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  1. Uh, aren't the owners basically trying to keep the status quo? Their proposal was basically the last CBA, with a few concessions to the players like earlier free agency, higher minimum pay, etc. The players' proposal would greatly reduce the Twins chances of competing. What if we only had Buxton under team control for 2017-2019? That would amount to more of a ruination of the sport than continuing with the current revenue sharing structure, IMO. Thankfully the Pohlads have generously already committed to paying Twins employees, whether or not there is a season. I'm growing increasingly more pessimistic but still pretty sure there will be close to a full season.
  2. Doug Mientkiewicz was easily my favorite player growing up.
  3. For me, his case isn't crystal clear even if you remove the PED tag. Only 55 WAR, and primarily DH. Only other primary DH in the HOF is Edgar, who has 68 WAR and also started his career late.
  4. Well you can't make that argument because Edgar Martinez is (rightly) in the HOF. You could make the argument that Edgar is a more deserving DH candidate than Ortiz though.
  5. Sheffield has the PED tag. So does Ortiz, and Sosa. To me, disliking media/journalists (Schilling) and using PED's (A-Rod, Sheffield, Ramirez, Ortiz, Bonds) should not be viewed similarly. Schilling's statements after his playing days are keeping him out, which seems patently unfair. If you're a "clean hall" type guy, this year I would vote for Scott Rolen, Andruw Jones, Todd Helton, Schilling, and perhaps Clemens, because there's no real evidence Clemens used Ped's. I'd maybe vote for Beuhrle and Hunter to keep them on the ballot another year, but neither are HOF worthy to me.
  6. Oh, should have been more clear. I was referring to when you said the last time he played was in summer of 2019, which technically isn't true because he played in the AFL and then ST the next year. No, I don't think he's ready, and he may not be a regular until 2023. But he has the dedication and tools to eventually play every day SS in the bigs. His plate discipline and approach is not exactly refined yet but neither was Buxton's until 2020.
  7. That's not true, because he won MVP in the 2019 AFL. Then he raked in spring training with the Twins in 2020, where he played shortstop almost every day. I watched him play ST games in person in spring 2020; it was memorable because he hit two dingers and looked to handle short defensively quite well. Arraez skipped AAA and did pretty well but no one is expecting or hoping Royce starts at short for the Twins this year. I think he'd be just as good as Gordon though.
  8. I think the "served a suspension for breaking MLB rules" line is a fair line to draw to keep people out. No Nelson Cruz, no Jorge Polanco, no Rafael Palmeiro, no AROD, no Manny, etc.
  9. Clemens did have the Mindy Mcready affair thing though. I'm not sure how many voters are aware of it however. I would vote for Clemens just because there's no proof he used PED's or broke any rules. And he's probably the greatest RH pitcher ever.
  10. I hate cheaters too, but how do you define cheaters? Bonds and Clemens never failed a drug test. Clemens trainer (who had reason to lie) says he used. Clemens says he didn't. Is suspicion enough to keep someone out of the HOF? Apparently not, because Pudge and Bagwell and Piazza are in already. The real reason Clemens and Bonds and Schilling and Sosa and Kevin Brown aren't in is because they aren't well-liked. I hate how the character clause is used to keep players out who weren't well liked. The character clause should be used as a push, not a bar for entry. I'm fine with keeping players who failed a drug test or were suspended by the MLB out of the HOF. So, no A-rod, Manny Ramirez, or Nelson Cruz.
  11. I think pretty much all the guys you mentioned in the first paragraph will get in via the veteran's committee. Munson, Saberhagen, and Murphy should already be in. Felix isn't on the ballot yet. The committees don't really seem to make decisions based on any objective criteria. I mean, Harold Baines...? Phil Rizzuto? Bill Mazeroski got in solely because of his HR in the world series. Jack Morris got in because of his reputation for postseason pitching.
  12. My answer comes down to whether the Twins actually intend to compete in 2022. If they don't sign or trade for at least three starters better than Bundy, then I wouldn't bother signing Simmons. Just let Gordon play there. Or Palacios. Don't really care, since we won't be winning games anyway. If the Twins signed Rodon, and traded for, say Manea, then sure, I'd bring back Simmons for 5m since the Twins are not going to overpay for Story. I think he's a good bounceback candidate, and he still gives you great defense at short. He never had elite speed or range. His great defense is predicated on that arm, and instincts, which don't go away. He's not nearly as bad with the stick as he was in 2021.
  13. As I understand it, the players proposal (that they are taking a hard line stance on) would create even more disparity by drastically reducing service time with each team. Players becoming free agents much earlier hurts teams like the Twins, Rays, A's, Pirates, etc. The owners are willing to pay players more during the ARB years, but that's not good enough for the players.
  14. All the veteran's committee and golden era committee picks are soft picks really. If Kaat is in, there's no way Johan Santana doesn't get in. Johan has more BWar despite pitching 3 eternities less than Kaat.
  15. Odo and Maeda had their best seasons with the Twins. Nobody has their best seasons with the Angels or Orioles. The Twins current FO has certainly done better with starting pitchers than the Angels or Orioles. That was my point. This FO was hired to develop pitchers, and we haven't really had enough time to figure out if they're doing that well or not. Certainly their FA signings have not worked well. I'd bet that Bundy is better with the Twins than he was with Baltimore or LAA though.
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