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  1. A 2025 infield of Miranda, Lewis, Miller and Kiriloff? That might be pretty dang sweet…..and still cheap at that point.
  2. Question for my fellow TDers: if the FO is confident that Correa will be here throughout 2022 and believes there is a reasonable probability that he will be with the Twins in ‘23 and possibly ‘24, where is Lewis’s best position? Choices: 3B - currently held by Urshela with Miranda slotted as the long term solution. 1B - really wide open given Sano is likely done, Arraez is a misfit, and the true heir apparent, Kiriloff, has seemingly big issues. But would Lewis’s raw talents be wasted there? Corner OF - currently occupied by Kepler, Larnach, and Celestino - all of whom have been producing more or less. My take is that if your best prospect’s position is taken by essentially your best overall player, then you find the second best position that will maximise long term success for that prospect. Period. If someone else needs to change positions (Miranda, Larnach) or ultimately be traded (Urshela, Kepler), then you do what must be done to make Lewis successful. Lewis’s development and long term home are the priorities over all those other players. Don’t fret. Lewis will be back relatively soon and he, Buxton, Polanco, and, if we are lucky, Correa will be the core of this ball club for the next several years. That will be one awesome core.
  3. The issue remains Correa’s long-term deal. If we are confident/sure Correa is going to be our SS for the next five years, the Lewis has to find a new spot - preferably corner OF, but maybe 3B. With Miranda likely headed down, there are ABs available at both positions now. Btw, this also sets up for Noah Miller as a potential replacement for Correa eventually. However, we don’t know that Correa is going to be around - I’d sadly wager the odds are more likely he’s not. So that means Lewis needs the reps badly at SS if that’s his position going forward. Most likely scenario is that he hangs around a couple of more weeks and then heads back to St. Paul to hone his fielding craft.
  4. Agree - better rack up the W’s before the big kids get out of school.
  5. Archer is not fun to watch. Incredibly boring. Must be tough to be in the field behind him…
  6. Great post. Let’s throw a wrench in the discussion with a couple of questions: 1. Is Lewis a long term above average fielding SS and/or 3B? 2. Can we actually sign Correa to a long term deal? Note: this is all about producing the best team in ‘23 and beyond. Let’s not get sucked into thinking quite yet that this team is ready to contend this year and we’d be willing to sacrifice the future to try to prove it (call me in two months; I’m just not there yet). If the answers are yes and yes, you move Urshela for whatever we can get and a bit of salary relief. Your 2023-2024 infield is Lewis (3B), Correa (SS), Polanco (2B), Arraez/Miranda/Kiriloff (1B/DH), and Gordon (Utility). That is a long term contending infield and the best case scenario. If the answers are no and no, then you trade Correa and shoe horn Lewis into SS (he’s clearly passable) until a better option comes along. Keep Urshela for the time being to strengthen the left side. But, sadly, Correa’s value needs to be monetized. This is the worst case. If the answers are yes and no, you trade Correa and maybe Urshela too (depending how you feel about Miranda at 3B and Kiriloff at 1B), but maybe not until mid ‘23. This is the young, cheap infield case and probably the most likely, and still very attractive, scenario. If the answers are no and yes, you might actually move Kepler as Lewis is probably your RF of the future. Don’t fret everyone - with Larnach proving his mettle, Celestino demonstrating he’s a major leaguer, and Martin on the way, we have four great potential outfielders surrounding Buxton and all are on minimum salary. This is the second best scenario as we keep Correa and Lewis in the lineup everyday. Still might move Urshela as well. Lewis is uber talented and a tremendous young man. He needs to be a Twin for a long, long time. He is the heir apparent to Buxton in terms of team leadership. Hopefully we can keep Correa too, because any lineup with a core of Buxton, Correa and Lewis has a good chance to be a winner.
  7. 1. Lewis ABs are getting to be must see events. Congrats kid. 2. Rocco left Jax in too long. Jax had to endure a very long bottom of the fifth, probably leading him to lose some of his stuff. 3. Pagan is so scary. 4. Smith is so exceptional. 5. We need more articles from Ted about how bad Urshela and Sanchez are - his last one perked then right up! 6. Great division win to break the losing streak and get the bats back.
  8. Well, the Twins we’re doing great until the bigger, better, and more experienced kids got out of school. Seriously, the Twins were badly outhit, outpitched, outran, outfielded, and, yes, outcoached. (They were even outumped). Was it just me, or did there just seem to be such a lack of fire in the belly from this team?
  9. Legit major leaguer who had moments of great play, but suffered from a lack of consistent, reliable production. Couple that with below average fielding and consistently absurd strike out rates, and we are left with disappointment. So sadly, more bust than boom given expectations. What is perhaps most sad, is that this is a huge contact year for Miguel. There was rightly a lot of optimism that he would be focused on producing to earn one more big contract. The incredibly slow start now followed by the injury makes a big new deal unlikely. That’s too bad for Miguel - I was really cheering for him,
  10. RPR, just out of curiosity, what parts of my post are most troublesome for you? Our most utilized closer has 10 walks in 9 innings and a WHIP of 1.73. If that doesn’t improve, is that the performance level of a closer on a true contender? If not, we need to find a better solution internally (very possible) or externally. Our starting pitching has been great. It’s been led in many respects by three youngsters - one or all of whom might not suitable to stretch out the innings later in the year. We’ve already had a couple of injuries and Bundy is looking iffy. It’s likely that, to truly contend, we might need to add an experienced arm capable of lots of innings later in the year. Sanchez is hitting 0.211. Sano barely over 0.100. Lots of K’s for both. Both OPS are about 0.600 give or take. Again, maybe we have an internal solution, but those two are not providing the middle of the order production a contender should have. I love this team - a lot. But it still has holes if it truly wants to contend. Let’s wait and see if those are still there as we get into late summer.
  11. Too early, but a preliminary list might be: 1. More reliable closer - realistically we probably should have lost 2/3 vs. Oakland. Seemingly 75% of ninth innings can’t continue to be like Delmon Young tracking down a fly - our hearts won’t take it and the luck with run out. 2. Another SP #2-3. We are already seeing issues with depth and performance. By the trade deadline we will need one more at least one if we truly want to contend for the Pennant. Guaranteed. 3. Possibly more production out of DH. Sano and Sanchez aren’t really cutting it for a true contender. Here’s hoping Sano hits his stride later in the year. Sanchez probably doesn’t provide much hope in that regard. I’d like to think we have some assets to consider trading, but a possible top three of Urshele, Sano and Sanchez might not have much value based on performance and cost.
  12. Lewis, Miranda, Larnach, Kiriloff, Jeffers, Arraez, Centerino, and, hopefully, Martin. Those are eight legit position players making essentially league minimum over the next several years. With Buxton and Polanco, we still have plenty of $ for CC. Add in one legit backup CC and maybe even Max hangs around two more years. That my friends, is a premier 13 player MLB position player roster in terms of talent and very manageable cost. The future could be quite bright.
  13. Yeah, baby! Glad the initial diagnosis has changed. Huge news! Go Twins! Go Carlos! Go Royce! I’m in France tonight, but staying up to watch Royce - first pitch in about two hours at 2:10 a.m.
  14. Ok, it will be fun to see Lewis. But otherwise, this is horrible, horrible news. 6-8 weeks? That’s probably over 40 games - or about 1/4 of the season. And we will be missing one of the best players in baseball plus a team spark plug. Next man up - I get it. And I’m super excited that the next man is Lewis. Great to see him get a solid taste of the bigs. However, we cannot expect Lewis to carry this team. CC is a huge loss. Here’s hoping everyone else steps up their games……we will need it.
  15. Don’t get me wrong. I love Larnach. I hope he’s a Twin for a long time. I just think Martin is the better overall prospect on the margin.
  16. Agree 100%. Ideally he not only gets to St. Paul by mid summer, but gets a taste of the bigs this year and a fair shot at making the team next year. Assuming Correa sticks around, I’m still dreaming of an outfield of Buck, Lewis and Martin - a great mix of speed, defense, power and OBA. Plus, solid flexibility if Buck is out for any reason. If Correa does leave, Martin will be even more important as a corner OF (most likely LF). IMHO, he remains a better prospect than Larnach, Centerino, Wallner or Gordon - and nothing against any of them.
  17. We all saw Moneyball, right? I mean, how hard is it to play 1B? (that’s a joke). Actually, though, not losing sleep over 1B depth at the moment (although feeling bad for Kiriloff and Sano). Now if Buxton, Correa, or Jeffers go down………
  18. Feel bad for Miguel. This is a big year for him as it’s the last fully guaranteed year of his deal. He needed a solid year to get that next decent/big contract. Here’s hoping he gets healthy as soon as possible and earns the opportunity to show his stuff on the Twins later in the year. But whether he gets that opportunity is not a given at this time.
  19. Thank you. The power of prayer is incredible. Much appreciated.
  20. Lived there for two years two years ago. My wife got cancer and we moved back to CA - we have a good setup in CA to maximize her chances to beat it. Two kids are there though!
  21. Assuming current levels of production, Lewis will be up this year. The only questions would be when and where. If the Twins are not in contention come the trade deadline (which hopefully is not the case) or Correa is certain to opt out (so even if we are in contention), then Correa will likely be moved. In that case, Lewis is the starting SS the remainder of the year. If Correa is not moved, Lewis gets moved up at some point when the inevitable injury occurs. Btw, if Lewis continues to play at this level, he could be the best choice in CF of disaster befalls us. No mention of Martin. I hope he gets his chance this year too.
  22. What about Lewis (just asking for a friend)? Seriously, my hope is that a) Correa produces, b) Twins contend this year, c) Correa is not traded and stays with a longer term deal, and d) Lewis starts in RF no later than next year (joining BB and Martin in the outfield - how good could that be?). Not sure how much coin it will take, but with Sano, Kepler, and Sanchez off the books and several cheap young starting pitchers, we should have the cash.
  23. ESPN said Buck’s walkoff measured 469ft - that has to be one of the longest HRs at Target Field, yes?
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