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  1. I’d be okay if the Twins gave him a Wheeler contract. Too much more than that would probably not be great. The way I see it, the Twins will probably need 3 SP and 3 RP next year. Two can be filled internally (Ober and Cano?) but the rest they may have to look at FA. If they have the same success rate as this past offseason then they aren’t going anywhere next year either. I can get behind trading Berrios, if needed, though I like him. Better that than him walking for nothing.
  2. I wanted Gore or Wright. I still want Gore even with his struggles this year. I didn’t absolutely hate the Lewis pick but it’s not looking the greatest since it seems like he’ll be a CF vs a SS. It’s not bad if he’s a CF, but drafting a good SS one of these days needs to happen.
  3. I’m not Seth, obviously but I believe he missed all of 2019 with a shoulder injury. Not sure what’s happening with it now but we know shoulder injuries are terrible for pitchers. He’s still listed as in the Twins org on the MiLB site
  4. That is the exception. I heard somewhere, can’t remember where, that before the Nats did that...the last time a team started as bad as the Nats did and won the WS was 1914. So I wouldn’t count on it...
  5. White Sox: Contender. Two to three of their starters will regress but the rotation will still be good especially if they give Kopech more starts. Their hitting has been good but less power than I’d expect so far. If they increase the power they could be the 2020 version of the Twins. Indians: Their pitching has been Bieber and not much else no matter what Civale’s ERA says. Hitting is bad but I think it will improve. If the rotation keeps this up they won’t even be a .500 team at the end of the year and we’ll have nothing to envy anymore. Royals: average to slightly above average pitching
  6. Gleeman said they are at 82%. He may have been quoting Dan Hayes, that part I don’t remember specifically but that’s the number coming from the Athletic reporters.
  7. If you say it fast enough it probably does sound like “I kill bad dudes” even though it’s not pronounced exactly like those words.
  8. You are not remembering correctly. Also the event that kicked off the metal detectors and so on was the Boston marathon bombing. The Vegas shooting didn’t impact anything unless it took two years to implement which I doubt since it took less than one year for metal detectors to be put in after the bombings Here is the policy that started 07/2019: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2019/07/05/target-fields-new-bag-policy-goes-into-effect/ Allowed: small purses, totes, clear plastic bags or a tote bag, Small soft-sided coolers, diaper bags. Maximum bag size is 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches. N
  9. I expected the Tigers to have good stats for those three games, since I wasn’t able to watch. for the series: hitters wRC+ Tigers 75 indians 103 pitching: Tigers: 4.33 ERA, 6.06 FIP, 6.20 xFIP, 15 for K%, 11.5 BB% indians: 3.96ERA, 4.27 FIP, 4.59 xFIP, 27.9 for K%, 12.5 BB% No good stats, just pure luck and luck will run out real quick if they keep pulling those numbers.
  10. This is my take as well. I was watching on mute because I was in public so I have no idea how Dick and Justin called it. Ball off the bat, I thought it was a HR so I said “crap!” Then I saw Kepler actually there and got a little excited that it was going to be caught. Then of course ended up saying crap again. Mike Petriello said it had a 15% catch probability (this is first tweet but there is a thread) For me, the loss is 90% (at least) on Colome. The throw to second, this hard line drive. I think he’ll be fine but this was not a good first impression
  11. That’s true. My memory of it is just knowing it was a huge issue in the minors and I thought it carried over. Would have been interesting what would have happened if he remained a starter. Probably would have been a 5 if he was lucky enough but no better than that.
  12. Those are good facts to know, because my post was already getting way too long and I didn’t bother to look so thank you. With May, it was always the walks for me. I liked him and still do but he was never making it as a SP walking that many guys. He got better at that when he became a reliever and he’s actually the one reliever I absolutely wanted back. Colome takes his place but I’m greedy and would rather have both of them.
  13. I can see how you came to that conclusion...
  14. I was bored, so here's Kepler's exit velocities in the games I could find. Some ballparks don't have it. 02/28: 94.2, 104.7, 97.2. avg of 98.7 03/04: 90.5, 108.7, 97.8. avg of 99 03/09: 102.3 03/11: 95.5, 98.5. avg of 97 03/14: 106.2, 93.5, 101. avg of 100 03/16: 107.6, 101.9. avg of 104 03/22: 88.8, 73.2. avg of 81
  15. What I keep noticing is that you and I both keep mentioning the conversion of Twins players who were bad as starters. Thorpe hasn't failed as a starter yet, but those guys did over and over and over. Thorpe AA/AAA numbers in total: 28.9 K%, 6.9 BB%. He only played one game in AA in 2017 which screwed up his total FIP to 4.19. It's 3.55 without that one game. May: 23.5 K%, 10.6 BB%, 3.98 FIP. We all remember hoping he'd figure out that walk issue and he never did. Glen Perkins: 17.88 K%, 10.2 BB%, 5.65 FIP. Perk also had only one game in AAA in 2006 and it was bad so I gave him the same b
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