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  1. Interesting to see some depth and some info on guys we're not as familiar with. From a non-baseball perspective, and as a reader, I've got to say that the font spelling out his name in the graphic is horrible. Even blowing the image up, I wasn't sure of the spelling. Pick another font out of the toybox.
  2. When will Nick Gordon be major-league ready? By now the answer is, “Never.”
  3. I think the only thing you know is some troll named Diddly Squat.
  4. I think Sidd FInch would be just the kind of reclamation project the Twins would be interested in. Would love to see what Wes Johnson could do for him.
  5. Sure, see what's he got. But someone better get some body armor for Mudonna.
  6. How many games did Donaldson and Buxton play last season? How many games were Polanco and Arraez affected by injury (almost all of them)? How much use were Gonzalez and Adrianza in plugging those gaps? The answers to those questions may explain a lot of those stats for a team that set a ML record for homeruns in 2019. You can't guarantee the health of everyone, of course, but there's more depth here now to cover for that.
  7. Baldelli has plenty to work with in mixing and matching late inning leverage situations. And a pitcher that induces "weak contact" will love having an upgraded defense behind him. The off-season wasn't flashy, but the Twins methodically checked off their shopping list, and may still add some filler. I suppose if you're on a trip, driving 90 mph is more exciting, but it's also satisfying to drive 60 mph and arrive safely.
  8. With that BABIP, was Rogers unlucky - or were the Twins positioning analytics really bad?
  9. Souhan's, one could hope. Reusse is semi-retired already, though.
  10. As a Cardinals fan growing up, Arraez makes me think of Jose Oquendo who plugged in just about everywhere, and was a real headache at the plate for the other team. Arraez might not be quite as versatile (trusting to memory, here), but is a better hitter. I want him and Cruz on the team.
  11. What does Lewis have to do? How about have 600 more at-bats in St. Paul? Even greatly gifted players need experience, and Lewis has had a couple of minor league seasons and valuable at-bats wiped out by injuries and COVID. Just being older doesn’t help. And playing him part time behind Polanco isn’t going to help that. Let him get his experience and confidence - or be prepared for three more years of complaining about how he’ll never hit - you know, the way people did about Buxton.
  12. I'm not interested in an impatient power hitter to replace Cruz. One of Cruz's trademarks is his unflappability at the plate, especially in crucial situations. Nunez might get his HRs, but I wonder how many will be in high-leverage at-bats. The Twins already have a free swinging right-hand power bat in Sano; I'm not keen on having two in the lineup.
  13. The issue with Javier is the same as it was last year: what team will draft an interesting but totally unproven player and keep him on the MLB roster? 2020 was "another lost season" for him, and he's barely seen any minor league pitching yet.
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