I'd place strong odds on Cave surviving ST cuts.
  9. Sure, priorities certainly can change. We can assume the report wasn't true, or all that accurate, Berrios and his agent could've been making crazy demands, received the trade they wanted and obtained new info on how the market valued Jose upon being traded, then finally readjusted/settled on a pretty good deal for both player and team. Alternatively, the Twins might never have been willing to approach Berrios with what he thought was fair value and Toronto was willing to meet that compensation number. I'm just siding with Occam's razor here.
  10. That his tumble when the NL pitchers enter the mix isn't really that far. You knocked fWAR as a counting stat and then used the fWAR of NL pitchers who face near automatic outs 2-3 times per game to show that Berrios is held in higher regard than he maybe should be. If Toronto gets one great, 3 very good, and one ok season out of that deal I think they're happy. Sure, I agree Buxton is better equipped to rack up WAR in a shorter period of time but I don't see the merit in devaluing Berrios' ability to stay healthy when there isn't any history to suggest he won't be able to make those 30+ starts. Every player is "one injury away."
  11. Are you really arguing that the current version is anywhere close to what we saw as a rookie?
  12. Buxton at $17M AAB would still be a great deal for the Twins, and even that self imposed ceiling is a 50% raise over the 80M. Maybe it's arguing semantics but I don't have a problem with lowball being used to reference that number.
  13. I think the contract gives a relatively accurate ballpark of what it would've taken to keep him. The speed with which he signed the extension + report(s) that MN was nowhere close to those numbers kinda starts to pick apart the notion that what he was seeking in negotiations with the Twins was vastly different. I understand the lotto ticket/cap allure, but I have almost no faith that it'll be spent in full, or if it is, that it'll be spent wisely.
  14. Can you point to operational moves the Twins have made, in the same vein as TB, that have turned out as favorably? Moving Pressly is probably the closest they've come to selling high. Are you thrilled about Alcala after this season? I don't know how many times it needs to be repeated on this site; TB's success isn't predicated on transactions, it's based on their ability to identify and develop the talent involved in them. Are you equally as high on the other big trade Oakland made that offseason? They finished in last place each of the next three seasons following those moves, while Donaldson put up more WAR in his first season with the Jays than all of the pieces Oakland received combined during their A's tenure.
  15. I'd imagine getting to face a pitcher 2-3 times through the lineup might also skew some counting stats no? If durability is an asset (it is) why are players that pitched less than half of the innings Berrios did during that 5 year span being tossed out as legitimate comps? Also, doesn't fWAR incorporate FIP? Why isolate xFIP-?
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