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  1. What's the alternative, bro? Beyond: signing better, healthy pitchers, duh.
  2. "When your superstar struggles, the arm-chair doctors and psychologists will emerge." --Kirby Confucius, or somebody.
  3. Look, you're asking for the perfect rotation instead the possible/actual one. If Windor and Pagan were on the roster this would be less of an issue. But injuries are also why guys like Archer and Bundy are important. You need guys to eat some innings, and to do it effectively two-times through a lineup is an asset though unusual from a traditional roster deployment.
  4. What was his rehab assignment? Like a couple of games? Didn't they make the same mistake with Kiriloff?
  5. That was always the plan with Archer and Bundy, to ride-them-out/piggy-back them until you can't. They are placeholders, not long-term plans.
  6. I like the lineup, save for I'd rather have Celestino in LF.
  7. The only way the "Jackie" comment gets under Anderson's skin is the remark is laced with racial overtones, whether Donaldson is a racist or not. Donaldson knew why that comment would get under Anderson's skin; and that's precisely why he said it. (I mean it's from 2019, if it was innocent jarring, why go back so long?)
  8. I've been gone for the weekend; how taxed is the bullpen exactly?
  9. Because the alternative is always handicapping your team, which in my mind, ends up in more losses. If we can run the A lineup/bullpen out there 80 to 90 % of the time, that's going to win us a lot of games.
  10. Would you prefer to stagger the resting players throughout the week to leave the team at 80% potency each and every night? Or like tonight, you roll the dice with the subs, and maybe have a competitive game, which it was until we reached the bullpen. Oh that's right, you assumed robots. Injury-immune, always top-notch automatons.
  11. Hey I thought we were benching Buxton today to align with fans' grievances! Inconsistent management!
  12. Ryan just not adjusting. Disappointing to see that double after a mound/team visit.
  13. Others have touched upon this; but the offseason strategy of investing in veteran bridges of 1 to 2 years seems prescient as this point in the season. Many wanted the Twins to spend on a frontline starter (or 2-3), but the Twins went with Bundy and Archer in FA, and traded for Gray and Paddack (2 years control). The FO had a good faith based belief in their minor league depth--what they didn't know is how soon it would arrive.
  14. Such a strange comment in otherwise grounded post. Cron hasn't been a Twin for 3 years. We can play let's cherry pick former Twins all day long....
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