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  1. Taylor supposedly conditioned the sale upon keeping the team in Minnesota, which is an enforceable covenant/provision of a contract. Good run down here: https://www.awolfamongwolves.com/who-is-marc-lore-and-what-is-his-plan/
  2. We are going to regret not extending Buxton this past offseason.
  3. I don't recognize more half the names in Seattle's lineup. Who are these guys?
  4. You didn't get it. Your comments on Rosario are equally irrelevant to the current discussion.
  5. Whether or not it was the right move or the wrong move, we clearly don't have enough evidence to assess the question with less than a week's worth of at bats. Sample size is a thing everyone.
  6. Guys who have contributed in the past, like Cave and Dobnak (esp. whom they are committed long term) are going to get a lot of rope to hang themselves, as should be the case. A prospect like Duran or Balazovic would never be the next man up for a bullpen role; those guys need starter's innings.
  7. Sounds like you are admitting that quoting a politician is worse than quoting a newspaper. I agree.
  8. There's such a thing as systemic racism--that is a series of built-in, institutional methods that disenfranchise people of color. The easy way to see evidence of this is to acknowledge that poverty disproportionately affects people of color. As a result they have less education, less wealth, less means. Any added layer of bureaucracy with which this population needs to navigate acts as hurdles. The disenfranchised are already disincentivized from availing themselves of their rights; they are demoralized again and again over a lifetime of not being recognized--they often don't seek help in
  9. In the interest of decorum. Please provide sources before calling others liars.
  10. Were "fake news" and/or "cancel culture" tag lines unavailable for this post?
  11. The radar gun has to be hot, right? I didn't think Rodgers threw 98 nor Robles 97...
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