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  1. He's been healthy this year. I see the main points for a trade being health, age (which impacts speed/defense and health), and contract. But arguably, the contract isn't scary if you aren't worried about health or age. I'll be happy if he is here next year since I enjoy watching him play. I'll be okay if they pay some of the salary and get good prospects back. (Not my preference unless those are top prospects, which I doubt.) I'll be happy if they trade his full salary and then sign a top SS. (But not Baez and not 100% sold on Story, so doubtful the Twins land Seager or Correa.) My guess is nothing happens.
  2. I don't like the idea of trading for a player who can't play SS well. I like the idea of Swanson, but that's really only an option if Atlanta signs a top SS... What about Miguel Rojas? 32, one year vesting option (which will vest in the next game or two), 3 WAR this year with 102 wRC+, 8.6 UZR/150 and 5 DRS in 2021. Although after looking further, it appears he wants to finish his playing career with the Marlins. Defense might be declining too. I'm guessing Nicky Lopez would be a bit far fetched. Kevin Newman? His offense stinks this year, but defense looks solid this year? Also, since July 24th, he has looked a lot better with 95 wRC+ and 736 OPS. (Lateral movement has been positive this year vs. negative previous years.) Nick Ahmed? He's had a down offensive year, but has typically been slightly below average at offense and solid defense. It seems like he has similar advanced offensive stats except that his barrel and hard hit % is down, I think my main takeaway after looking at shortstops around the league is there are either the stars (either signed or FAs) or the dart throws with the occasional younger SS that a team is hopeful for.
  3. However, if you look at baseball reference, it does appear 7 Infield hits in 2020 and 9 in 2021. I guess you can choose to use that stat if you want. I personally think it ignores all of the growth we've seen in Buxton now for more than a year. Also, it ignores the fact that players like Nelson Cruz also get infield hits (second snip), so it's unlikely Buxton will lose that aspect of his game anytime soon.
  4. I'm not really an expert on some of the advanced stats, but I believe you are citing the IFH% stat of 25.7%? Based on the fangraphs pop-up explanation, it appears that is the % of hits on infield ground balls (GB). So in other words, 25.7% of 36.5%, or 9.38% of his total BIP (balls in play.) And that's only BIP, not total ABs and counting walks or strikeouts. I think this might be the wrong hill to die on. While you are at fangraphs though, make sure to check out the Hard hit %, the barrels %, wRC+ and other stats. Pretty exciting if you ask me. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong though.
  5. Cardinals and Brewers had a similar wild pitch in the top of the 10th. The Cardinals pitcher bounced it, but Molina wasn't able to stop it. Not quite the same since Colome bounced it sooner and the Cardinals pitcher bounced it closer to the plate but farther in. But in some ways, it shows that even the veterans or best catchers can't stop all wild pitches, even ones that are close to the plate.
  6. I don't think I'd worry about the age too much for Ryan. Most people are saying to ignore age right now due to last year's lost season. I'd say he is on track and potentially ahead of schedule for a 2018 7th round draft pick. This is only his second season and he played for the Olympics. I agree though that it'd be fun to see him soon at the MLB level. Probably once the Twins feel he has adapted to the organization?
  7. I was also amazed that those 10 strikeouts came in the first 5 innings and roughly 69 pitches. Not too many get that many strikeouts without being closer to 90+ pitches.
  8. Wow...1st and 2nd prospects (MLB ready) and two mid-range prospects. I feel like Jose might have had a chance at Gray and a mid-range prospect.
  9. Winder, Ober, Miranda, Steer, Javier, and possibly Moran and Palacios seem like the biggest movers so far. Similar to SteelDodo and Doc, would you have any of those in the next few rankings? (Other than Winder and Miranda who made the top 15?) This also highlights how many injuries have hit the top 10 (especially pitchers), but at least those players still have the high upside. And it highlights some of the recent graduations and future graduation for Larnach.
  10. With Barnes not being on the 40 man roster, do you anticipate him being called up if/when Pineda/Happ/Shoemaker are traded/released?
  11. Favorite former Twin: Justin Morneau Favorite current Twin(s): Dozier, Arcia, Colabello, Gibson, and Perkins. Favorite minor leaguers: Buxton, Meyer, Tonkin, Polanco, Kepler, Berrios, & Rosario. Favorite pizza: Alfredo (white) sauce with chicken and jalapenos!! Yummy!
  12. Favorite current Twin(s): Love watching Dozier, Colabello, Gibson, Arcia & Perkins. Favorite former Twin: Justin Morneau Favorite pizza: Alfredo sauce with chicken and jalapenos! Yummy!
  13. I guess I'm not sure what the big deal is. Sano is not a pitcher. Now if we were talking about a wrist problem...then I'd be worried. Or an amputation.
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