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  1. I picked Duran because I didn’t know what to expect. Figured he would take some time like Alcala I expected Ryan to do this, been on his hype train since the day the trade was made. And Winder impressed me in the minors last year so his start the other day wasn’t shocking either
  2. Bats. BP being bad is not surprising. Starters being decent to good, also not surprising to me. I thought Ryan, Ober and Gray would be good. Archer was 50/50. Paddack I wasn’t sure because of the elbow but his FIP last year made me think he wouldn’t be horrible. Bundy is more shocking than anything else that has happened so far. No clue how he’s doing it. I won’t praise him too much unless he’s still doing it in June/July. Shoemaker and Happ had some good starts too.
  3. Rocco isn’t any different than most managers. There are times he pulls too soon but he doesn’t do it more than others. Think that thought needs to go away
  4. 74 wins now. Still downgraded at 3rd, DH and C. I have more faith in Ryan and Ober than most seem to. I’d be shocked if the Twins got anything out of Bundy. Archer is a complete wild card for me. I think Winder and Duran being in the BP improves it, but I’m still unsure of about five guys there.
  5. This was an interesting read about the injury. Same finger, different tear than last season. https://www.startribune.com/complicated-finger-injuries-keep-twins-starter-randy-dobnak-sidelined/600158055/
  6. I think 69 wins as is. They lost three of their top 5 hitters (Donaldson, Cruz, Garver). I expect Urshela to pick up some of that slack but he’s no Donaldson. Haven’t replaced Cruz’s production, which is hard to do anyway. I like Jeffers and believe his bat is much better than he’s shown but he’s no Garver. Starters: I don’t see Ober and Ryan being worse than Happ and Shoemaker. Gray and Berrios should cancel each other out. Bundy is another Shoemaker to me. And we don’t know who gets the other rotation spot. BP: I have no idea. So all of that is why I say 69 right now.
  7. I was for Thorpe staying a SP last year but then he just never got his velocity back. He couldn’t get above 90 for one inning as a starter so I basically have no faith that he’s a major league pitcher anymore. This isn’t the usual case of a slow pitcher moving to the bullpen and ramping up to faster. This is a case of a guy who used to have the stuff to pitch and has lost it all completely. Hope I’m wrong
  8. I don’t recall if I have the details correct but this is giving me vibes of that time the Twins released a player and then the player they were going to call up decided to retire. Total backfire. I will hope for the best because this can’t possibly be it, but unless they’re just waiting on Story to pass his physical…nothing is set in stone. He should have many offers out there.
  9. I would like to make my grade even worse than it was.
  10. Dude is jacked. I don’t know how he doesn’t “accidentally” hit 20 HRs a season but here we are…
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