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  1. He will fit right in with many of our other players who struggle making consistent contact with the ball both at the plate and in the field. I was actually hoping for the opposite - a RH hitting outfielder who can make contact, hit lefties and can field so they could mix and match with Kepler. Someone like the first-half season Refsnyder.
  2. At the start of the offseason Simmons was my 3rd or 4th fallback choice and it looks like we have reached that fallback position level because we are not going to spend the $ to get Correa and not too wild about Story - so I would be OK on a 1-year deal - hopefully for between $3M-$5M. Let him start the season and see if any of our other options develop well in the minors to get a call-up.
  3. Well, I am beyond elated that my favorite player Tony Oliva made it into the Hall of Fame. Happy for Kaat as well - good day to be a Twins fan!
  4. On the owners side if they are not up for more of a revenue sharing plan then I would think they could lower the salary cap (while increasing penalties for going over) and raise the floor to lower the spending gap between teams. My suggestion on the player side would be a funding tax based on each teams payroll there the proceeds would be disbursed each year to the players that are outperforming their salary to help prop up the younger players earnings until they can get to free agency. The NFL has a smaller version of this. Using the current structure and if the players under the union proposal can reach free agency faster this is only going to help the large spending teams get the best players in more of their prime years so there needs to be a more broad solution.
  5. Tender them all - none are outrageous and we need to keep and amass as much talent as possible.
  6. This is wonderful news to hear - kudos to Buxton for signing this deal and the Twins for getting it done. Since both signings were announced today would you rather have Buxton signing for 7 years and $100M (plus incentives) for his age 28-34 seasons or Marcus Simien signing for 7 years and $175M at his age 31-37 seasons?
  7. An outfielder who can hit and field? No we try to get rid of those types. We prefer them to only have one of those skills or neither as long as they are cheap we are good. Joking of course - yes we could use a right-hand hitting outfielder who can field but not sure we would allocate a portion of our budget for that. Would open the possibility of trading some of our other outfielders for pitching.
  8. I view this extension as reasonable and something the Twins could have offered so I am disappointed in the Twins approach on this. Berrios was homegrown - a solid, reliable well-liked good character pitcher. Someone the fans would want to root for and support through a long career. Yes we got 2 nice assets for him but they are as yet unproven at the Major League level. And here we are in the offseason looking for starting pitching and I have a feeling we will settle for something far less. Perhaps the Front Office has a different pitching approach something more in-line with Tampa Bay and keep a rotation of cost effective starters so I will reserve full judgement until the offseason dust settles (and into next season). It is just they don't have a lot of leeway given last offseason pitching acquisitions. Also, sign Buxton for Pete's sake.
  9. He would not be my first choice or 2nd - but I can see it happening and I would not hate it. First try to sign one of the big guys (for me Correa would be my choice) then when that likely will fail - try for Galvis or Iglesias on a short-term deal. If that doesn't work out then Simmons. I know he made some head-scratching plays on defense but he also made difficult plays look easy and is our best defensive option. If he comes back you have to hope his hitting picks up and if not DFA him or trade him and trial some of our other young candidates who hopefully one of them will step up next year. His hitting was frustrating last year - could not even bunt well.
  10. A nice thought provoking proposal. I am a little concerned with the hit to the defense by losing Donaldson and Buxton and Baez is probably not that good either. I might take the Baez money and sign a cheaper better defensive SS and flow the rest of the dollars to the bullpen and OF. I don't want to count on Larnach and Rooker as OF options next year - let them get some more AAA time. Also want to sit Kepler against lefties as well so need to roster an outfielder that can play CF and hit lefties - like Buxton - lol! I would keep him. In the bullpen maybe keep Rogers and add Iglesias
  11. I feel it was the correct decision to let Eddie go for this season at what it would have cost and with Kirilloff, Larnach and Arraez to try in the OF which makes it that much easier to root for his success in the postseason this year. No bitterness. It is always entertaining to watch him play, the good and the bad but now the bad doesn't hurt as much and the good is enjoyable.
  12. Like the list - in particular the pitchers and there are some different names to consider! I agree if we go after a long-term shortstop Correa would be the one I would want - while also acknowledging the likelihood of this being extremely low or should I say non-existent.
  13. I was rooting for Tampa Bay and San Francisco to go to the World Series so going to be tough to watch either of these series. The story in the AL - who can cheat better? Boston somehow plays "clutch" when Cora is managing and Baker always seems to have tough defeats in the playoffs so I will go with Boston winning in 7 although Houston should be favored. NLCS Atlanta vs LA Dodgers - another tough one to pick a team to root for as both teams have been in the playoffs a bunch. Atlanta has Eddie Rosario so I'll root for them although the Dodgers should be heavily favored and always seems to beat Atl. Dodgers in 5 seems about right.
  14. I was rooting for Eddie to get that hit in the playoff game and enjoyed seeing him deliver. Hope he has continued success against the Dodgers. I have watched a few Atlanta games since he joined them and he also has had his usual share of fielding adventures in the outfield. So he is still the same Eddie.
  15. Excited to see what Celestino can do next year. He was quite awful when brought up this year on both offense and defense fully considering the jump he made but I was encouraged how he performed in in AAA. I definately want to keep Buxton and I also favor keeping a good fielder with speed as the 4th OF over a plodding OF slugger that has difficulty making contact such as Rooker. It seems we could also use a RH platoon for Kepler - don't know how Celestino hits lefties. I should clarify that I feel the Twins could use an outfielder that can field well to backup all OF positions and hit lefties to spell Kepler and am hoping Celestino progresses to that role next year. Fine if he starts in AAA and earns his way up. Want to make sure he gets enough at-bats so he can continue to develop.
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