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The Community Awards are approaching their first anniversary and you want this prize

Brock Beauchamp



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While we try to keep the cost of our prizes reasonable, for the first anniversary of the awards, I had an idea and I was going to spend as much as it required to find this gem of a prize.

After quite some time searching - I'd rather not say how long - I've found the ultimate prize for the top mid-season Community Award.


A signed baseball bat.

A signed Kyle Lohse baseball bat.

A signed Kyle Lohse baseball bat with his Twins jersey number on it.

What's astounding about this find is that Lohse played a significant portion of his career in the National League... a league where he never wore the number 49.

Why is a Kyle Lohse baseball bat significant? He was a pitcher, after all... well, this is why

Is this the bat Kyle Lohse used to smash ol' Ronnie's door? I mean, probably not... but if Pete Rose can sell his #4192 bat over and over again for profit, we can all pretend that this bat first (only?) saw action against an office door in the Metrodome on that random night in September of 2005. Who's to say otherwise, really?

So, dear Twins Daily community member, if you want this prize, start typing, for it will only be available to the user who writes the most popular post on the Twins Daily forums in the first half of the 2022 campaign.

PS. I've scoured eBay for months but have yet to find an auction for the accompanying Ron Gardenhire office door but should you come across one - legally or otherwise - you know where to find me and I'm willing to pay big for it.



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7 hours ago, wsnydes said:

No luck on the aforementioned door, either?  That'd be quite the collectors set to snag all three items!

What 3 items? Bat and door and...?

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Unfortunately I had just gotten back from Iraq and was starting a new job outside of the military at that time and clearly I missed that story 🤔.  Someone willing to fill me in :)? 

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