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  1. I'm guessing you mean 2021 Simmons good? Because one could argue there wasn't much different between Ozzie and Simmons in their prime. I agree that I hope Palacios isn't picked in the Rule 5. At first, I was shocked he was this low. But between age and streaky hitting and the names in front of him, it makes sense. I hope we see him this next year and he surprises us.
  2. FYI - Gray signed with the Rangers. 4 years for $56 million. (I definitely missed a few signings that happened on Friday as well. Crazy how much action there was over the past 4 days.)
  3. That's it, might as well sign him as our SS. https://metsmerizedonline.com/2021/11/report-japanese-star-outfielder-seiya-suzuki-will-be-posted.html/
  4. Personally, I would love it. Looks like a lot of places are expecting between 3-5 years and $7-$11 million per year? I think I'd take the chances on him at even $10 million. (Plus fee?) It definitely would make me feel more comfortable trading Larnach or CF in a package for pitching and/or Kepler in the future. The thought of Buxton, Suzuki, and Kepler/Martin/Lewis in the OF at some point in the next year would be quite fun. * Note to Twins management. This plan would require $$ and paying Buxton. Proceed with caution.
  5. Reminds me of the luxury tax, but instead of $$ related, it would be record related. Maybe they can even hold onto the pick, but get less bonus pool to work with? If a team has less than 90 losses, it resets the penalties?
  6. Is there an easy way to see Juan Minaya's stats on first inning vs. second inning? (Or <25 pitches and >25 pitches?) I felt like there were quite a few games where he was asked to provide 2-3 innings since the rest of the bullpen was struggling or worn out. And quite a few times he would cruise through the first 4-6 batters before struggling after 30 pitches.
  7. I like the idea of trying to sign one of Mark Canha (2.6 fWAR) or Michael Conforto (0.8 fWAR) if we trade Kepler. I liked the hitting progress Celestino showed in AAA enough I would probably make him be the first call up if any OF struggles, including LF and Larnach. I also think Martin might be close that IF the Twins were winning games, it could be a "break glass in case of emergency" situation for LF. IIRC, one of his weaknesses is his arm, which makes LF probable.
  8. I agree with these three. I think Cole Sands and Louie Varland stick out as other pitchers that could be top 10 by the end of the year if things go well. (Or Vallimont if somehow he controls his walks.) On the hitting side, Edouard Julien and Misael Urbina are two other names that could move up potentially IMO. However, three of the four I mentioned already did pretty well this year, not unlike Steer. In that sense, Strotman, Sabato, and Urbina are my picks for prospects who struggled this year but could be top 10. On the flip side, based on the mid-season Twins Daily ranks, I only see Keoni Cavaco as likely to drop out of the top 10 in the near future. And my guess is he already is out of the top 10 for end of season ranks for most people (like Tom's Oct 20th update.) This definitely seems promising for the quality of top prospects on the way.
  9. It wasn't until the outfield assist bullet point that I realized it was Friday and who wrote the article. Great job as always.
  10. Every year, it amazes me that the MLB playoffs aren't available via either MLB TV or via "free tv". I can't imagine how many people would follow baseball more if they could actually watch the playoffs. One downside to baseball is often the long season. But if fans could watch the playoffs, when the teams are elite and the games are drama filled and action packed, you would have to think MLB would have a growing audience. (Not an aging one.) Hey, at least the WS is available. If they do the streaming service, I think they should also add in the option of watching "all playoff games". Or better yet, don't even charge extra for those and add them to the in-network streaming and also MLB TV streaming.
  11. Agree with USAFChief in that a QO doesn't matter if the Twins are able to sign a top pitcher or top SS (for more than a 1 year deal.) Also, not really sure why people are down on Story for defense (or Correa/Baez). If I'm reading the various sites correctly, OAA is the only defensive stat that was down on Story. It also seemed to be related to LHB and moving to his left, so I'm curious if shifting or lack of shifting hurt him this year. I think it could based on the picture below? But again, defensive stats are still not perfect. To me, I'd be pushing Story's camp to find out if he is interested in the Twins and what they are looking for in $$ and years. If he's interested in a shorter prove-it deal of 1-3 years, I'd be all over that. At worse, he provides offense at a much higher level than Simmons and defense at a similar or slightly worse level. At best, he figures out non-Coors field hitting at an All-star level and provides gold glove defense. I would probably only worry about him if they are looking for $30+ million a year or 5+ years. Which...there is still probably a 50/50 chance he gets one or both of those this offseason. One potential bonus of signing a top SS if that you could feel better about including a SS prospect in a trade for a pitcher. Maybe we could trade Jermaine Palacios for Odorizzi?
  12. 1. I agree with this and raise you one. Buxton is signed to long-term contract AND stays healthy for at least 120+ games. 2. I agree that we would need Ryan (or another prospect) to succeed at a #3 level or higher next year. 3. Another plausible option is we sign Thor and he stays healthy and is a #2 pitcher (vs. signs with someone else or signs here and breaks down, etc.) 4. We need one of Martin, Lewis, Miranda, or Larnach to breakthrough. Someone to push through and become a top 5-6 hitter in our lineup.
  13. This is the bullpen I am expecting. I love what I have seen from Minaya. There have been a few outings where he has come back out a second (or third) inning and his effectiveness has gone down, but not too often. The 7th spot is the biggest question in my mind. Is that one of those 3? Is it someone else from Brandon or Rosterman's note above? Or do they sign another solid FA and push those players to minor league/spring training deals.
  14. He's been healthy this year. I see the main points for a trade being health, age (which impacts speed/defense and health), and contract. But arguably, the contract isn't scary if you aren't worried about health or age. I'll be happy if he is here next year since I enjoy watching him play. I'll be okay if they pay some of the salary and get good prospects back. (Not my preference unless those are top prospects, which I doubt.) I'll be happy if they trade his full salary and then sign a top SS. (But not Baez and not 100% sold on Story, so doubtful the Twins land Seager or Correa.) My guess is nothing happens.
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