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  1. Don’t have a horse in this one but like Cannon or Cermak
  2. I’m typically a bat first guy (BPA though, always) but Berry was a “bat only” guy and blah at that.
  3. Did not see it coming that Lee, Collier and Parada would all be there for the Twins. I’d be fine with any but prefer Lee
  4. Yay, the Twins can’t take Berry (if they wanted to)
  5. Did not see Rocker going #3. That helps the Twins as someone will fall. Hopefully even more than 1 guy.
  6. I like watching the draft but these picks take way too long
  7. There are 3-4 players I like. I don’t have an extremely strong preference which is odd because I usually do. Hoping someone falls to the Twins. Guess I’ll have to see who that might be when things get going. Absolutely don’t want Berry or Cross, but especially Berry.
  8. It’s really hard to guess who will be there when the Twins pick. It seems like the only two who will not be there are Jones and Holliday. At this moment, Green is the one I hope falls to the Twins but there are about 3-4 guys I’d be happy with.
  9. I picked Duran because I didn’t know what to expect. Figured he would take some time like Alcala I expected Ryan to do this, been on his hype train since the day the trade was made. And Winder impressed me in the minors last year so his start the other day wasn’t shocking either
  10. Bats. BP being bad is not surprising. Starters being decent to good, also not surprising to me. I thought Ryan, Ober and Gray would be good. Archer was 50/50. Paddack I wasn’t sure because of the elbow but his FIP last year made me think he wouldn’t be horrible. Bundy is more shocking than anything else that has happened so far. No clue how he’s doing it. I won’t praise him too much unless he’s still doing it in June/July. Shoemaker and Happ had some good starts too.
  11. Rocco isn’t any different than most managers. There are times he pulls too soon but he doesn’t do it more than others. Think that thought needs to go away
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