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    Saddest sports city

    I was born in '91, so I've never seen a MN major sports championship, but if the Royals and Marlins can win a WS, the Twins should be able to. The Brewers have a shot this year getting zero help from their former MVP; there's no excuse for the Twins not winning a world series or playoff series when teams like the Marlins, Royals, Brewers, Reds, Rays, Rockies, and Cardinals have done it recently. I mean, the Rays have been to two world series in recent memory in the toughest division in baseball with zero fan support, a crappy stadium, and the lowest average payroll in the league.
  2. dex8425

    Saddest sports city

    If you use the four main professional sports leages- NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, Minneapolis currently has the longest title drought of any city with all four leagues represented. End of story-worst state to be a sports fan. Throw the MLS in there too, though the United have only had four seasons in the MLS so far and definitely overachieved last year. Who's the next team to break the title drought? Uh...Wild, maybe?
  3. I think Rocco prefers to be called Rocco instead of Skip.
  4. Not hurt. Donaldson is a better hitter than SImmons, and Donaldson can't really run.
  5. And a lot of these fastballs are middle up or middle in, and not even being fouled off. The slider can be nasty. He's thrown a couple that just kinda spun.
  6. Cruz just ended a double digit game hit streak. He's been very good overall for TB, just not MVP caliber like he was in 2019. 123 ops+ for TB is pretty dang good.
  7. The bottom third of our lineup may actually be worse than Cleveland's, for the first time in many, many, years.
  8. I wouldn't say Arraez is underrated. He's actually gotten worse every year of his MLB career so far. He's barely an above average hitter this year, and he's not exactly Omar Vizquel out there in the field. He's a great utility guy to have, and I love watching him play though. He should probably be hitting leadoff.
  9. Yeah I don't think either the owners OR the players would be in favor of it, so it's probably never happening. Seems archaic compared to NBA, NFL, NHL though.
  10. I wish we knew all the terms of the prior offers that were going back and forth earlier this summer. The Twins made it seem like these terms were included in their offers and the offers seemed generous but we never heard Buck's side of the story, so we really have no idea. Agreed; if he wins MVP, pay him 40 million a year.
  11. Even if he plays poorly, if he plays, my reservations about signing him become less. There is no denying his talent, so if he can just play 120 games a year, he's going to accumulate 3-4 WAR seasons.
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