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  1. On the flip side, the Twins won't be facing the Yankees or Astros, the obvious two top teams in the AL. And they should be hosting the entire 3 game series. (Ryan has done well at home, depending on what you make of that.) If they make the playoffs, it means they showed at least something against Cleveland and Chicago. I'd still give them a chance to win 1 of the first 2 games against the wild card team.
  2. When reading the article, I also was like...I don't remember any top SS prospect at AA. Wander going to AA would make sense to make room for Lee. Agree with you and Rosterman.
  3. I noticed this a few weeks back when looking at Correa's baseball reference page. His "clutch" stats during the regular season are actually pretty low in his career. It seems that his "clutch skill" has been more focused in the playoffs vs. regular season. On the flip side, it is possible these numbers are still pretty good compared to the average "clutch" stats. sOPS+ I think addresses this, in which case his "Late & Close" for 2022 is 125, so surprisingly good. Seems his biggest issue this year has been RISP and also 2 outs. Sure would be nice if that evened out a bit. (Also odd - June is his favorite month by far in his career. .969 OPS vs. career OPS of .831.) First picture below is career, second is current season.
  4. Correa's numbers are dragged down by a poor May defensively. Also, IIRC, Celestino is ranked surprisedly poor in LF, but pretty decent in CF.
  5. A bit of an echo chamber in here, but I also have enjoyed seeing Yasser's name in the box scores the past few weeks. Currently on a 10 game hitting streak. During that time, he has several 3 or 4 hit days as well! Before July 7th, he was a bit streakier during his first 13 professional games. Seth - Any chance Yasser or Jose Rodriguez (who's July box scores look great as well) crack the top prospect lists as early as this offseason? Or any other guys we might expect to make the top 20 in the DSL or FCL? I know it is early...
  6. BAL and ARZ were expected, so like you said, Rocker was the big twist at #3. I'd imagine if Texas had gone a more typical approach, Lee might have been the pick. But a college SS/INF doesn't fit a "need" (arguable since BPA) for them since they have Semien and Seager locked up along with Josh Jung as their top prospect at AAA (and Ezequiel Duran and Josh Smith and Justin Forscue....you get the point.) PIT went with the HS player and great hitter, but I think they liked Termarr from earlier reports. (Also are similar to TEX with some higher prospects in the INF either at MLB level or still coming.) WAS, MIA, and CHC were a bit surprising though. WAS must be looking at replacing their Soto spot...going with the high upside. They also just need prospects in general... MIA needs a big bat and fast, so Berry isn't that crazy to picture for them. (Also 4 SS prospects in their top 15, all at A+ or lower.) And Cubs going with Horton makes it seem like they had a crazy plan in place, kind of like TEX. Still, surprising to see Lee drop as well as Parada (or even Collier.)
  7. Agreed - there are also other prospects not mentioned. Emmanuel Rodriguez is also injured, but could be a centerpiece. Raya and Povich seem like decent pieces as well, if not Varland and Miller too.
  8. Uh oh...what do we do now?? They picked a second HS SS. IDK - Seems uncalled for. Ortiz, Jankel from Academia Presbiteriana HS (PR)
  9. The knuckleball was interesting to hear about. I know it won't happen since just drafted, but it would be kind of funny to see Gary Sanchez catch a knuckleball pitcher.
  10. Not Twins related, but Cleveland with another HS pitcher drafted, picking Jackson Humphries finally. I'm not an expert, but I don't really see any obvious reaches (or 4YR SRs) early on that indicate a ton of draft slot savings. Anyone else know?
  11. Zebby Mathews with pick 234 - another senior sign and slider pitcher sounds like. Random - but it was nice to hear Jim Callis call out the Twins for providing a quick scouting report on Zebby since he isn't a scouted/draft board type guy.
  12. Andrew Morris sounds interesting. Slider is best pitch, which matches. Slight pick savings probably?
  13. Yeah...so close to not even having to worry about a #8 prospect. lol
  14. I have a hard time believing the Marlins are going to sell much this deadline, similar to the Orioles. I wonder if the Angels would be easier to trade with to get Aaron Loup (lefty), Ryan Tepera, Archie Bradley, or Jose Quijada (lefty)? Maybe Aaron and Ryan aren't likely since they both signed multi-year contracts this year with the Angels and also hard to know how much they would be upgrades. Thielbar's Whiff% and pitch values are pretty good, other than his curveball struggling at times. The slider especially has looked good.
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