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  1. I think he could certainly gain more value as an offensive asset by no longer having to play against the shift; then you could deal him at the deadline for a potentially unexpected need, rather than dealing him now for prospects.
  2. Kepler and/or Celestino seem like excess, now. More must be coming.
  3. Heck, bring back Sano if this is on their radar.
  4. Clearly it hasn't beyond Ober (and Ryan, if you want to count him), but at least the FO is addressing the situation by acquiring starters by any means.
  5. I think the Twins were smart to deal Arraez prior to the shift being implemented. I think his bat-to-balls skills won't quite out-pace the league like they did last year. Likewise, a guy like Kepler could see his bat really improve due to the shift being banned, and he could increase his value as an asset in season.
  6. Starting pitchers are known for their health, right? Lopez will certainly be replacing starts by the 6, 7, 8 guys as well; it's disingenuous not to admit that.
  7. From the team's perspective, they'll want both Paddack and Lopez in the rotation beyond 2023. It's that Gray, Mahle, Maeda will be free agents, that lead to Paddack's extension, and it's that fact that draws their interest in Lopez, too. The Twins need more possibilities in the rotation for 2024 and beyond, not less.
  8. Before we really know a guy like Arraez value, a batting average almost only guy, we'd need to know how the new shift rules play out. It's possible that many more guys will have greater BA value now that the shift is banned, making Arraez BA skill less significant, and the rest of his game more of detriment. I'd lean more trade than extend, at this point.
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