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About this blog

Brock Beauchamp, former owner of the website Battle Your Tail Off, has joined the Twins Daily crew and will be handling the technical responsibilities of the site, along with helping grow the forum.

Entries in this blog

Twins Daily Tips & Tricks: The Stream!

The old Twins Daily had a pretty simplistic version of the feed but I felt it was so awkward and weird to use that I hid it away from most users' eyes. Not so with the new version and I suspect after reading this, some of you (particularly forum users) may set a custom feed as your Twins Daily landing page. It's that useful. Instead of having to click through the (kinda insanely large now) Twins Daily site, you can tailor a feed to show basically whatever you want: select authors, topics yo

Twins Daily Tips & Tricks, Part One: Tables!

Every few days, I'm going to try to cover some of the features of the new site in a few paragraphs. Using the old site, as I'm sure many of you are aware, tables were basically unusable. That has changed! I'll tackle B-Ref tables quickly in this post but you can do similar things with FanGraphs or other sites that use table data (which is how almost all stat sites display their content). First, pop on over to Lord Byron's B-Ref page: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/buxtoby

Bloggers: want to win a trip to Mankato to watch the Vikings?

We're hosting a contest for anyone who wants to write a few words about the Vikings and their upcoming season. The best entries will win a spot on our party bus heading down to Mankato on July 25th.   Interested? Check out the details courtesy of Bo Mitchell:   http://vikingsjournal.com/_/minnesota-vikings-news/minnesota-vikings/vikings-journal-kickoff-party-in-mankato-r616

Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp

Bloggers: What would you like to see in the blog section?

I've been looking at the blog section of the site lately and see that it hasn't gotten any TLC since launch. I made some small changes to how the blogs are listed in the mobile section of the site this morning and that got me thinking... I'm not a blogger. I should ask you bloggers what you want changes you'd like to see made to the site.   I'm open to any suggestions, though obviously, time constraints may apply to whether the requested changes are feasible or not.   So, what would you like to

Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp

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