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  1. Can someone explain how losing Buxton sets us back at all, assuming we get a good trade return? Dude is NEVER healthy! Wouldn't it be better to get some prospects, sign/trade for someone like Marte, and move on? Is Buxton for 60 games better than a player with 70% of his talent for 150 games, plus using his salary to spend elsewhere? I don't understand what I'm missing. He's had 7 years to prove he's durable. He is not.
  2. Unwritten rules in baseball are pretty dumb, but I'm also getting older and grew up with them, and understand why some folks respect them. I get both sides. Someone made the point above, when comparing sports, that baseball isn't timed so it's a little different than, say, an NBA player jacking up a 3 at the buzzer when up by 30. You have to continue play to the end of the game. My problem was his celebration. He/his teammates reacted like he hit a walk off against Babe Ruth. You really want to get back at a team?? My suggestion in the future is to switch from aggressive (hitting a player) to passive-aggressive. If I were Rocco, I would have told my players to sit down in the field and have Tortuga throw 100 consecutive balls. You wanna celebrate? Fine, then we're done throwing it over the plate. Grab a snack, you're going to be here for another 6 hours. And if your reply to me is that this is stupid and petty, you are right, that's kind of what I'm going for
  3. I attended this game. After Cruz hit the HR in the top of the 1st my 15yr old turned to me and said, "Just wait, Happ will give it right back." And not only was he right, but I knew he was right as Cruz was still rounding the bases. There are so many things wrong with this club, and it's hard to watch. It's even worse dropping hundreds of dollars to watch a game that was over by the 3rd inning. At least the weather was nice. Gonna be a long summer....
  4. 10yrs/$100?? Kepler doesn't deserve it and he would STILL be crazy to accept it. Berrios would be insane to take it. $10M a year gets you very little these days player-wise. No player in the their right mind would lock themselves in through their early 30's at $10M per year with the way salaries are rising (Maybe a role player, but no one would offer that). We just gave a reliever nearly $10M per year in 2018 dollars. $10M in 10 years will be bench player money (exaggerating, but you get the idea).
  5. I mentioned this in the comments of the original "Sano is going to the outfield" article and was roundly flogged for it. Those that took exception noted that Plouffe is slower (not a deal breaker in my opinion) but also that Plouffe is already an above average 3b, so moving him for a player we're unsure of (but would most likely be league average as he's still learning the position) plus putting below average outfield defense out there in Plouffe would be downgrading two positions defensively. Valid points, and I guess it was hard to argue.
  6. I found this article both fascinating and disturbing. Good to hear they appear to be moving away from this philosophy, but man, it makes you wonder how many players got derailed.
  7. I don't. The thinking is that Sano is a possible fixture at 3b for the next decade, so why not keep him there and move the guy who is most likely to be traded or leave via FA in '17 anyway. And that's all IF we're intent on not trading Plouffe.
  8. So I have read about 60% of the comments here, so if someone else suggested this forgive me. Has there been any consideration to moving Plouffe to the OF instead of Sano? I may be hallucinating, but I swear he played at least a few games out there early in his career. I know it would likely be a downgrade in defense, at least for a few years, at 3B going from Plouffe to Sano, but I imagine Plouffe would handle the OF much better than the hulking Sano. Buxton in CF, Rosario in LF and Plouffe in RF makes SOME sense, if we're intent on not trading him. Just a thought.....
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