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  1. We had our best pitcher and a well-rested bullpen and the lead in this game against a Dodger fill-in starter and still lost by 3 runs. Disappointing series to say the least. The way Kepler is swinging he can't be batting clean-up. Let's see if we can do anything against the Angels.
  2. Well Tigers, thanks for taking out Alexander after 66 pitches
  3. We seem to have a glut of corner outfielder/corner infielder prospects and a shortage of starters/quality bullpen staff and we may have a 40-man roster crunch this fall so not averse to making a trade as much built for the long-term as a short-term push. The problem being we have so many injured players now that is going to limit and complicate trade opportunities. We do need another decent catcher - not sure which is worse the Sanchez/Hamilton catching duo offense or the bad half of our pitching staff pitching.
  4. Thanks for this article - it supports the eye test from watching games this year. If we are not the worst base-running team we are certainly in the discussion. It also helps explain why we have a boom or bust offense. The sprint speed stats were interesting as well.
  5. Great for us! Milwaukee has brought in their version of Cotton
  6. Should have Sano hit for Buxton - no need for Buxton to play any more this game.
  7. Now they are just trying to see how long they can string out the loss - they can't beat us if the game never ends.
  8. Alternating between balls and meatballs is not a good pitching strategy
  9. I think with the current minor injury situations with Buxton and Kepler I would have kept Celestino and sent down Garlick - just to have a better defensive option in the outfield for this week's games. Certainly hope Sano comes out hitting hot but my expectations are tempered.
  10. Good talk - must have told him to throw a DP ball. Now let's see if we can score a run.
  11. Right side of the infield was wide open for a bunt for Gordon - could have even bunted for a hit.
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