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About this blog

We will discuss all of the moves the Twins front office SHOULD make.  How the Twins can build perennial contenders

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Correa for Soto???

Is there a rationale for the Twins to get into the Juan Soto sweepstakes??   While I am not officially predicting this ( I have retired from teh predicting game immediately after predicting the Correa signing... going out undefeated!!  hehe). There COULD be a path to Soto.   First, The Twins inked Correa to a 3 year deal at $35.1M AAV. Assuming the Twins would be comfortable if Correa would opt in to those last 2 years, and were being used SOLELY as a leverage play, that

Sano related moves.

We have talked about the scenario the Twins will be in once Sano and his rehab stint come to an end. Well that time has come. There is clearly only one move. But before we go there, lets take a quick look at why it is the only clear choice. MOVE SANO?: We could just DFA Sano. There is no way this happens his "potential" is still just too teasing.  We will also not trade Sano, as his trade value is absolutely rock bottom. No contending team will roll the dice on him if it means giving u

Sano Situation

OK, with Sano on rehad assignment that means we are getting closer to decision time. After going 0-3 in his first game he now has an exciting slash line of .313/..421/.750 for a 1.171  OPS.  with just TWO strikeouts in 18 ABs!!!!! PRETTY EXCITING!!!  Except for the fact that it against Rookie League talent, so this should be the expected baseline. Still it is better than  the alternative.   SO... What are the plans for when he returns?  Kirilloff is starting to hit. Mira
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