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  1. Winner! All it took was all our best pitchers, 10 innings and 7 runs along with playing a team with a worse record then us! Seriously, good pitching by Rogers and Robles in the 8th and 9th inning to hold the tie. Nice to score some runs in extra innings.
  2. Single and a double that inning and not close to scoring a run. End this now and put us out of our misery.
  3. Twins are very consistent and predictable this year - I expected an Astudillo double play ball and he delivers
  4. Sano is flashing the leather at first though. Nice play there and on the foul ball earlier.
  5. The tall man shows how to get the job done in the first inning! Nice to see a 1-2-3
  6. Seattle was the worst hitting team in the league at least until this series.
  7. We do lead the league in Center Fielder’s running into walls. Hopefully he is ok - good to see him stay in the game.
  8. Celestino joining in the fun! Good to see that - now to work on his throwing accuracy.
  9. Kirilloff!! He and Larnach hitting lefties nice to see!
  10. Unfortunately this is looking like Maeda pre-injury. Hopefully gets out of this jam but burning through a lot of pitches
  11. Shoemaker time or do we just reserve him for close games?
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