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  1. I strongly doubt the Twins extend either Berrios or Buxton. Berrios wants to see what he's worth in FA and if the Twins were going to extend him, that would've already happened. Buxton is expecting Betts/Lindor type money, and no way the Twins will pay that. I wouldn't touch extending him with a 20 foot pole with his injury history. Players with injury history in their 20's don't suddenly become healthy in their 30's. Aging is unavoidable, and since Buck relies so much on his speed as an asset, he will decline. I love Buck as much as anybody but you have to face the facts that he will not be a
  2. Totally agree. Hope that Buxton comes back healthy this year and trade him too.
  3. I also hear the message from South Dakotans, Iowans, etc. Been downtown a bunch in the last year, used to work in downtown every day. Never felt unsafe downtown, then or now. The only difference I've seen is a growth in the number of homeless people. Lots more tents in places where I haven't seen tents before.
  4. Can't build a team around a guy who never plays more than 100 games a season. Guys who can't stay healthy in their 20's don't suddenly become durable in their 30's. Buxton has only played over 100 games in a season once, in 2017. I love Buck, but I wouldn't extend him unless he's taking a discount for the health issues. I'm guessing he's expecting to be paid like Betts.
  5. First game I attended since spring training 2020. It was a thoroughly boring game with all the strikeouts by Twins hitters, and uninspiring play. Thorpe was effective enough to win the game and so was the bullpen. That loss is on the offense-the rangers pitching is awful.
  6. I forgot about the QO year, but no way he takes the QO. Because of the injury risk there's no way I want to sign him to an extension for anywhere near what he's asking for, which is probably Lindor/Betts money. I would trade him now while his value is high if you can get a highly regarded AA or AAA prospect. Nate Pearson from Toronto? Gore from San Diego? Maybe you bring back Max Meyer, currently with Miami? The team is 7 games below .500 already with a negative run differential after playing mostly very bad teams.
  7. I'd call the Padres. I'd take Gore for either Berrios or Buxton, they pick one. I doubt they do that deal though. I'd throw in Smeltzer if they want SP depth.
  8. Twins could probably receive a good haul for Buxton....only one year of team control after this year and he's not signing an extension here.
  9. Robles has been good. Kluber is 2-2 with an era just north of 3, so he's been good, but the yankees outbid the twins. He's getting 11 million dollars, which was a large gamble for a guy who hadn't pitched in two years and is 35 years old.
  10. Or the Twins could bring up Gordon again. Clearly they aren't confident in that option since he never played when he was up with the team earlier. I would love to see what Gordon can do though.
  11. May has been decent but he's also getting paid 8 million dollars. He's far from a sure thing too. I would've put my money on Duffey being better this year. But the season is still young. Colome's stuff looks good still, he's just not locating anything, or tipping his pitches, or something.
  12. Or the 8th. Or the 9th. I kinda trust Rogers out of the pen right now and that's it.
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