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  1. The Padres tendering him a deal last year doesn't make the Twins decision any less perplexing/stupid. So the strategy is to "stash," him on a crowded 40 man and make acquisitions/cuts around him until they get an offer that's acceptable? I mean c'mon....Do you honestly expect teams to start making significantly better offers, ones that would justify Pagan occupying a roster spot, later in the offseason or ST? I understand you aren't beating the drum for Pagan to return, but the logic you're using to rationalize the move is shallow at best. There will almost always be some other team(s) sniffing around. Organizations kicking the tires isn't relevant when we're talking about how a guy like Pagan fits for the Twins. We just watched this play out with Sano, he'll certainly draw interest elsewhere, but I doubt we hear much moaning about the Twins being wrong to move on because somebody else decided to hand him a big league deal.
  2. ....or if the player isn't fixable. It makes plenty of sense to say "he was terrible for us, what we thought we could fix only got worse, let's not pay him again; he can be another team's problem." Neither do I, but I absolutely believe it matters where he was. If having him in house was such an advantage, and the results somehow managed to top his last two s*** seasons, that's a strong indicator that either your ability to "fix," him is non-existent, or there's no fixing to be done. This isn't a card game where the deck just reshuffles; the Twins organization isn't going to radically change between now and opening day, yet we should expect that from Pagan. I forget, was Pagan on that Padres roster Opening Day?.... If MN can unload him, great; good riddance. I don't think whatever paltry return they'd get will be worth tendering him the deal and flirting with having him in the bullpen to start the year, but at that point I won't care.
  3. Yeah I disagree with your interpretation. Those things (physical or mental capability) are a product of the engine, not the the force that's driving it, but that's not really the point. Sure, every team thinks they can fix somebody else's broken pieces, but not every team watches that signing blow up in spectacular fashion and then thinks they'll re-up and run back the same experiment with different results. That's where this argument starts to fall apart for me. If Muncy posts an OPS barely over .600 in 2018 does LA continue feeding him ABs? Ditto for Urshela, and really all the others listed as well, Lopez being the lone exception, and he was a Baltimore draftee and pre arb so it's not really all that comparable. I don't doubt someone else would've given Pagan a shot, but I do have serious doubts about how many other teams would've been eager to hand him a contract if he was blowing games for them last season, or the previous two.
  4. I guess if you believe his issues with HRs and baserunners are going to evaporate then sure, it's the engine. Shiny was in reference to the K rate and "stuff," that's constantly touted despite the poor results. I think there's something that doesn't click internally but the real point was that interest outside of MN doesn't validate the decision to sign or keep Pagan anymore than guys signing or being claimed elsewhere invalidates the Twins decision to let them go. Do I think they were "dumb," for rolling the dice on him last year? Not necessarily, but it wasn't exactly a great gamble. Do I think they're "dumb," for tendering him a deal? If he's on the team opening day, yes. It's such a high risk/low reward move. Even if it works out for this season, the process (acquire a guy who finds a way to go from bad to worse, feed him the ball until your season is cooked, tender him a cheap deal and stick him in lower leverage situations) is awful and non-repeatable.
  5. If I buy a lemon that was much more of a headache than it was worth, and eschew the chance sell and recoup part of my initial investment, was my decision making process sound at any point just because somebody else liked the shiny wheels?
  6. Actively cringing at the fact they could've gotten something for him and instead decided to run it back with one of the worst relief pitchers in team history.
  7. Absolutely love the cream alternate. It's clean, classy, and the all white TC cap fits perfectly. Nice work. The pinstripes for the road unis are cool. Roads are never that flashy but I like these. The Navy alternates are ok. I'm not a huge fan of the lettering but whatever. I didn't realize how large the script on the white tops was when I saw the leaks. Honestly, it's a little much for me. The blue numbering to offset the red script is nice though. I wish they would've gone back to the original sized TC on the caps, it looks like they kept the enlarged version they introduced alongside Kasota Gold. I hate the M caps. The north star (I'm assuming that's what it is) feels so out of place that it ruins any shot at this being a decent cap.
  8. Yep, the dude pretty much eroded any positivity the fanbase had for him over the last 3 years. He played an ugly brand of baseball in the field and at the plate by the end. I don't begrudge anybody for getting tired of watching it, I know I did.
  9. Me too, I hope that color never comes back in any way, shape, or form. The white tops look nice and I agree on the navy alternate as well. I don't think it's much of a step up from the old navy top, and that one looked like a Target knock off jersey IMO.
  10. They limited his innings but he was shelved due to a hip injury (which likely is related to the groin issues he had all of this season) not workload.
  11. Yeah, if shorts starts weren't "the plan," they were at the very least an obvious aftereffect of roster construction and organizational philosophy. Honestly, if the FO wasn't planning on short starts it's probably more of an indictment than simply failing to build a bullpen and develop young arms capable of easing the innings burden.
  12. Totally on board......with a number of years and AAV we feel provides great value. What team isn't interested within those parameters?
  13. He does throw the fastball "more and more," it's his only plus pitch, he throws it 60% of the time, and that usage isn't a secret. Pushing Ryan to develop at least one other respectable off speed pitch isn't about fixing what isn't broken, or forcing him away from using his FB; it's about trying to raise his ceiling from fringy back end guy to solid middle of the rotation guy. Better teams were quick to make the adjustment this year; Ryan's numbers against playoff teams were awful.
  14. "How can we tell if a batted ball would have been a hit against a normal alignment? There’s certainly some level of judgement involved, but in most instances, it’s not a difficult assessment to make." There's nothing in the article that shows how they're arriving at these numbers, only the vague statement above. The piece seems to be working backwards, particularly when they start talking about the shift ending the "launch angle era," or being the primary culprit for BA trending downwards.
  15. You're distorting timelines. Sands, Strotman, or Balazovic were in the same position to begin this season as guys like Varland or Henriquez will be in next year. Missing 4 months and throwing only 56 innings is a successful season for Ober? Winder's 4.70 ERA and multiple IL stints with the same shoulder issue was solid? SWR making a single start, or Henriquez's 11 innings were strong debuts? We're so detached from reality here.
  16. No, I opted not to respond because you're just listing names. It "seemed like the pipeline was on the brink of lots of success," last offseason too, hence my point about these posts evoking deja vu. Clip Canterino, Strotman, and Sands. Copy & paste Festa, Henriquez, Varland. Double dip on Balazovic. Sprinkle in some Dobnak despite the fact he hasn't been effective for 3 years. Voila.
  17. Odd that you'd mention them amongst the emerging/legit group, but ok. I very clearly acknowledged the season both Jax and Duran had so credit was given where it was due. I also pointed out the Twins failed to bring up a single arm that stuck over the course of the entire season, a point which you continue to ignore. I was wondering when your classic appeal to the FO's authority would show up; it didn't take too long this time.
  18. Me neither, but you don't get to trade for a finished product and claim development; that's all. No, they haven't "demonstrated they're likely to be part of the future," unless you simply mean they'll get a shot. You're tossing out Ronny Henriquez and Trevor Megill as examples of players emerging or developing, but sure, I'm the one being unreasonable. Reality is a tough pill to swallow I guess....
  19. I'm totally uninterested in minor league movement and reshuffling prospect rankings in the system. Did they contribute at the major league level, and if so, how much? Ryan wasn't a prospect. People need to stop acting like the Twins didn't trade for a MLB ready starter and plug him into the rotation. Great trade, not a product of the Twins system. This. Team. Did. Not. Develop. Joe. Ryan. The only thing Ober established is that his injury issues are always going to be a concern. He threw a whopping 56 innings and missed 4 months. Jax and Duran each ended up having pretty nice (great in the case of Duran) seasons. Winder with his 4.70 ERA and inability generate Ks looked legit? He's also been on the IL 3 times in the last year with shoulder issues. Ditto for Varland, he started 5 games, he's a total question mark going into next year. Megill? He was flat out unusable at times. Henriquez was battered as a starter in AAA, he threw 11 innings for the Twins, and now the hope is he has some utility in the bullpen. You're reaching so far on some of this. The Twins didn't have a single young pitcher graduate and hold onto a spot on the major league staff. Not one. We saw Chi Chi Gonzalez making starts near mid season, and Aaron Sanchez making starts in August & September when this club was trying to hold on atop the division. They also spent the trade deadline trying to plug pitching holes; that doesn't happen if the Twins had this supposed wealth of players establishing themselves.
  20. Jim Pohlad has never been a hands on owner. Hell, it took a Total System Failure in 2016 to move on from a miserable TR reunion. He sets the payroll and that's it. If you want to bitch about how much this team is spending relative to revenue, go for it (and you might be right) but the FO controls every decision regarding personnel on and off the field.
  21. This entire post could be a copy paste from the same time last year. 2022 was supposedly the development year, and very little of that happened, yet here we are, talking about "next year," and "potential."
  22. Having a process is not the same as having a good process. No, Bailey Ober, Louie Varland, and David Festa have not broken through.
  23. Maki was the pitching coordinator in the minors prior to joining the big league club; he's an architect of the ingrained system. I highly doubt he was promoted because the organization viewed that system as needing to be fixed. I'm not laying the injuries at Maki's feet. I think the injuries were a combo of luck and bad decision making. I'm sure some of the poor decisions came from above his head; ditto for the trainer that was just relieved of his job. I think it's odd that the group in charge of dictating the frequency and level of stress to place on these arms is being given a pass, while the group that deals primarily with the aftermath is being held accountable. Eh, a couple good games in September after a rough middle part of the season isn't what I'd call improving as the season wore on. I like Ryan, I'm glad they have him, but he absolutely feasted on some really bad teams, and struggled when he had to face decent lineups. I was tuned in enough this season to notice that didn't change at any point during the year.
  24. It's weird that the pitching coach and/or that entire staff, which has the best opportunity to be proactive when it comes to injuries, is getting a pass here, but the medical and training staffs, who are primarily reactive, are having their feet held to the fire. Ryan didn't really get better as the season went along. His ERA crested after a poor start in NY during early September, his June and July were kinda bad, and even though his August was decent, it was really feast or famine, which was his season in a nutshell.
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