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  1. In the dept of meaningless items - I don't see how Pasquantino's at bat in the 8th inning was scored a hit rather than an error by Miranda - this team has a lot of fundamental things to work on this offseason. This season other teams just are running like crazy on them and we are unable or have no interest in stealing a base or even executing a hit and run. With larger bases next season I am very afraid how much more other teams will take advantage of this team in the running game. If they come back next year playing like this I may take a pass on watching them.
  2. KC is throwing the back end of their pitching at the Twins and so far we have 2 hits and 1 run
  3. Dislike the Sox much more for whatever reason - big city/money bias? Maybe they tend to get over-hyped? I didn't enjoy watching Cleveland beat us like a drum but I appreciated the way they play the game - I'd like to see more of that style here.
  4. Bit of embarrassing end to the game - not that it mattered. If the idea was to get Lopez some work to build his confidence that did not work well. I don't fully understand all the pitching moves Rocco makes or does not make - was thinking maybe to take Henriquez out in the 6th rather than face the top of the order. Sometimes we take a pitcher out to soon and sometimes too late but maybe doesn't really matter if the pitching is not very good. Let's start preparing for 2023.
  5. That's our closer! Sure turned into a pumpkin after the trade...
  6. This inning is a good example of how to clutch defeat from the jaws of victory. Top of the inning - bases loaded 1 out and no runs. Bottom of the inning 2 runners on 1 out - 3 run HR.
  7. Leon out of the game now after taking a foul-tip to the mask.
  8. I would take this year over last year for sure. It is very disheartening maybe more than frustrating to be eliminated from playoff contention by the end of April. I had modest expectations for this year - I had the Twins for 79 wins finishing way behind the Sox so being in a pennant race is a nice surprise. In addition to the items listed in the article other frustrating items are being non-competitive against the very top teams, lack of fundamentals in particular baserunning and situational hitting. A lot of positives though - Arraez as a top hitter, solid play at SS and at the plate from Correa, Urshela is a solid player, development and emergence of Miranda and Gordon. Gray, Ryan and Bundy have been solid pitchers and Duran has been great in the bullpen and I will throw in Jax as well. Also have had fewer frustrating at-bats from Sano this year compared to last year. Can't say the same for Kepler and Sanchez at-bats.
  9. They are built for October if that means their strength is watching football and going trick-or-treating. I do have to hand it to the team for staying in the race despite injuries, bullpen blowups, lousy base-running and situational hitting. In large part that is due to having a weak division this year. If they get these injured players back - will they immediately step in and perform or by the time they get acclimated back will the season be over? Or will they get re-injured or suffer new injuries? The one constant with the team is having a revolving crew of injured players. Make no mistake - I will be rooting for the team to get hot and take the division title but the team is going to have to step up and play much better than we have seen in a while. As for if we make October - we are not playing sound fundamental baseball and we don't have a big enough talent advantage to overcome that which would likely lead to a quick playoff exit.
  10. I don’t understand - Palacios looks like a pitcher batting. How did he hit so well at St Paul.
  11. Inexcusable base-running - not it is even little league level. Someone please coach him or send him back to AAA
  12. I don't think we would score if they spotted us a runner on third to start the inning.
  13. Let's do an age check - are our players 30 years old or 60 years old as much injuries that they have?
  14. Would have been better off letting Hamilton try to bunt for a hit
  15. For the love of all that is good - piece together a damn late inning run
  16. well that certainly takes the wind out of our sails - c'mon offense you need to step up and knock a couple over the fence.
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