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About this blog

We will discuss all of the moves the Twins front office SHOULD make.  How the Twins can build perennial contenders

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Manaea moved... Just Sayin...

Twins FO obviously is content with Bundy and Archer filling out the rotation.  I am not nearly as rosy on the perspective of counting on them to anchor our rotation. I would love to be wrong however. As I have said in previous posts, the Sonny Gray move only makes sense if we end up making other significant moves, whether no or midseason. After all you do nto give away a potential arm (and personality to be a face of your franchise) like Petty in a "first move" without making final moves to ensu

Re-questioning the Front Office

Signing Correa was a great move regardless of how long he is here. it is a move I screamed for for months.  This bought the Twins FO a bit of time and good will. Yet the Twins are still an enigma, and you cannot clearly call them contenders or rebuilders yet. This is not a new take. We have some pieces that just don't quite fit, and a few that are missing. Just because they might not fit traditionally doesn't mean it can't work. It just shows inconsistent messaging and makes a fan think there is


OK 2 things...    #1 I take it all back!!!! #2 I TOLD YOU SO!!!  lol Litereally as I was typing my most ramblng missive to date slamming the Twins for doing nothing they do THIS!!!   Also though, in that same missive (and in others) I was the first to call this move!!!  read back yoully find them!! WOW!!! INSTANT contenders!!! Nowgo get Montas... but back to me being the only one to call this shot (on the heels of calling the trade Donaldson shot). th

Twins continue being Twins...

I hate being so negative. I REALLY DO!!!  hehe I know it sure may not seem that way to those of you who have read a number of my other posts. Butit is just so frustrating. WE say we are going to compete but it loosk we are making moves (or lack of moves) with no apparent overall plan.   If our plan is simply to go with the young pitchers we have and use as a developmental year, I am cool with that, but at least come out and SAY IT!!! Now they cant say "We see this as a developmental ye

What are we waiting on to complete our roster?

What exactly is the Twins FO waiting on to fill out our roster? From the outside looking in it seems to most that we still need at least 1 more pitcher, we need a SS, and bullpen help never hurts.  Yes, I understand it take two to tango, and of course we hear all over the place that the Twins are "talking" to this team or that FA, but seriously??? sitting with a payroll of just $72M (prolly closer to $90M when you add in the final pre-arb salaries) which means we have between $30-50M to spend, j

Post Lock out Moves: Potential Twins Trades

There are relatively few guarantees in baseball, and even less when it comes to what a new CBA will look like. Let's take a look at a few potential additions, and how it can impact the Twins (and other clubs). Today I want to talk about one potentially significant change.  Salary Floor Both sides have spoken about a potential salary floor in some form or fashion.  When both sides reference the possibility of something then it is only a matter of the details. It WILL be in the new CBA. 
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