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ALCS/NLCS Predictions!!!

Welp, I was 1 for 2 on my Wild Card picks and 2 for 4 on my Division Series picks. Let’s do the Championship Series’ now. Once again, take these with a grain of salt. ALCS (C as in ”Cheaters”): Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros If you told me at the beginning of the year that the Red Sox would make the ALCS I would’ve laughed at you. Yet here they are. This matchup looks like a pretty good one. Both teams have great lineups that both hit for a high average and score a lot of


cHawk in Non-Twins Stuff

2021 MLB Postseason Predictions!!! (Wild Card & Division Series Edition)

October baseball is upon us. 10 teams battling for a World Series trophy. Only one will win it all. I will make predictions for each round. I will pick a winner from each matchup, and a # of game(s) (or score for the Wild Cards) that series is going to go. Today, I’m only going to do the Wild Card and Division Series. After you read, please share your opinion down below. How wrong or right am I? WARNING: Take my predictions with a grain of salt. Let’s get started. Wild

What I think

The Twins’ bullpen has been one of thee worst in baseball, no question, the last 10 games. Like, apocalyptically awful. Why?   I want to hear what y’all think. Who’s to blame for this? How do we fix it? CAN we fix it (prior to the trade deadline)? Will the bullpen be a thorn in our side until then? Or has this awful stretch been a fluke?   I’ll give my answer. I think it’s a combination of:   1) Lackluster Construction; Bullpen help was a need this offseason. We were losing Trevor May, Tyler Cli



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