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  1. So Gardy for pitching coach fixes everything?
  2. So you intentionally lead with bullet points you knew may mislead people? Team performance is the exact same thing as saying poor results; the question is who is to blame for that. Is that another way of saying players are to blame or is that a way of avoiding saying players to blame? Or does player snafus only account for players (i.e. their mere mistakes, as opposed to ability or effort)? So what's team performance other than results?
  3. Part of your consideration is blaming the results for the results??
  4. Stop talking like a professional. Let's preserve the value of Mike's post.
  5. Not to be rude; but how old are you? Clearly hitting them where they ain't isn't always a repeatable skill, right? That's luck. That's why we discount batting average, and prefer other statistics which measure repeatable skill, and a fuller representation of offensive output.
  6. Literally no one. No one made those arguments. And if they did, plenty of people who supported Kaepernick would correct them. Did Kaepernick ever get his job back? Does Simmons still have one? Hmm.
  7. You don't think Simmons is implying that the vaccine isn't effective? Because I can't read it any other way. What the heck is the antivax movement but mob thinking? (Reliance on other people agreeing with me, rather than expert opinion, science or peer reviewed research). Seriously. Kettle meet pot.
  8. Had he simply stuck to this position, this thread would not exist. Some months later, he's not only not advocating for it, it seems he's advocating against it, which isn't at all a personal position.
  9. The sentiment is largely correct; but the government can't censor nearly any speech save for some small carve outs--typically that which causes others dangers (hate speech, fire in a theater) or time and place (you can say that, but just not hear and not right now). As you suggest, one of the true safeguards of the first amendment is to ensure citizens can criticize the government.
  10. Where's the post where you are telling Simmons to stick to sports?
  11. Are August waiver wire trades still a thing? Pineda and Donaldson may be able to move that way.
  12. There's just no room for Abrams in the long future of San Diego, add Weathers or Paddack and more, you have some thing. I drafted Abrams in my NL only league and traded him because of this precise scenario. Please come true.
  13. Where will Donaldson play for the Padres? Are we getting Hosmer back (no thanks) in this scenario.
  14. Here's betting they pitch meaningful innings this year, and definitely next year. That the Twins took older AAA pitching prospects, suggests they still believe their competitive window is open. Not sure who Cruz could have fetched that's already ML productive, and has value going forward. Those are the kind of players a contender wouldn't want to give up, esp. for a rental.
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