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  1. I think you have to let him play it out. He's such a boom or bust player with the injuries .. At the moment you'd be selling low and eating a TON of money for not much in return. The best option the Twins have his to pray that he stays healthy the next few years and hope a team at the deadline in the talks themselves into taking on the remaining portion of his contract. It's not like the Twins are getting a player that hampers them when he plays too .. Still a very solid option at 3rd.
  2. Torres is not a shortstop .. His power has essentially deteriorated since 2019 ( juiced ball ). If anything, I would be really interested in trading for Dansby Swanson. The Braves are thought to be considering going after one of the top SS in this upcoming FA class. Not sure what a package would look like but he is definitely an intriguing option. I've seen a few comments now on different forums / blogs about the Twins having internal solutions at SS .. They quite honestly have none. Royce Lewis is not a shortstop and really hasn't done much to prove he has made any strides defensively at the position.
  3. I was replying to a comment that suggested he was overrated. It's subjective ... Though some arguments for specific players fitting an overrated/underrated narrative are poor...
  4. Luis Arraez has a career .313 AVG / .376 OBP / .781 OPS, while playing essentially league average defense at multiple positions. He's also 24 years old and under team control until 2026. That seems like a pretty underrated player to me. I truly don't understand how that is overated for the type of player and role he plays.
  5. Honestly at the time, Happ was a lot safer of a signing than taking a flier on Kluber. Happ had pitched to an ERA below 4, 5/6 previous years. No one expected him to be as bad as he was. Kluber was coming off surgery and hadn't pitched professionally in 2 years. Interesting thoughts on the Walker signing .. Maybe there is a conspiracy .. This comes back to depth. The front office knew that they couldn't get by with AAA guys making spot starts so went after quantity. I believe this is the case for the previous years as well.
  6. really cool exercise, nice work putting this together! Definitely a great argument you have. But I think the issue more has to do with identifying pitching, not necessarily spending. Teams hit on lower tier free agent pitching every year, unfortunately the Twins haven't. While none of these guys are true aces, they've all pitched extremely well and could've absolutely been had this past offseason if the Twins decided to chose them. Anthony Desclafani - 1/6 mil - 11-6 / 3.24 / 141 IP/ 132 SO Robbie Ray - 1/8 mil - 11-5 / 2.60 / 166 IP / 212 SO Carlos Rodon - 1/3 mil - 11-5 / 2.41 / 119 IP / 168 SO Taijuan Walker - 2/20 mil - 7-9 / 4.15 / 138 IP / 129 SO Obviously it doesn't always work out. Paxton, Kluber, Quintana, Richards, etc. all signed similar 8-12mil 1 year deals and haven't produced. I think that's just the game though with free agent starting pitching. I think a big part of teams choosing to go this route has to do with looking ahead to future free agent classes and when to allocate money to the starting rotation. A lot of it is luck and that goes for the mid tier category as well. It's not easy to find solid starting pitching and if you can hit on a deal like the ones listed above, why risk it. Identifying talent is the issue .. or luck. cant decide yet.
  7. Yes. Will the Twins field a good starting rotation? probably not. Definitely not actually.. The only starter I would consider paying "ace money" to is Kevin Gausman. So if that means 5/115 or whatever it is, sure. Other than that, pass on the stromans, rodons, etc .. Could see them dealing Polanco, Arraez, or Jeffers / Garver for a young starter .. Marlins? We'll see .. I like Kwang Hyun Kim as a fit in the more mid tire of starters.
  8. Pitching ... I think Dansby Swansby is an intriguing trade option at SS if the Braves go after one of the big Shortstops
  9. Jake Cave is pretty bad and has been for a while now. Obviously it stings more to know the Twins gave up Luis Gil for him and Lamonte Wade was essentially given away to keep him around.
  10. You are aware that every single player, prior to playing a major league game, is considered a prospect, right? These are 2 very good, young players. Believe it or not, Berrios was once a prospect!
  11. SWR + Martin for Berrios is a massive haul. Love this deal as both players are relatively close to the majors. Also of note, Austin Martin has had a wrist injury this year and might be contributing to the lack of power. SWR was shoving at the beginning of the year too and was getting a lot of love for being a top 30 prospect. Came back down to earth but the flashes were there.
  12. I think the Padres are about to get desperate. They lost Scherzer, lost Berrios, and are going to scramble. Preller won't stand put and knows he went all in before the season. Maeda, Rogers, Buxton all could be a fit. Twins could take on Meyers or Hosmer to really maximize the return.
  13. It won't be pretty .. Probably a lot of the younger guys will fill it out, who that may be hinges on the next 24hrs. I could see guys on a short term deal. Carlos Martinez seems like a fit, similar deal to Michael Pineda's a few years ago. Michael Pineda, Zach Davies, Michael Wacha, etc. rounding out open spots. Noah Syndergaard is interesting. Regardless, it'll be a lot of the same that we've seen in the past while they continue (haha) to develop the minor league system.
  14. I think once the Scherzer domino falls, the Twins are going to have a flurry of moves happen
  15. not sure how you could say no to this.
  16. Happy Tuesday Twins Fans! Tigers (47-55) vs Twins (43-58) 7:10 CST 7/27 Twins - 225 / Tigers +185 / O/U 9 (-115) Following Monday night's ELECTRIC win in extra innings, the Twins hope to make it 2 in a row vs division foe, the Detroit Tigers. On the bump for the Twins tonight is last nights game winning, pinch runner, Kenta Maeda. Better known for his pitching abilities, Maeda has been solid in his last 7 starts with a 3.89 ERA and 46 K's in 37 IP. Tyler Alexander will get the start tonight for the Tigers. The left hander has been used primarily as a reliever this season, as this will be just his 5th start of the season in 23 games. Sporting a 4.24 ERA in 2021, Alexander has yet to pitch more than 3.2 innings in any appearance. We may be looking at an opener type of start for Detroit. Tigers 1. Akil Baddoo CF 2. Jonathan Schoop 2B 3. Robbie Grossman LF 4 4. Miguel Cabrera 1B 5. Jeimer Candelario 3B 6. Eric Haase C 7. Willi Castro DH 8. Victor Reyes RF 9. Zack Short SS Twins 1. Jorge Polanco 2B 2. Brent Rooker LF 3. Josh Donaldson 3B 4. Mitch Garver C 5. Max Kepler RF 6. Miguel Sano DH 7. Willians Astudillo 1B 8. Gilberto Celestino CF 9. Andrelton Simmons SS
  17. I'll just roll with the biggest move I think will be made... Jose Berrios - Trying my best to create a bidding was between the Dodgers and Padres. Loop in the Mets depending on how bad Cohen wants to win this year. With the Dodgers, I love the Dustin May concept, but I'm going to need more. Ryan Pepiot + 1 more throw in arm is what I want attached. Might have to include Taylor Rogers to get a higher level arm and I'm not opposed to packaging the two. (barring injury) The Padres are interesting. If they want to include Eric Hosmer, fine. With that said, if I'm taking on 58 mil, while also giving up Berrios, the package is steep. I need CJ Abrams back in any deal. . Abrams, Adrian Morejon, and one of Robert Hassell / Luis Campusano is what I need. If not, LA can take the division from you this year and next. Also, your stuck with Hosmer because he gets 10+5 rights after this season. Ouch.. Mr. Cohen, what better way to start off your ownership of the Mets with a deep playoff run. Berrios + Rogers? Great. If Kumar Rocker's arm checks out and that's not the hold up in the deal right now, he's coming back to Minnesota as a PTBNL following the world series. Matt Allan and Robert Dominguez can come back now. Pleasure doing business. Longshot, Rays - If they want to jump in the Jose Berrios + Taylor Rogers sweepstakes, we'd love to do another deal. Shane Baz, Taj Bradley, and Sandy Gaston would be the dream scenario. Any of these deals, I'm going to bed happy.
  18. If your comfortable with Kepler's defense in the corner spots, who had a UZR of -.02 last year and 1.0 UZR this year, we can live with Larnach's -1.3 .. Like you said , "Barely negative" ... If you have a plus center fielder, corner spots don't really matter a ton defensively.
  19. Larnach has played 60 career games, is a former top 30 prospect in all of baseball, and showed flashes of being fantastic in that span. Rookies slump, thats what they do... He is absolutely capable of taking over for Kepler and thats most likely what is going to happen.
  20. what? I'm not sure I'm following what your argument is at this point.
  21. I see you added the stats part of this argument. He’s got a negative UZR in center, with declining speed, the past 2 years. Again, not a centerfielder. Who cares about 2022 at this point, on pace to lose 90+ games right now.
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