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  1. Payroll certainly is part of the whole picture, but arguing that the signings were sound based on expected performance and then that they were sound based on financial constraint isn't the same. We'll just disagree about whether the Twins had the ability to spend better than this FA group. I don't know why you're trying so hard to force the payroll argument. We both agree this team operates under a self imposed cap. I never once argued they should've been spending X amount more last offseason. We've already covered the fact that there were much better signings within the Twins budget. Th
  2. The defense has swung from expected performance to financial constraint; I'm not sure what else to call it. My criticism of the roster construction is about who they signed and what role they filled, not how much they're owed. "Outside of a vacuum," simply means looking at roster fit, performance expectations, playing time/innings, ect. Nothing about doing that denies the existence of a budget. "Spend better," isn't the same as "spend more." I hope that's clear now. If you want to argue that they were up against a self imposed cap, I'll again point out that's a position they spent themse
  3. Second, for whatever reason for all of the mistakes that were made this offseason, Shaun Anderson (who has minor league options and is 26 years old) is the first addition the front office has admitted failure on by placing him on waivers. Meanwhile J.A. Happ, Matt Shoemaker and Alexander Colomé continue to “eat innings” with absolutely zero chance of having any future on this team beyond 2021. It’s simply baffling. I think it's more than fair to ask what the rationale behind this decision is. The FO took a fringe 40 man player, whose ceiling is a utility OFer and swapped him for a po
  4. Of course, I'd imagine most don't and it's completely understandable. Yep, there's undoubtedly risk involved in waiting 1.5 years.
  5. 6/125 represents a hypothetical I'm assuming Mike threw out as a means to test the "pay him want he wants," perspective. My point was there's likely somewhere between an extreme ask and a lowball offer where the Twins can have a real conversation/shot at signing Berrios. He's gambling either way. I have a hard time picturing a competent agent advising him to ignore solid offers if that's what the Twins are putting in front of him.
  6. I never once made the argument that they need to consistently spend in the top 10. You shifted the focus to financials after I pointed out the flaws in roster construction/expectations. FWIW during the early 2010's they were actually spending in that range, so it's possible, but again, not anywhere near the point I'm making. They chose to allocate resources heavily in favor of the position players. The position they find themselves in is of their own making; it's not a defense for terrible pitching signings. Rich Hill and Robbie Ray equal what Happ + Shoemaker cost, if we're entire
  7. I'd imagine there's a sweet spot somewhere between 5/80 and 6/125 that gets the ball rolling. I understand what you're saying in response to the "pay him what he wants," sentiment. That said, I'd be fine with an overpay. I'm 100% with you in that if this team doesn't get SP contribution from the minors, i.e. at least two of the Duran/Balazovic/Canterino/whoever group needs to stick in the rotation or they're not going to compete any time soon. Ted is right, FA pitching has been a disaster for this FO and expecting them to hit on 60-80% of a rotation that way is asking for disappointment.
  8. The FO would need to make massive improvements in evaluation & development. Like almost overnight. Also a good amount of luck/favorable bounces would have to go their way. If this team is going full fire sale at the deadline (I hope not) then I think it's more likely we see a minimum of 2-3 years, of pretty bleak baseball and I'd consider that a conservative estimate. I'm not saying it's impossible to contend in '23 but we're talking about replacing an entire starting staff + 2/3 of a pen, and that's only one side of the talent turnover.
  9. I think it's much more about pointing out how badly the swing and miss on Happ/Shoemaker has been rather than anyone banging the drum for Flexen.
  10. So now the FO was forced via financial constraint into making poor decisions? If I accepted that as true (I don't) wouldn't the fault still lie with the FO for putting themselves in that position? Record payroll rings hollow. These franchises aren't going to suddenly stop printing money, particularly in the era of tv deals. Natural progression means we'll continue to see payroll and contract amounts rise, even for our awe shucks, small market Twins. In comparison to the rest of the league they're still sitting where they normally do, middle to bottom third. If you're determined to
  11. There isn't much to suggest that trio would've had decent success as a starting group, even if they all rotated through that 5th. Again, if that's your last rotation spot and you have a starting caliber pitcher forcing their way onto the active roster than sure, a team can live with Happ + others every 5th day for a limited amount of time. That clearly wasn't the situation with the Twins. When I say "in a vacuum," I mean you can likely justify almost any signing to some degree, but roster construction needs to be taken into consideration as well. The issue is that both Happ and Shoemaker
  12. Shoemaker not working out wasn't exactly unpredictable. If you want to say they saw something in Happ's '20 performance and chose to ignore '19 then fine. If he was the 5th starter and there was a capable backup at or near the majors then it's justifiable, but that wasn't the case. If Happ is your 4th starter and the guy ahead of him in the rotation spends a good chunk of each season on the DL, the guy behind him hasn't been reliable and/or good for 4 years, and the only internal replacement option is Randy Dobnak, that's a problem. These signings can't be viewed in a vacuum.
  13. I don't understand the hindsight argument. How else should these decisions be judged other than by the results? Of course the FO likely didn't foresee just how terrible both starters would be, but that doesn't mean the decision to go with either of them was sound, or any way defensible at this point.
  14. Shoemaker hadn't been healthy in years and wasn't all that good in 2020 but relying on him as the 5th starter with Happ in the 4 spot was sound? He wasn't much, if any less of a question mark than Flexen as far as ability to stick in the rotation goes, and I promise if you dig through threads at the time of the signing you'll see his issues highlighted.
  15. Glad to see Happ filling the void that Shoemaker left in the rotation. I'm sure he's another guy this team just can't afford to cut bait on. You can never have enough mop up arms in the pen....
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