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  1. Baserunning runs are part of the computation, so steals and taking an extra base are definitely considered. Defense is also part of WAR (fielding runs). Home runs are not weighted heavily-getting on base is though. Reaching on errors is included in the on base calculation. The calculation also considers strikeouts as different than other outs. So your hypothetical player B is better suited to have a higher WAR than a three true outcome first baseman, and that definitely shows in the calculations. If you're a first baseman, you better hit--a lot--to be valuable. That's also what teams pay for.
  2. Lol I knew you wouldn't mince words chief. :)
  3. I like all of it fine except the new M hat. What are we the Minnesota Marlins?
  4. I'd include Jake Cave in that "heart" category as well...but nobody is going to argue he should be an every day MLB player.
  5. So what one stat do you prefer for relief pitchers that's more revealing to a pitcher's overall performance? Saves? ERA? FIP?
  6. There is. That's why Andrelton Simmons, despite being an average to poor hitter his whole career, has an outside shot at being in the HOF some day. Positional adjustment for this year per 1350 innings played: C: +9 runs SS: +7 runs 2B: +3 runs CF: +2.5 runs 3B: +2 runs RF: -7 runs LF: -7 runs 1B: -9.5 runs DH: -15 runs
  7. Agreed. Defensive metrics are really difficult to trust, and you can't really just only use one system to evaluate total player worth, but that's what Fwar and Bwar do. So players are always going to argue whatever supports their case, just like it was before. I don't see why this change really helps either side. I guess it provides some clarity, maybe? For relievers, WPA is way more important than Fwar or Bwar.
  8. The Dodgers would need to beat the Twins offer because of CA income tax. Big reason why Seager signed with Texas instead of LAD. I still agree with you that Turner re-signs with LAD, and if he doesn't, the Twins will be outbid by some other team not named the dodgers. Because the Cubs stink, they'd have to beat the Twins offer by quite a bit. Perhaps Atlanta, maybe the Orioles? Cardinals?
  9. Yeah, I think it's close but I think he will get a 300 million plus offer from at least one team. It might be a lower AAV though, so it's possible Correa takes a frontloaded contract with player opt outs?
  10. Imagine what the Twins winning percentage would have been if Correa got hurt and Gordon or Palacios was playing shortstop every day. Or Polanco. Would've been ugly. The Dodgers were deeper this year, but didn't have vintage Jansen-led bullpen, or 3 top starters. They started Gonsolin who wasn't stretched out. If Buehler was healthy I think it makes the series different? Idk.
  11. The problem with that route is two-fold as I see it. 1. There aren't many/any pitchers available at the caliber of Rodon, Verlander, DeGrom, etc on the trade market. If the Brewers sell, maybe Woodruff? 2. The necessity of giving up multiple top prospects who will soon be cheap, cost-controlled contributors at the MLB level in order to trade for even a #2-3 pitcher. Just think about what the Twins would have to give up to get, say Sandy Alcantara. Would you give up Lewis, Brooks Lee, Miranda, Larnach, Bailey Ober and Austin Martin/Jorge Polanco for Alcantara? I don't even think the Marlins would do that. I'd rather sign Correa and Rodon. They just cost money. If Lewis and Lee turn out to be stars, great. You can trade them to fill other needs if you can't find them MLB at bats.
  12. Well the Padres (a mid-market team, certainly not a big market team) signed Tatis and Machado to huge long-term deals. Machado's deal has turned out pretty well so far. And look, the Padres are in the NLCS.
  13. Fair enough. A "D" for me would have been if the FO didn't sign anybody and didn't even try to win-see the Athletics, Washington Nationals. Or even the teams of the mid to late 1990's would be a D, where the payroll was low, the team stunk, and no one cared. 2019 was an A. 2020 was an A-. I would certainly grade 2021 as a D or even an F, seeing as the team finished last but was expected to contend. Keep in mind I wasn't even alive for the Twins last world series.
  14. Yeah, Sano looked really fit and ready in Spring training too. That seems like years ago.
  15. I'd give this season a B. The Twins finished pretty nearly exactly where Vegas and all the pundits predicted. Despite being picked to finish third, they were in first for most of the season. Correa, Buxton and Arraez were really fun to watch, as was Duran and a lot of the new young talent.
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