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  1. Urshela with another "not an error" play that could've been made...
  2. WAR measures a player's value in all facets of the game by deciphering how many more wins he's worth than a replacement-level player at his same position (e.g., a Minor League replacement Joe Schmoe or a readily available fill-in free agent or waiver wire claim).
  3. I think we agree but your sights are set higher than mine I guess. An improved pen PLUS Montas of course makes it more feasible to actually be competitive in a playoff series, or even win one. I just want to win the division and maybe one playoff game! I think an improved pen gets us a central win. Some combination of Ryan, Gray, Ober, Archer, Winder, Smeltzer, Bundy are good enough for five effective starters especially if Ryan and Gray start the playoff series.
  4. The answer is no, unless the Twins can't get bullpen help or the A's price comes down. I don't see the price coming down, and I think the Twins will get bullpen help, so no, I wouldn't be planning on trading for Montas.
  5. If you watched the game you would've seen that he showed bunt once and it wasn't the first pitch of the at bat.
  6. Buxton led off. First, having him bunt is borderline stupid anyway as he's 2nd in AL in homers. However, he did show bunt early in the count, then only saw one strike and walked. You would want Correa to bunt then? I've never seen Correa even try to bunt nor heard of him doing it.
  7. Correct. You can't be deemed a superstar if you've never even been an all-star or received top ten MVP votes.
  8. Pretty good synopsis. I had no idea the FIP's of our bullpen arms are currently that bad. Two bullpen arms, maybe a starter better than Archer. OR, Pagan and Duffey suddenly turn it around and become trusted relievers again, and the Twins feel confident enough in Archer or Smeltzer to get them through the lineup twice in the playoffs and the Twins do nothing at the deadline.
  9. Yeah Miranda is hitting well currently. Urshela and Larnach and Kepler are struggling recently but I wouldn't send any of those three guys down right now to bring up AK. Maybe if Larnach is still struggling two weeks from now and AK is still raking?
  10. Yes. TLR is probably the biggest reason the Twins are in first place:) He's completely lost that clubhouse.
  11. Guys. Tony La Russa could be the manager. Relax. Rocco is probably in the top third of MLB managers as far as keeping a good clubhouse, getting the most out of players, and managing a pitching staff. Is he perfect? No, but remember he's still REALLY young and learning on the fly having never even been a bench coach or manager at any level before he took the Twins managerial job. All Twins current and former players gush about the front office and coaching staff. (well except for Matt Shoemaker) Correa said it factored heavily into his decision to come here.
  12. He kinda has lost my respect with his HOF voting. He's clearly old-school, but even the old-school guys who are anti-PED don't vote for Jeff Kent and Omar Vizquel and not Billy Wagner or Andruw Jones. He sometimes votes for only 5-6 guys. Okay, you're a small hall guy, that's fine, but then don't vote for Torii Hunter and not Andruw Jones.
  13. The Twins won't and shouldn't trade him. Twins will be in the playoffs this year. He's arguably the most important/valuable player on the team, especially now that Lewis is out for the year. If the Twins get Maeda and Alcala into the bullpen, maybe a deadline deal or two for a closer and Ryan, Gray, Archer are options to start a playoff series, anything can happen. Twins played the Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays above .500 without their three best starting pitchers.
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