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FOCO Releases Limited Edition Twins Spring Training Bobblehead

Brock Beauchamp



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To celebrate the return of baseball, FOCO is releasing a Spring Training Bobblehead Collection that features commemorative team bobbleheads, mascots, and some of the game’s best players from the Grapefruit and Cactus Spring training leagues.

The commemorative player bobbleheads in the collection feature spring training league logos across the body and head. They all stand atop a plate themed base with various thematic elements from the league that they play in. The player and mascot bobbleheads are also on a base with various thematic elements from the league they play in and their names are displayed in front. The commemorative generic players will retail for $75, the mascots for $70, and the athletes for $80. All of the bobbleheads in the collection are limited to 144 units and stand at 8" tall.

These unique bobbles will only be available for a limited time so check them out!

FOCO Spring Training Bobblehead Collection




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