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  1. I'm curious as to what degree the limited playing time is a compromise. It's a heavily incentive laden contract, and I certainly don't blame Buxton for wanting to play and reach those escalators.
  2. If the knee is flaring up, that'd seem to suggest a usage issue, i.e. playing. Total layman here, but I don't see how it gets better if it's being worked semi-regularly and in a constant cycle of swelling and reducing. To me it feels like an instance of treating the symptoms and not the cause. Fingers crossed there isn't a more nefarious underlying issue here, and it's simply managing discomfort that fades over time, but the fact that the swelling is recurring doesn't exactly give me the warm and fuzzies.
  3. When the Twins can consistently induce 1-2-3 DPs to get out of bases loaded jams I'll agree.
  4. Or he's struggling to hit his first go round in the majors. Neither would be all that surprising
  5. Unbelievable on both ends. How you don't score at least one run there is beyond me, but why Cleveland was continuing to ride or die with a guy that was laboring for 2+ innings and just lucked his way into a DP is also baffling.
  6. How does Cleveland not have somebody warm and ready to go at this point?
  7. Maybe if it's not the 4th inning of a tie game I can squint and see it, but that's a completely wasted AB there
  8. Seriously. Why put your young hitter in a terrible count with RISP, especially when he's swinging the bat well.
  9. None of that has anything to do with forcing Buxton off CF or artificially reducing his PT.
  10. I'll add Celestino to the list with Lewis. Urshela and Sanchez are soaking up ABs high in the order while being nearly black hole status. I don't think there's much to lose by bumping some of the kids up.
  11. No, it wasn't. TX and NY were acquiring players with the expectation they continued to produce similarly to '21.
  12. Cleveland broadcast already starting to blame Covid and the suspended game for their start.
  13. Playing the results game by game is a roller coaster. There was plenty of fluff when the Twins were coming off that 9-1 stretch too. In general, analysis would ideally split the middle and be more objective. In fairness though, I don't think there's any other way to spin the Sanchez/Urshela start as awful.
  14. Sure, the swap reaches beyond just this year, but the bulk of it affects '22. I don't think it was a chose A or B situation in regard to Correa and Donaldson. The trade was sold as the Twins buying low on Sanchez and Urshela. To date, each has been even worse than their low points in NY. It's hard to say the Twins have gained much other than money off the books in '23, and quick math says there should be plenty of that with or without Donaldson. The Twins have maybe broken even at C, though I'd note that Garver had a similarly rough start last year and still ended up posting pretty good numbers, and they've seemingly downgraded at 3B. It's hard to say the they've gained much other than money off the books next year (which there could/should be plenty of with or without Donaldson,) and that's assuming it's being spent wisely, if it's even spent at all.
  15. "It was a fine move to swap out Josh Donaldson. His place in the clubhouse may not have been ideal." Anything to support the bolded @Ted Schwerzler? Player statements, staff interviews, anecdotal interactions, whatever? This is the second time, on a front page article, that you've implied he was a clubhouse malcontent.
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