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  1. Does this make us better for this year? It makes our infield defense pretty good. It allows Polanco to stay at 2nd. And it gives us more infield flexibility. But does that make us better after you consider the offensive loss? Normally I would say we also lost chemistry with our pitching staff, but this year...not sure there is enough returning pitching for there to be considerable chemistry.
  2. I would prefer Simmons. I think there is a decent chance that his offense will improve and his defense has always been good. Plus he will be affordable!
  3. Even if moving Polanco to SS does not affect his offensive production (which is a perfectly reasonable assumption), it would be a significant downgrade at SS and 2B defensively from last year. Would that be wise with the mediocre-at-best pitching staff we are presumably going to have?
  4. Is it wise to assume that Polanco's success at the plate is not explained by his move to 2B?
  5. I hope the "incomplete" grade is accurate. Assuming it is, what should the Twins do to turn that grade into an A? Are there any options left to make that an attainable grade? If they signed Pineda (probably the most likely scenario) they still need one more starting pitcher, and preferably a front line pitcher. They will probably need to trade for that, which makes sense since we are loaded with prospects and are running out of room on the 40 man roster for them. Lets say they swing a trade for a pitcher that has that potential. Now they have #1-Traded pitcher, #2-Pineda, #3/4/5 Bundy/Ryan/Ober/Dobnak/Thorpe. While not an overwhelming lineup, it has some potential to be adequate. We will still need to find some bullpen help, which seems to be a crap shoot, but the Twins have gotten that right more times then they have gotten it wrong over the last 5 years. We still need a shortstop. Does our lineup have the potential to be good enough to sign a +defender shortstop to help out our average pitching staff? I think it does, as long as Buxton is healthy. Is there a shortstop available that the Twins could sign to a 1 or 2 year contract (so he doesn't block one of our prospects) that fits that bill? While I know it is not a popular choice on here, I think there is in Andrelton Simmons, who might be interested in an affordable, make good contract. I think it is likely that he won't be as horrible with the bat next year as he was this past year. There are other free agent options out there that may work as well. Would making these moves upgrade the offseason grade to a B? I think these moves would give us a chance to compete this year. Obviously we would need players to stay healthy and continue to improve, but I like our lineup, I think our defense could be outstanding, and so we would be relying on our pitching staff to "not suck". Please, front office, give us some hope for the upcoming season!
  6. I have been thinking this same thing after watching the absurd contracts the top tier SS have gotten. Simmons gives the Twins great defense, which will be critical with their pitching staff. He is a clear bounce back candidate offensively, and if he hits at his career average next year, the Twins will have a bargain while giving their young SS time to develop. If Simmons repeats last year offensively, then we still have a great defensive SS and a below average #9 hitter. We could perhaps even throw in a 2nd year team option similar to Bundy's. Polanco at SS should be avoided at all costs. Don't mess with the comfort and groove he found last year.
  7. I agree that it is unlikely that Syndergaard will move. If the Mets do make a QO, I would be seriously concerned that there is something else wrong with him.
  8. I read over and over again that players would not want to play in Minnesota. These players will play for whoever offers them the most for their service. If the Twins give either of these players the best offer, they will play here, especially on a one or two year contract to increase their value. Plus, they get to play a large percentage of their games against the AL Central.
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