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  1. To be fair, Arraez should've definitely caught both of those. He is a terrible first baseman.
  2. He was fine for the first inning. Problem was when he was sent out for a second inning. He even hit 100 on the gun in his first inning of work.
  3. He was not reportedly not touching triple digits until the shortened covid season. He did have the nasty splinker and good curve. He just couldn't stay healthy as a starter. When the twins traded for him he was sitting low 90's and touching mid 90's, but all over the place and had injury issues before. He was a wildcard for sure.
  4. Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling are both available.
  5. You're right there's not much. At least Glen Perkins was successful. Cory Luebke was good but injuries took him out of baseball. Meyer is on the injury road too.
  6. Lots of injuries, but no more than on the MLB club. SMW is pitching well. Really hoping Jordy Blaze turns it around.
  7. But the good pitching prospects are still here. Balazovic, Varland, Simeon Woods Richardson, Winder, Canterino, Raya, Enlow.
  8. Yeah they're well over the luxury tax threshold now.
  9. Miranda was arguably the best hitter in AAA last year. He seems to be doing pretty well so far. Steer is nowhere near the level of hitter Miranda was in the minors though.
  10. Exactly. Do this. TOR sold high on Austin Martin.
  11. CES also reportedly cannot play defense at any position. That's also concerning because he'd have to hit like Arraez or Miranda at the MLB level to have value.
  12. Theoretically Strotman and Enlow for Snell is a fair deal. I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  13. Rogers has been awful this year though. Paddack has more WAR this year than Rogers does.
  14. dex8425

    Correa for Soto???

    The problem I see with the yankees in the Soto speculation is that they don't have the prospect capital the Nats would want, unless the deal is mostly a salary dump, in which case they could send 150m or so to the Nats along with prospects. I don't see that happening with NYY already in revenue sharing territory.
  15. dex8425

    Correa for Soto???

    Not happening. Soto has a TON of excess trade value. He's the modern day Ted Williams. Not even worth speculating on the Twins. They'd have to include Joe Ryan, Spencer Steer, Jose Miranda, Trevor Larnach, Kirilloff, Bailey Ober and Carlos Correa to even get the Nationals to pick up the phone and get within shouting distance.
  16. Per fangraphs the Twins have a better change of making the postseason than either CWS or Cle. The White Sox suck. Their clubhouse is a mess. The Twins are like two bullpen arms away from running away with the division.
  17. 1. Royce Lewis 2. Brooks Lee 3. Jhoan Duran 4. Emmanuel Rodriguez 5. Austin Martin 6. Spencer Steer 7 SMW 8 Josh Winder 9 Matt Wallner 10 Balazovic 11 Connor Prielipp 12 CES 13 Louis Varland 14 Matt Canterino 15 Marco Raya 16 Edouard Julien 17 Steven Hajjar 18 David Festa 19 Noah Miller 20 Cade Povich I think Martin is too high and CES is too low. The pitching does not look good with Balazovic going backwards. Should've traded him at the deadline last year.
  18. Both of those guys are going to get a deal somewhere around 4/90. 10m isn't going to move the needle much for as they'll be getting a long term deal like Robbie Ray's.
  19. It was certainly a rough game to watch in person. I've been to 15 games or so this season and that was by far the worst. We left after the grand slam. Rocco should've pulled Gray when he was hit by the pitch. Cueto is one of the slowest working starters in MLB.
  20. His stuff is still good. I don't really understand why his ERA is so high. Twins probably have a better defense than SD does.
  21. Good defense and no miscues there that I saw. Celestino could not get a bunt down (2 attempts, then struck out) but defense was good, nice plays from Correa and Celestino. Good at bats from everybody except Buxton who was 0-5 with four strikeouts. He swung at everything.
  22. Yeah I think Miranda is going to hit a little bit for the Twins the next several seasons.
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