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  1. Winder, Ober, Miranda, Steer, Javier, and possibly Moran and Palacios seem like the biggest movers so far. Similar to SteelDodo and Doc, would you have any of those in the next few rankings? (Other than Winder and Miranda who made the top 15?) This also highlights how many injuries have hit the top 10 (especially pitchers), but at least those players still have the high upside. And it highlights some of the recent graduations and future graduation for Larnach.
  2. With Barnes not being on the 40 man roster, do you anticipate him being called up if/when Pineda/Happ/Shoemaker are traded/released?
  3. Favorite former Twin: Justin Morneau Favorite current Twin(s): Dozier, Arcia, Colabello, Gibson, and Perkins. Favorite minor leaguers: Buxton, Meyer, Tonkin, Polanco, Kepler, Berrios, & Rosario. Favorite pizza: Alfredo (white) sauce with chicken and jalapenos!! Yummy!
  4. Favorite current Twin(s): Love watching Dozier, Colabello, Gibson, Arcia & Perkins. Favorite former Twin: Justin Morneau Favorite pizza: Alfredo sauce with chicken and jalapenos! Yummy!
  5. I guess I'm not sure what the big deal is. Sano is not a pitcher. Now if we were talking about a wrist problem...then I'd be worried. Or an amputation.
  6. Arroyo put up similar numbers to Pavano in the AL East back when he was with the Red Sox. And his home park over the last 8 years is a bandshell. Arroyo isn't guaranteed to succeed, but more so than Pelfrey, Albers, Diamond, Correia, Hughes, and even Deduno and Gibson. I would rather the Twins go after Garza, but if not, Arroyo is still worth it in the current pitching market. You can never have enough pitching. Ideally, by the end of this year, there are pitchers in the minors pushing for spots, leading to a deadline trade or two. Imagine that Nolasco and Arroyo put up close to sub-4.0
  7. Nolasco isn't my favorite pitcher out there, but to give him a 4-5 year deal isn't the end of the world. When people say they don't want to block our young pitchers, they forget that the Twins would always have the option of trading away the older pitcher. As long as Nolasco stays similar to his career marks, he would still have a trade market in year 3 of the deal. And that's only if the Twins have a glut of pitching, something we have no idea will happen for sure.
  8. I just saw that Timmy just signed with the Giants for 2 years. Really would have liked to see the Twins sign him, but that is no longer happening this year.Giants, Lincecum Agree To Two-Year Deal: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com
  9. I'm surprised Tyler Grimes didn't get asked to be part of the instructional time to help him transition even more to catcher. Would his exclusion be simply because of other having other catchers with more need/upside?
  10. One thing nice about Sano being in High-A is that Doug is the manager. I'd imagine he is faced with at least part of the task of getting Sano to use the glove better.
  11. One side note I would add is that Carl Crawford's arm is below-average. Just something to consider. Also, I would much rather have Revere in Left Field then Center, and if Span is not in Center, he needs to be in Right field, (not Left).
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