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  1. I suppose it's been a couple days since we've discussed trading Carlos Correa, so it's ripe for discussion. ;/ But the idea of trading Kepler, Urshela or Polanco and holding on to prospects is palpable. However, it's hard to conceive of actual trading partners that will net us the pitching we need, and we'll also zap our major league depth, which we've been pushing the limits of all year. Can any one propose any actual trades that make sense involving the players listed in the article?
  2. The comparisons to TNG will always be there. I mean I revere TNG, but a lot of it was just bad and campy af. I feel you, that Picard Season 2 ruined a continued Q narrative is pretty unforgiveable. Discovery kinda jumped the shark for me too in the last two seasons, when the first few were great. SNW is a bit of a throwback, in that nearly all the episodes are self contained. The tone is a good combination of fun and seriousness. It's kind of nice I can forget about for weeks and just jump right back in. The simultaneous development of the Star Treks and the Star Wars has just thinned the writing and the production; while I love new content, I want good content; and the need to fill the new streaming services with content is at odds with that.
  3. It was bad. Stop doing the let's go explore what Star Trek characters are like in a random 20th decade. I thought Picard Season 1 was very good, and it looks the entire TNG cast (except for Wesley Crusher) is coming back for season 3, so I'll tune in. I've been enjoying Strange New Worlds episodic approach instead the serial drama that gets unsatisfactorily concluded.
  4. Anderson was comparing himself to Jackie because of the dearth of African Americans in baseball; not because his play was comparable. That's part of what makes Donaldson's comments so offensive.
  5. What's the alternative, bro? Beyond: signing better, healthy pitchers, duh.
  6. "When your superstar struggles, the arm-chair doctors and psychologists will emerge." --Kirby Confucius, or somebody.
  7. Look, you're asking for the perfect rotation instead the possible/actual one. If Windor and Pagan were on the roster this would be less of an issue. But injuries are also why guys like Archer and Bundy are important. You need guys to eat some innings, and to do it effectively two-times through a lineup is an asset though unusual from a traditional roster deployment.
  8. What was his rehab assignment? Like a couple of games? Didn't they make the same mistake with Kiriloff?
  9. That was always the plan with Archer and Bundy, to ride-them-out/piggy-back them until you can't. They are placeholders, not long-term plans.
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