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  1. I am concerned that we wait too long for surgeries. Don't we have a medical staff that can say - get the surgery now so you can get back on the field sooner? We do seem to have a lot of injuries - but how does it compare to other teams. To answer my own question - "MLB Injury Data Summary: The Tampa Bay Rays (1211 games missed by players due to injury) and Cincinnati Reds (1176) lead the league in total games missed by players to injuries and the injured list." https://www.mangameslost.com/category/mlb/ That does not include prospects. Spotrac has us number 12 in the league when measured by the value of contracts for days lost. "https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/disabled-list/cumulative-team/ In terms of days lost we are fourth behind the Reds, Rays, and Cubs with 1440. We are second with 28 players missing time - just behind the Reds.
  2. Of course it matters. Getting in and losing is not a goal. I remember when Gardy had that good string of teams and the consensus of comments was that we wanted more than just getting in and getting beaten. Sorry, but stumbling to the finish line is not what I want. I want a hot streak. I want us to look at the Guardians and White Sox and then leave them in the dust. I want the other teams to want to avoid us because we are playing the best ball in the league. Has anyone enjoyed seeing the Twins set a world record for playoff losses?
  3. I can't buy that - how many WS have the Yankees and Dodgers won in the last ten years with the highest payrolls? ONE. And in the previous decade - ONE. But teams do need a shut down starter - it is pitching that wins the big series.
  4. I had to share this comment from Mlb.com - Do-Hyoung Park - "The Twins are now 1-9 against other divisional leaders, including Tuesday’s loss, in which Ryan allowed six runs (five earned) in five innings, his second-highest total of the season, while Julio Urías held the Twins to five hits in seven strong frames." And he begun with " A pair of division leaders walked into Chavez Ravine on Tuesday night. One looked much more the part -- and the other walked away having lost sole possession of first place for the first time in a month and a half." These two comments capture the game for me. We are not a true playoff team - one that can reasonably expect a chance at the World Series.
  5. What a humorous idea - maybe the question should be do we have too many pitchers for the 4/5 slot - our top three all fit the number three slot and all the names in the list fall short of number 1 and 2 slot arms. So we are bottom heavy, top deficient. Dobnak is not an arm I would count on at all in the future, Smeltzer has been a good story twice, but the Twins have shown they have no long range plans for him. Balazovic has become a casualty, Maeda is a question mark. Winder is the one I like the best of the group, but he seems injury prone - a malady on both offense and defense. I have no confidence in Paddack - I still think we have a Bundy/Archer pairing that Rocco the pitching magician has still not figured out. Put them as piggyback starters - two 4 1/2 inning pitchers take up a full game.
  6. It hurts that Kepler continues to muddle along and barely keep his bat alive. For a while it looked like he was going to do something positive, but his BA coupled with his HRs makes him a weak part of the lineup. And Leon is not going to hit - that is established, last night with their big guns drooling to get at us we should have had Sanchez in just for the chance he would hit. But I have to join the comments about Rocco - his use and abuse of Ryan. I just don't get it. No sensible pattern. Pitch poor and pitch deep, pitch well and take a seat.
  7. The Sano to Killebrew comparison jumps off the page. From Harmon to Hrbek we have had some exceptional 1B players. We hoped that Miguel would follow up and be the next great but is very disappointing for everyone and I would think for him as well
  8. We signed him, we pay him. I don't care. The Twins are in first place and I want him to lead the rest of the way to the playoffs!
  9. This is great news because he brings speed and enthusiasm to a team and those are important ingredients for me. Which he is still providing. Tremendous asset
  10. We could use a real evaluation of long-term contracts over the last 10 years. My sense is that about half of them work out for half the term. I am never in favor of having one player have the max contract on a baseball team. Can't we learn from the California Angels that a superstar is not even me you're going to get to the playoffs. Mike trout is tilted as the best player in baseball and how many times has he got to the Big show? The player that gets you the furthest is a pitcher. Somehow want to look around the league at the Short stops I don't see any big demand right now for Correa. But it is his choice and either way I'm fine. I just want the team to continue to pursue pitcher options.
  11. In a league that needs arms I am surprised that Sanchez and Cotton were not picked up by someone.
  12. Glad we won. The take aways are that you cannot judge the trades at the moment of excitement. I remember one post - we have our game one starter! - maybe, but wait and see, last night did not look like it. We have our closer - another post - last night not so much. It takes time for players to adjust, but we also have them for the short end of the season. The stories will play out, but prognostication is a difficult talent to master.
  13. I need to see the Twins beat a playoff foe before I feel good about the rest of the season
  14. I thought Pagan would go first, but he is one of the FO acquisitions so I think he has a longer leash. Good luck to Duffey, it is a reminder that careers are short if you are not a star.
  15. Can Balazovic trade places with Varland? He looks like he needs a reset. And Ronny Henriquez has not shown anything that makes him look a future part of the rotation. I am anxious for a new prospect ranking from TD and a perspective on the top arms now in the minors.
  16. I hope you are correct. It looks good right now but in baseball I find that you have to wait and see what the results are
  17. The trades are interesting and maybe we're better on the short-term. I will be fascinated to see how the rosters and the minors get filled and hopefully not with a bunch of rejects from other organizations but promotions within. We really lost some exciting Young players. But I know that's the cost of doing business the way that league is run now. So now the rest of the season is going to be fascinating and what more can I ask for unless it is a chance to go to the world series
  18. I feel a real inability to judge these trades. They don't feel as exciting as I wish they did, but the reality is I only know about our prospects from what I read on these pages. On the other hand I also only know about the players we are acquiring from reading the same pages so all I can say is at the end of the year will be time to judge the trades and right now it's too early. None of the names jump out as stars, so the role they play and how they step up is still to be determined.
  19. I don't know. I really can't judge povich and his potential but I certainly have liked what has been written on the TD Pages. At least it has the potential to be a positive for the bullpen and that is a good thing.
  20. The signing of Correa says that they did not want to lose this season, but the quality of pitching that we add and subtract each year has us all shaking our heads. What did they expect and didn't Happ and Shoemaker prove that retreads don't work out. Now we have Sanchez and while trades have been going all around the league we have been adding free agent arms to our minors. If they are free agents now it is because no one wanted them. Time for a FO correction - they are typically late in the free agent and trade market, but this year the quality is moving fast so I am just waiting to be amazed.
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