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About this blog

We will discuss all of the moves the Twins front office SHOULD make.  How the Twins can build perennial contenders

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Twins need a new pair of Sox

You like that one? you see what I did there?   Yeah I know  to be honest not really a fan of that pun either, but it fits so it stays. Twins are proving (and rightly so) that we are not in the running for any REAL  big name FA.  We just do not have the prospects or young players to move...Unless you want to try and flip Correa since he aint coming back and hope to sell AND contend.    With just a 1 game lead in the division, and little chance of a WC if we lose the division, Twins

Could Buxton go to the IL? (Friday July 29)

Not sure what will happen, top of the 6th.  Will Buxton coem out of the game? they are down a ton so I am guessing he will be taken out for "rest" since the game is out of hand,    BUT beware!!!! If you DVR the game watch his AB in the 6th.  he reinjures the knee on the second pitch of the AB. He CLEARLY injures the knee on the swing. Then in every subsequent pitch he is flexing it, bending it, doing little jumps and he cant seem to handle any pressure/torque on the knee especiall
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