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  1. Let's work on our efficiency and see if we can lose the 2nd game in 5 innings
  2. Colome, practice how to throw the dang ball to first base
  3. Game is sure moving at a nice fast pace - everyone swinging away like they want to get this one over with quick.
  4. Trying to see which pitcher can give up the most runs I guess. Let's take the worst bullpen guy in AAA and see what they can do. The only explanation I can give is an example to future Free Agents - "sign with us and you will get a shot to pitch in the majors - no matter how well you pitch" . Not sure that is a methodology that leads to success.
  5. Rest easy SampleSize - they were late posting - it was not there 30 minutes ago.
  6. Props to Polanco - smart at-bat - way to deliver in the clutch.
  7. Another steal and throwing error - this is the sloppy play this inning we are accustomed to seeing this year.
  8. Bad pitch for sure and Jeffers didn't help with a poor block attempt - you know the tying run is on third make a better effort than that but we have seen that all year.
  9. We are matching Cleveland in our 2 out hit parade - even Simmons is joining in the fun.
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