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  1. I really like the idea of picking Kumar Rocker with the possibility to impact the majors as soon as next year, His medicals definitely could be a concern, but I think the upside is well worth it. He's got true top-of-the-rotation stuff with the pedigree to boot. The top of the draft is flush with really solid, projectable bats. BUT, The Twins have a lot of elite bat, 1B/corner OF types in their system. Kirilloff, Larnach, Wallner, Sabato, Encarnacion-Strand (I know he's a 3B now but projects more LF/1B.) Not to mention Rooker, who we traded off partially because we have a glut of these kind of players.
  2. But does AK score from 2nd if the ball drops I wonder. That ball was very close to finding grass, but regardless the safe play is definitely setting up the tag.
  3. Why would we trade for Gibson when we have Josh Winder down in AAA? We need to make a move but this isn't it. I like Gibson a lot but he won't move the needle like we would need him to.
  4. I definitely did a double take when I saw this headline. He retired for a couple years, but came back to the Phillies last year. He converted to a full time reliever this year and is posting impressive numbers in AAA. Great baseball story I love moments like this!
  5. I think there's real opportunity to kill two birds with one stone here and try to get a package of Montas, and Puk from the A's. It'll cost a lot but both holes are incredibly important to fill.
  6. This is what makes his hitting issues so hard to fix. Statistically he has a great eye and rarely swings at pitches outside of the zone he just misses damn near every pitch inside the zone.
  7. This is exactly what the Twins needed to do. Cole has 32 pitches coming out of the first. We started the game with a statement, now we need Bundy to go back out and shut the door, without giving up offensive pressure.
  8. 4-5 IP, 4 runs or less I'll be content. All we need is the bare minimum to stay competitive and lean on our bats the rest of the way. Our lineup looks solid tonight I'm hoping we can take it to Cole. As good as he is, he is known to have a poor outing here and there. He's very human and we proved yesterday we can handle top of the league SP.
  9. Agreed! In my opinion, he's a lot like Buxton where even if he isn't performing the greatest, his presence and leadership resonates in that clubhouse and makes our team that much more confident and successful. I feel like I'm in the minority that both wants Correa to stay with the Twins, and thinks there's a strong chance he does after reading/listening to interviews with Correa, and the FO.
  10. I'm going to skip over all the Correa COVID talk and just say this: I'm happy he's back! The Twins are a better team with our 35 million dollar man in the lineup. Palacios handled himself well and fielded the position excellently. Sucks to see him go down, but I think his audition was well received by the FO, and Twins fans alike. I'm excited to see how the Twins handle Cortes with how he's pitching this year. That caterpillar has been dominating the league this year! I thought Yankees players weren't allowed any facial hair. Do they allow just moustaches now? All jokes aside I hope we can rise to the occasion like we've been against strong SPs of late. Go Twins!
  11. In the OP his location charts proved that he's not nibbling at all actually. He's leaving hittable pitches over the heart of the plate, and will diminished velocity at that. I'm on the DFA bandwagon I like too many of our depth pieces to keep watching him almost blow 5-run leads in the 9th.
  12. Yes, though if we can even get a couple young prospects for him I think it would better than releasing him. Even if you're eating his salary to make the trade happen. No way the Twins pick up his option, even if they are interested in resigning him. I was thinking that too once Royce is back healthy he'll be more expendable. We already traded him once for a mid-to-front end starter. Why not do it again?
  13. My bad for some reason I thought he was in 2017 you're totally right! I've never checked Baseball Reference so fast in my life J.D. Martinez has to slow down a little bit first. I think everyone else in the race will but him he's a true triple crown threat. I'm still in favor of trading him to the highest bidder, or designating him for assignment and being done with his contract. With our depth on the IF corners and Buxton entrenched at DH every third game there's no way he gets consistent ABs in the majors.
  14. I was only talking about the very next 4 games. Normally he plays two games in a row, I'm hoping with the extra day of rest he'll go 3 days in a row. I also think as we move into past the trade deadline and into August he will be forced into a more everyday role until rosters expand Sept. 1. I agree that's why I'll be happy if we get 100 out of him. He only did it one other time when he was an AS, and platinum glove winner. Any player who has the talent and ability to play their way into MVP talks without 150+ games is special, and is worth trying to keep healthy however you can manage it in my opinion.
  15. I'm definitely guilty of that in my time as a ballplayer I thinking it'll be a low-K, high-BB day for him. This team is just downright potent when it comes to hitting LHP. If he keeps getting double plays like that though we'll be just fine!
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