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  1. I appreciate the kind words! It sucks that it takes so much effort to implement something that is seemingly so simple, and I definitely don't expect to be pandered to because of my eyes so these kind of responses are always meaningful to me. I have always been able to tolerate it up to a point, and now I look forward to being able to consume even more TD content! All this does is reaffirms that this is the community for me!
  2. I struggle with having hypersensitive eyes due to having 20-15 vision. For me dark mode is an absolute game changer when consuming media. Thank you!
  3. The way I'm rationalizing this move is this: Baseball is a confidence sport, above almost everything else. If you don't think you can do it, you won't do it. It doesn't matter how skilled or successful you may be. He may be willing to play wherever we throw him on the diamond, but if he's not confident it won't play out how we want it to, on either side of the ball. With his age, and where we're at in the season it doesn't hurt to give him a couple reps at AAA at different spots, to build up that confidence. What makes this viable is other people in the lineup are heating up and playing well, including Correa. If the FO felt that we absolutely needed him to win games right now, he'd probably still be up. I agree that this stint can not be long. Couple of weeks MAX. Get him confident around the diamond and call him back up when pitchers go from 14 to 13. Earlier if Miranda keeps trending towards La Tortuga 2.0.
  4. I was personally under the impression that his hip was still bothering him. The fact that it is his knee is worrisome to me, on top of the fact that we as fans were just made aware of that fact. The reason I'm so conflicted is because he's still contributing offensive, and defensively. If his knee is a true issue, it's not so bad that he can't play. But that also makes me think back to all the times you hear about a player dealing with stuff like that throughout the year, to then get surgery for it in the offseason. I'm thinking of Jorge Polanco at the end of 2020 playing 55/60 games on a bum ankle. Maybe the only reason we're putting so much stock into this is because Buck is a glass cannon with serious MVP potential. If this was Gary Sanchez we were talking about, I'm not so sure the speculation would even get this far?
  5. I might be naïve in saying this, but I'd rather have Buxton in 5/10 games than missing all 10+ on an IL stint if the end result is the same. The stats speak for themselves, the Twins are better with Buck in the lineup, regardless if he's playing well or not. I'd rather miss a greater percentage of games before the all-star break, than down the stretch when we need him in the dog days of summer. It helps Celestino is playing well on both sides of the ball, and we hold first place in the division. If we start to flounder out there in the next two months, this take of mine becomes a whole lot worse. Bonus points to whoever gets the partial movie quote I threw in there!
  6. TeJayDubz

    A great problem

    This is true I forgot about Miranda. An OPS+ of just 13 with meh defense definitely won't cut it here. I would argue that we've already proven that we can stay competitive without Sano We've got Arraez, Kirilloff, and Miranda who have some experience at 1B. Lewis can slot in if needed, and after showing his versatility, I wouldn't be opposed to Nick Gordon over there either. With how careful we're being with Buxton, we can't afford a dedicated DH. I do think we're forgetting Trevor Larnach and how he's tearing the cover off the ball this year so far. I would pencil him in as our starting LF once he comes back from his oblique strain. I could see him DHing when Buxton is in CF, so we can get Lewis some reps in at LF. There's no such thing as too much depth. Right?
  7. TeJayDubz

    A great problem

    He has a limited NTC until next year when it becomes full. I don't see any reason why he cannot play LF or 1B at replacement level at the very least. He's athletic enough to be an upgrade over Luis Arraez. Gets on base less, slugs more, and plays better defense. Typing this out, I now think us moving Arraez is a very real possibility if Lewis keeps this up. To the A's or Reds perhaps? I think the Twins should release Sano and eat his contract a la Justin Upton. What to do with Gio is a headscratcher for me. Trade him? But for what? I don't see us getting a fantastic return for him unless we include either high end prospects, or MLB ready prospects. He's out of options (not like we'd send him down anyways) and he has above average defense at 3B. I like Gio and have no issue on keeping him, but it does present a challenge with Lewis up and performing. Good problem to have, eh?
  8. TeJayDubz

    A great problem

    If we're in the hunt I don't see any world where we trade Correa. Lewis does look like the real-deal, but he's untested and a rookie. I'd be much happier with him moving to a utility role and letting Gordon go via trade. I would also accept just sending Royce down if he starts to slump at all so he can guarantee regular playing time. He is a rookie with minor league options, which Gordon is out of. With the Saints so close to Target Field I feel like this is more viable today than it would've been when before the minor league restructure. We have to remember that it's very common to rookies to slump once the league starts to adjust to you, and it's not uncommon for high-end prospects who flourished in their rookie year to get sent back down to AAA their sophomore year, or earlier. Think Trevor Larnach last year, Akil Baddoo just got sent down because he was struggling after his strong rookie year, and even Johan Santana got sent down in 2002, perfected his changeup, and became the well-known ace Twins fans love. The TL;DR is I don't really love any potential trade that doesn't involve us getting a bonified top-of-the rotation starter that will contribute now, and I just don't see the Yankees being that fit. And any trade that includes Correa leaving a contending Twins team is indeed blasphemous. On the other hand with the Reds playing so abysmally the Twins should be doing everything in their power to pry away Mahle, and/or Castillo in my opinion.
  9. This mindset. Thinking optimistically this is early may, I'd rather test the waters on a Bundy bounce back inning today and get burned than in August or September. Remember he was dealing until the 3rd inning, then got rattled. It wasn't like in Tampa Bay where he was screwed from the first 10 pitches. In the grand scheme of things, this early in the season I'm willing to overlook two bad starts if he stabilizes back out to a serviceable pitcher. I don't expect to see 0.59 ERA anymore but 3.50-4.50 is feasible. I can't overlook a third however, I don't want another Shoemaker situation. Regardless once Gray comes back I think he's destined for a long relief role just out of necessity.
  10. I'm all for it personally. I only watch live TV for the Twins and the Wild. I barely pay attention to anything else and I consume all other media on Youtube, Hulu, or Netflix. This is roughly $70 less than what I'm currently paying for ultimately the same utilization. In my opinion, if you use live TV for literally anything other than local major league sports it's probably not a good deal for you. BUT, If you're someone like me who only watches live TV for sports broadcasted on Bally anyways, this is perfect.
  11. I tried really hard to come up with any variance to this list and came up empty. What can I say other than hats off to Wes Johnson, and the entire pitching staff! The Twins came into this year with an ugly prognosis for our Starting Core, and our Bullpen. Both have performed above expectations in my opinion. Especially with the departure of Rogers!
  12. Not to mention only 16 IP due to injury last year. I think the bullpen will bounce back just like I think the starting rotation will regress. Neither stat lines are sustainable, and regression towards the mean is coming for both sides. I think the end result will still be a solid, albeit not amazing rotation, and a serviceable bullpen. I'd take that over 7+ shutout innings only to have one of our Bullpen give up 5 and blow it, ala Alex Colomé.
  13. I'm forever the optimist so hopefully this is the kind of fluky, momentum-shifting win that kicks us out of this offensive slump so we can win legitimate games. Sometimes all it takes is one at-bat like Correa's. Go Twins!
  14. I couldn't put my finger on why Morneau didn't do it for me but this explains it perfectly. I feel like we need someone a little more boisterous and charismatic.
  15. I agree with this. I've always liked Dick Bremer doing play-by-play and I felt his duo with Bert was timeless. I think he's suffering from not having a consistent color commentator that he has good chemistry with. Roy Smalley just isn't it.
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