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  1. As of a few days ago, Hayes said Polanco as a shortstop is not likely to happen which is the correct answer
  2. Same as Blyleven, it seems. They didn’t think either deserved it until they got into the MLB HOF.
  3. https://www.talkingchop.com/2021/1/15/22227585/where-are-they-now-revisiting-players-the-braves-lost-during-ifa-scandal article before the 2021 season started. Looks like most are doing poorly
  4. Yes, that’s why I’m not throwing him into the Arraez pile yet. Hopefully his wrist doesn’t become a multi-year thing that leads to surgery like Kirilloff’s did.
  5. I agree with that. For me his bar is Butera. I think he has a better bat than Butera, not enormously better but better. If he becomes a successful backup for 10+ years then he will have at least met that Butera bar.
  6. I guess I don’t see Miranda as that much of a miracle? Miranda was Arraez with a little more power before 2021. Now he’s Arraez with a lot more power, which I hope continues. It’s easier to teach a guy who has good plate discipline to hit for power, but it is not easy to teach a guy with power to have good plate discipline. Unfortunately for Rortvedt he’s not a power or plate discipline guy.
  7. I think a lot of us are saying they are locks because if they aren’t the Twins still need to sign/trade for 4 SP which I absolutely do not see happening. I can see them signing/trading for 1-2, not 4. The reason Ober and Ryan are the two names brought up is because of what they have shown so far. They are both ready to be in the bigs. There are no guarantees that they won’t have setbacks but I believe in them way more than I believe in Bundy who has only had one good season (2020) in his career
  8. Lewis, Winder, Miranda, Sands, Enlow, Vallimont I could see Scherff being taken but wouldn’t protect. If they did protect him, I’d be fine with it. Drops: Astudillo Cave Garlick (ok with keeping as 4th OF) Barnes (I don’t think he has what it takes to even be a RP) Garza Jr Minaya Smeltzer
  9. I think Polanco has the most value but wouldn’t want him traded. I’ll say Arraez due to lack of defensive position and power.
  10. I agree 100 percent. The White Sox aren’t any different from the Twins when it comes to results the last few seasons. They play really well vs the bad teams and are mediocre against teams that are actually good. I was shocked when they actually won one last night. I’m not sure it happens again. There really needs to be a more balanced schedule so the Twins and other ALC teams can see if they are truly for real each year or just pretending.
  11. Correa but there are a few SS I’d be perfectly fine with. I would focus on pitching mostly but a SS is absolutely needed.
  12. Yes, it’s too early and this is coming from someone who absolutely hated that pick. I wanted Stott. His bat was superior, can’t remember about defense but I think that might have been superior to me too. While I think it’s still too early, I expect absolutely zero from Cavaco. If he ends up doing anything I will be pleasantly surprised and happy.
  13. As is, no. I think Ryan and Ober need to be in the rotation next year guaranteed which means Ryan needs to be up ASAP. How they do in FA and trades will be more important than ever since they need so many pitchers. They need to go hard after guys who are way more than 4/5’s. My top choices are Rodon and Ray. Getting one of them would be a good start. I prefer both, but trying to be as realistic as I can. Trade for someone else (Means? Pablo Lopez?). Hard to know who would be available and seems to be slim pickings on the bad teams. I’m against signing guys who are 4/5 types next year. The Twins have had horrible health luck with their pitchers this year (I’m sure it’s the same for most teams) but I think they’ll have more than enough minors depth to handle 1-2 spots next year if something happens to Ober or Ryan. Too many injuries and it’ll turn into a lost season anyway so no reason to keep trying to waste money on the next Shoemaker/Bailey/Perez etc. So many of their attempts to just fill the rotation have backfired. Pineda has been the best one in recent years. I’d rather they take all that money they’d want to spend on three SP and spend it on one or two really good ones.
  14. I’m hoping Ryan is up and starting for the rest of the season. Reward Miranda for his season and call him up. DFA some guys and mostly call up pitching since the rosters don’t expand very much.
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