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  1. I have a really tough time finding any reason that justifies sending him down. look at what the Padres did with CJ Abrams, a SS by trade, to start the season. He was hitting so well in spring training they decided that getting his bat in the lineup, regardless of position, gave them the best opportunity to win. He played SS, LF, RF, and 2nd. Tatis comes back, clearly short isn't an option. Oh same problem with the Twins .. Correa comes back, short isn't an option. This situation is no different. Abrams was coming off a major knee injury as well and if he was able to prove he could hit at the MLB level he'd still be up in San Diego because that helped the team. Royce Lewis on the other did prove he can hit MLB level pitching. I really do not understand this whole argument for getting him reps at SS just for defensive development. If that's the logic we want go by, then don't even bother bringing up the rest of the season. He clearly is athletic enough to play any of the 3 outfield positions. He has and can slide 15 feet over to 3rd, especially for a SS with his arm and the range + ability to make throws charging in (we saw it plenty in the 11 games he played) .. It's not like were throwing a fielder of Luis Arraez's caliber over there. (arod, hanley ramirez, machado, etc all did it midseason). Nick Gordon - 259 / 292 / 309 Gio Urshela - 226 / 280 / 330 Royce Lewis - 308 / 325 / 564 ... (top prospect, future cornerstone) Worried defensively? Arraez played 1st, 3rd, and LF in MLB with less than 10 games played in minors at any. Gordon played ZERO in the OF before being thrown out there. What in the world are we doing .. Your in 1st place, if he gives you the best opportunity to win, there's no reason to have him play in AAA getting reps shagging balls in left or taking grounders at 3rd.
  2. He also hasn't pitched more than 123.2 innings in his professional career. and that was 4 years ago. and we had a late spring training to prep for 30 starts. They will get to a point where he will be let go and eat more innings.
  3. Nice work getting that really necessary cheap shot at skor north in there. Legitimately no reason to hate on someone else's well formed article and startup sports media platform because their opinion doesn't align with yours. Im saying this while also acknowledging you too have a nice write up. There is no right or wrong answer to what side you are on when it comes to this topic.
  4. if he can play short, he can absolutely handle 3rd. Typically comes down to arm strength, range isnt a concern,
  5. I wanna know the IP address half these comments are being sent from. I'm like 99% certain someones got a few burners in here haha.
  6. Take a look how teams allocate $ in free agency between "average starting pitching" and "high end relievers". How teams value pitching prospects, who are more likely to end up relievers rather starters in trades. That will tell you how front offices, people much smarter than you and i, value what impacts winning games and where millions of dollars go.
  7. We can do this - Blue bad / Red good
  8. All pitchers, period, are injury risks. This trade was completely predicated on the Twins belief that a controllable, starting pitcher with upside, was more valuable than needing a All Star closer for 6 million. on the last statement, I don't think there's ever a scenario or situation where you can say starting pitching takes a back seat to needing a closer.
  9. Ill leave this here as well, Rogers is absolutely bound to come down to earth. Although I'm not sure the individuals arguing the Twins lost this trade will understand the graphic
  10. Really curious to hear your thoughts on the Maeda trade. Pretty sure we were a contender at that time and also gave up a top 75 prospect for a pitcher with an injured elbow. You win some and lose some
  11. He's been pretty damn good for us this year so lets take a breath. He'll be back next June/July and we have him under control the following year. We all knew he had a torn UCL and really this could happen to any pitcher at any time. Id expect the front office to look to the trade market sooner than later. Nate Eovaldi makes the most sense
  12. https://twitter.com/DanHayesMLB/status/1524087083593256961?s=20&t=zitagJQy8_KMzjpb3ZuKfA If he's getting a 2nd opinion, probably means that that initial diagnoses was was TJ.
  13. Yeah it's probably a little early, but if the deadline was next week i'd give the Red Sox the first call. JD Martinez and Nathan Eovaldi both would be awesome fits in terms of what this team currently lacks. Both on expiring deals ... They also bring playoff experience and a World Series ring, which doesn't hurt when you consider the young makeup of this team. Matt Strahm would be a great fit out of the pen as well, so it could be a one stop shop for Falvine. What im personally really interested in is seeing what Tyler Glasnow would cost from the Rays. They were supposedly shopping him last deadline and reports over the winter with his name as well. You'd have to work him back in slowly as he's coming off TJ but he's also under control next year. Suppose to be back pitching early august, so If you can get him up to speed by September, that would be incredible. Maeda too , hmmmmmm Other than that, clearly Frankie is always welcome.
  14. Hopefully he can absolutely mash and then just slide him over to 3rd when Correa is back
  15. or you just take the risk and bank on the fact collegiate pitchers coming off TJ dont have a ton of options
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