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  1. Dobnak I expect a bounce back. He never was able to get on track all year. Colome I am not sold on coming back, but my guess they will since he had some recovery the second half when forced to pitch. Jeffers will get his time because he is good on defense. He may end up being a low .200 hitter with some power, but if he plays good defense he will have a job for a long time in the league. If you get offense from a catcher that is normally a bonus.
  2. If they can get anyone for cheap return I am fine with brining any of them in. However, the more you give up the more you are expected to keep running the pitcher out there even if they are a fail. We have many of our own guys to look at without being tied to someone because of what we gave up to get them.
  3. The way Joe walked off mound it sure looked a lot worse than just a bruise. He walked off without even having it looked at. I wonder if he makes another start this year.?
  4. You did not sell me on why he would fix SS. One of worst defenders and subpar hitter. Sure he may get better hitting like he did when first came up, but defense is rarely something that changes with teams, so I would not expect an uptick in that area.
  5. The electronic zone does change based on the hitter and is not a static zone. It is also used to grade umpires on their calls by MLB. If MLB uses the system to determine if the ump is doing well at calling balls and strikes why do they not use it to actually call balls and strikes? There was a study done several years ago, and it showed that one, umpires got the borderline calls right about 50%, so better than a coin toss. Two, it showed that on those calls if they had called it prior, they were less likely to call it again. Also, more umps were less likely to call them for a third strike. What the study showed was umps would think about the count, the situation, and history to make the calls. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world to do, but the league could take those human elements out of the game and get the right call all the time. It will happen one day, I just hope sooner than later. If it is a strike it should be called that way, no matter the score, the count, home team, the hitter or the pitcher. None of that should influence the call, but studies show it does.
  6. Marten should have not get in the second run down. Once they threw home he should have stayed at first. I have no issue pulling a pitching prospect in 6th with a no hitter going. If he was at 88 pitches after 8 then I would say give him a shot at it, but no way at current pitches he was going to complete the game and he has had arm issues over his career, like all pitchers.
  7. I would be willing to give him a 1 year low pay contract. If he is healthy he is a good starter, not great, but good. If he is not healthy or is not effective it does not hurt to move on from him. I just would hope they would not keep throwing him out there like Happ this year.
  8. For me he is not the worst, mainly because he is not that far off of what he has shown. Good defense and poor offense. Yes, the offense is worse then expected but it is not like signing a guy you expect to carry your offense and they put up those type of numbers. For me, Tsuyoshi Nishioka is by far the worst signing that I can think of. The main reason is he did nothing for the position he was signed for and never really contributed. The money was not crazy high, but it involved us sending a good SS to Baltimore for two pitchers that did nothing for us. The signing made JJ Hardy expendable because we thought Nishioka would play there. Well, he never did play there and he was trash the few games he played anywhere with the Twins. At least the signing of Simmons did not result in trading someone away because we had him. Simmon was always expected to be a 1 year thing. Was he worse than expected, yes, but for 1 year that is all we put into him. Nishioka was years of issues connected.
  9. I am not going to say he is going to be a top of rotation guy based on 2 starts. Yes, his last start was great, but many guys in MLB history have had at least 1 great start with no-hitters or perfect games and HOF pitchers never had those. His stuff looks decent, but picking apart Cleveland is not a huge deal, their offense is not good. Lets pump the breaks on him and putting in Ace status. There is a reason Tampa, who needs to keep pitching pipeline depth, was willing to give him up for a rental player. Maybe Tampa was missing something, but they normally do well in their decisions.
  10. I fully agree. Prior to Falvine coming in our team laughed at advanced stats and doing things like shifting or playing against norms. Now we go full 180, and they are all in on advanced stats. I am of the thought that mixing the two is best practice. Sometimes players do not fit into the math mold or the norm and that is not a bad thing. To me the advanced states and thoughts on bunting or stealing only looks at the whole game but not at the player. Because players get told you cannot bunt because history shows it is bad, they never learn to do it well. Some guys bunting will get them on base, and if they have the ability to steal they can get the double that you want him to hit. Sure not every guy can do this, but why have a 100% never for all players? Same with the third time through rotation, not every guy follows that general rule and some do better if they get to a third time because they have figured out what is working that day well. Some guys have breezed through the first 2 times, why not let them see a third time. Not every pitcher will have it going each day so if the guys is going well, no need to pull him for a pen arm just because math history says so, let the game develop for each game.
  11. I still think Dobnak can contribute. I think his success with the slider in spring made him use it more than he should. He is a sinker ball pitcher and his success has been with getting soft contact on ground. What had kept him from going too deep into starts was he did not have a clear out pitch. The slider is meant to be that, but it appears he started using it earlier in at-bats. I hope rest of this year and going into next year he gets back to his basics with the sinker. Then when at 2 strikes use the slider. He should not be throwing the slider at 33% clip. It should be a surprise pitch mainly as it will break different from the sinker. Really good sinker guys can keep throwing the same pitch and the hitters know it is coming but it moves enough that they will not barrel it up. With the slider, if he throws it for a strike it will get crushed. He needs to always throw it to the edge or out of the zone to not get hit hard. He was hanging the sliders or leaving them up, which books on sinker pitchers are if the pitch is up swing, so if the slider is up they will swing.
  12. I would be fine giving Gant a chance next year, but no matter what he does the rest of the year I do not say he has a spot for sure. He has pitched several years, will be 30 next year and has never established himself as a starter. Some of his numbers may be connected to pitching in new league for first time and once hitters see him again they will adjust. Maybe the Twins figured something out for him, but I am concerned this is SSS. Should we give him an invite to camp next year if he wants, sure, but if another team is willing to give a full MLB level contract as a starter I would not stand in his way.
  13. I am hoping Ober can carry this over into next year and he is not another flash of rookie ability only to fall flat later on. It tends to happen with some pitchers that once video comes out on them and more scouting they get lit up later on. The fact his velo is up and he is doing better than when he started gives me some hope.
  14. Personally, I hope they do not go out and try to sign trash heap guys like Happ and Shoemaker again. If you are going to fill rotation with vets please make them guys that are not just castoffs. I would like to see them go very heavy on internal guys. Maybe one signing or one trade but not like this year where we had two bad signings pushing everyone back. I get they had no clue what to expect with minors not playing last year, but next year that will not be an issue. Let the young guys in our rotation go.
  15. Judging who won a trade is very hard to do. Mainly, you cannot just look at players in versus players out on a pure number comparison. First, sometimes players get dealt from an area of depth, not that Gratoral was in an area of depth, but you also need to look at possible replacement people. For example, who would have started last year or some of this year if not Maeda? Who would have Gratoral replaced on the roster. Would Gratoral been that much better than the guy who replaced his roll versus who would have replaced Maeda?
  16. The one caveat I would throw in is we do not know how either Ray or Rondon would have done here. In particular with Rondon he was with Sox for years and they clearly figured something out with him, we may not have and he would have been as bad with us as he had been for years with the Sox. Ray K numbers have been the same, but his walks have never been this low in the past. For the price I would have went after Ray first over Happ for sure, but he may not have had the same reduction in walks this year with Twins either. In terms of Wong, he was never a thought because of the playing second and we had a second baseman if we were keeping Polonco so only reason to bring in middle infielder was to upgrade defense at SS.
  17. I will be honest, I have not watched a ton of games of late for the Twins. However, the little I have seen of Ober he has looked decent. His FB is not super fast but hitters seem to miss it when it is up. I am thinking the release point is causing them issues. I have liked the development so far with him and hope he carries it into next year. Could be one of those under the radar guys that just gets things done until people say he has it.
  18. Martin has up week in power, down week on OBP. not that 333 is anything to sneeze at, but when he has been doing well over .400 for awhile. However, the small power burst shows he has it in there somewhere and maybe the Twins will seek a hitting change somewhat to get more power out of him.
  19. If the Twins missed something so did the other teams that have taken him and DFA him. Clearly he has potential with the high K rate, but he also clearly has issues giving up runs. If he left Twins and started doing great like Anderson did in Tampa I would say we missed something for sure, but going to three teams after us already is not something to say we missed something.
  20. They are waiting until Saints are either out of playoffs or season is over for Saints. What is point of brining them up prior to that to have a couple more meaningless games in the majors? They can get some experience playing meaningful games late in season at the minors at least.
  21. What evidence do you have that he will stop getting hurt? I have said that Buxton contract is hardest to judge over anyone because of his long history of different injuries. Do you pay him on the, "if he stays healthy" pay or on the "what has he show pay"? If he is healthy he should get paid like top 10 guy, becuase he has shown he can be that when healthy. Although in very small samples. Personally, I would not sign him to mega long term deal. I do not expect he will ever stay healthy for a full season, and eventually his greatest asset, his speed and defense, will start to drop to normal player levels as he ages. When that happens may be affect by his injuries. I would not pay full time mega money for a part time player. I also do not think other teams will be willing to take that big of risk on outside the Yankees, Boston, LA's as they can afford to pay someone to not play on a mega deal, Twins cannot. As much as I want him to stay and actually play a full season, I would shop him around for a decent return, if they can get it.
  22. There are many guys on 10 day IL that they could shift to 60 day to make room for any of them. I doubt Martin gets put on 40 man just for a September call up. I could be wrong, but once on it they have to pass waivers to get off it so most teams will only put a guy on it when they have to, or the player is 100% ready to be called up and go. They have plenty of pitchers to take of the 40 man during the off-season to make room for just about anyone they want.
  23. The only thing that will keep Luis from getting batting titles in the future is health, and teams wanting more power. He will never be a power hitter, not that he cannot hit one out here or there, but some teams trend to wanting so much power he would never fit on their team. The way I see it, I would rather have 3 to 4 guys like him, and future Martin, with then power guys to hit them home. I love to watch him hit, and think he will be hitting singles for a long because he seems to actually look where they are playing him and he looks to actually try to hit where they are not.
  24. I think people forget he had two ankle surgeries over the last two off seasons. This leads to many issues when hitting. You use your whole body to hit, not just hands and arms. If you lower body is not right, it will throw everything off. The power and the contact. We are dealing with the fraction of inches on a swing being the difference between a hit and an out. He has showed in his career when he is healthy he can hit. Also, as teams adjusted to his offense, I am sure it too time to adjust to them. Baseball is also a game of continued adjustments.
  25. Thank you, I posted so much about Story in off-season when people wanted to give up the farm to bring him in and sign long term. His numbers on offense away from Denver are on par with Polonco, and this year even worse than Polonco. Story is better overall on defense, but not worth a mega deal that some predict.
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