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  1. Miranda is fun to watch and a great story. I keep thinking he looks a bit soft, physically, and could use an off-season work out routine such as Arraez went through last year. Then again, this "softie" didn't miss any time with injuries this season - unlike our more physically imposing players.
  2. The Twins noted Miranda's ability to put the bat on the ball early in his minor league career, but that he was not getting hard hits. They told him to work on waiting for the right pitches and he did, going on to have a remarkable minor league season. Now he's in the bigs, showing power and presence; I wouldn't be surprised if he gets more refined in pitch selection as his career goes on, and the GIDP rate to dip.
  3. My heart went cold when Pagan got up in the BP in the 9th inning when the Twins went ahead by 4 runs. That wasn't enough runs to put him in the game.
  4. Great trade, but don't fall in love with the idea of Mahle being with the Twins for 5-6 years. If he does well we could be looking at another Berrios situation in a year. I'm glad the Twins acquired a front-line pitcher; now, can they keep him?
  5. 2022 is obviously top of mind, but looking ahead to '23, you're looking at a rotation featuring Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Ryan, and Winder or a reclamation to be named later. That is a pretty solid rotation - until someone gets hurt.
  6. That would be nice, but I'm not counting on it - and neither should the team.
  7. Cave will be left behind, even if I have to personally go to Florida and duct-tape him to his locker.
  8. Interesting to see some depth and some info on guys we're not as familiar with. From a non-baseball perspective, and as a reader, I've got to say that the font spelling out his name in the graphic is horrible. Even blowing the image up, I wasn't sure of the spelling. Pick another font out of the toybox.
  9. When will Nick Gordon be major-league ready? By now the answer is, “Never.”
  10. I think the only thing you know is some troll named Diddly Squat.
  11. I think Sidd FInch would be just the kind of reclamation project the Twins would be interested in. Would love to see what Wes Johnson could do for him.
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