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  1. It's not even close. He struggles to get through a lineup the second time. It's basically June; he can't go at least 5 innings because he isn't good enough to get there.
  2. He also had a xFIP of near 5.00 entering the game, and he's certainly not the only Twins pitcher in that boat. Smoke and mirrors is maybe too harsh, but a lot has gone right from a pitching perspective.
  3. His season WHIP now sits at 1.47, a career-worst for him, despite the excellent 2.30 season ERA thus far, a career-best. Should we be at all worried about him? We should've started worrying a while back. The guy has a FIP 3x his ERA and is getting hit almost as hard as he was last season. Tick tick tick.....
  4. Agreed, if replay only corrects for egregiously bungled calls we're better off without it interrupting game flow.
  5. Agreed, if we're just gonna shrug and default to the call on the field then save us the 5 minute stoppage.
  6. The way Detroit swings the bat that might've been their best chance to score this game....
  7. Ha, I'll give it to you for being consistent at least. I'm sure you can guess my take on their beat downs at the hands of NY year in and year out. I'm not in denial that it plays a part, my quibble is with painting it as the sole contributor.
  8. So Donaldson, by himself, has been worth 3x the amount of WAR as what the Twins received, but at this moment we're calling it a win for the Twins.... If we're convinced Donaldson is going to fall off a cliff to make this trade palatable, maybe we could, ya know, let that actually happen before proclaiming this a W. It's also heartwarming to see TD turning into Twitter, where garbage tier hot takes rule the day and substantiating any of the claims is an afterthought.
  9. Yes, I believe there is a non-random element to winning games in the postseason. And yet somehow LA managed to survive all those rolls season after season. How fortunate. I'm curious, what do you make of the Twins current ineptitude in the playoffs? Are they simply the unluckiest team in history of American professional sports? Yes, there are multiple teams that made multiple appearances over short periods of time within the last 10-20 years. I guess they're all just lucky like LA. There's a wide gap between "random happens," and "the postseason is a coin flip." I find the latter take too reductionist, but I appreciate your attempt to free me from the chains of mental anguish.
  10. So what I've said this entire time. That's a rather convenient height to set the bar at. If the Twins make the WS in 3/4 years, and currently look like one of the best teams in baseball, we're worshiping at the alter of Falvine. That seems far from failure from where I stand. I've never said it suddenly becomes different, but conversely you'd expect that Yankee team to handle Baltimore with ease and take 60-70% of those games. That edge doesn't suddenly disappear because the calendar flips to October. No, I'm not searching in vain for some hidden formula, I'm pointing out the obvious; better teams carry an advantage into the postseason, and for a team like the current Twins, who aren't on that tier, it isn't simply a matter of "get in and flip a coin." Their battle is uphill.
  11. So which is it then? You don't get to bitch about how the Dodgers' postseason success doesn't count because they have too many good players, while simultaneously clutching your SSS/coinflip argument. I'm right there with you as far as salary floors/caps + competitive balance are concerned, but none of that has anything to do with the point I'm making about talent elevating teams in the playoffs.
  12. A blueprint to guarantee a WS run in the postseason? No, but they certainly have a blueprint for how to build a great team, and that seems to yield postseason success. I've never said best record = WS title. Not once. What I have said, repeatedly, is that walking into the playoffs with the best team possible gives you an edge. I don't think that's a particularly elaborate conclusion.
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