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Introducing video!

Brock Beauchamp



Twins Video

Twins Daily has been talking about video internally for the past... 5+ years... or more...

But as you may have noticed, we finally started dabbling in video around the trade deadline, only dipping our toe in for starters. We had a few stops and starts and bumps along the way as we learned a lot about how to display video and integrate them into the site. We're definitely still learning and expect to see significant changes along the way but we've moved to the next step of video: a permanent page to present and archive all our videos!

Right now, the bulk of the video content is from our own @Tom Froemming and his great (almost) nightly recaps but that's just the beginning, we have a lot more in the works from many names you'll recognize that we'll be rolling out in the coming months. As with the rest of Twins Daily, expect the same great, daily content that breaks down not only the Minnesota Twins but also their minor league affiliates, particularly the St Paul Saints and Wichita Wind Surge!

You can also check out a few of our vintage Twins highlight reels with our partners at TC Media Now, of which we hope to expand upon in the coming months!

Check out the new Twins Daily video page and let us know what you think!



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