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  1. Good topic. Santana's short career during a time when wins counted leaves him short in my mind no matter how good he was in his short peak. Nathan's longevity makes he a better choice, but I am not really a big supporter of RP in the Hall. That said, now that the voters have taken DH and reliever into the hall I would have to say that Nathan is the one I would vote for if we had to choose one over the other.
  2. Nice article. Boy are those names filled with expectations. I had a lot of hope for many of them. Thanks for the reminder that promise does not always get fulfilled.
  3. Note that Lofton has more WAR than Jones. Most (except Hunter) are very close, but Lofton is the only one that rises enough for me. I am not upset if none get in.
  4. I am not a fan of either Andrew Jones or Torii Hunter getting in. I would support Lofton but would put Edmunds and WIlliams into the not quite good enough category.
  5. September rosters being limited as of last year changes the equation. I think MLB made a mistake there and should have at least let teams add 5 players in September. If we are out of it like many of us expect at this time our rookie pitchers will be at their inning limit and he would be fine to stretch out and show that he is back.
  6. I agree, I wondered if there would be a familiarity with Perkins among fans. He seemed to connect with the fan base more than Nathan on a personal level. But you are right Nathan was the bullpen ace. Glen had 8.9 WAR and 120 saves, Nathan had 26.7 WAR and 377 saves. We could use both of them right now!
  7. So we just sit back and enjoy all the ink and emotions which amount to nothing. The Twins will still need starting pitchers and Bowie Kuhn and Bud Selig will still have their plaques even though neither deserves one.
  8. Four more who will not make it. But this raises the big question - Glen Perkins or Joe Nathan????
  9. Elmer Valo was with us for half of 1961 - he actually played 20 years and had 28.5 WAR I suspect you can take half the 1961 roster and get a "who is he?' for them. Or 1963 when Vic Wertz finished with the Twins. He is the guy that hit the ball that Willie Mays made his famous catch on. This was a wonderful article - you can do one for every year of the franchise.
  10. The HOF is not officially MLB. It is a museum and it is fun. You remember the old saying the only bad publicity is no publicity. All the angst and debate keeps the hall in the news and in our discussions. In reality the hall does not matter. It does not change the numbers and results. Bonds still has the 73 HR record (although I keep forgetting and going back to Maris and Ruth) and I had to look up that he had 762 total HRs, I still remember Ruth and Aaron's numbers. Baseball has changed in many ways and I am not pleased with many things, but the hall is less important than pace of game. When I went to the Braves games in Milwaukee that last 90 - 100 minutes and there was still time for the zoo in the afternoon, Baseball needs to work on its image and maybe MLB should be talking to the hall. But as I have said in many posts Bonds, Clemens, Shoeless Joe, and Pete Rose have gotten a lot more publicity by not getting in than they would have if they were installed. It is fascinating that Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa have been passed on and no real controversy. Of course now we have Rodriguez and Manny to fill the columns with indignation.
  11. Like the FO I have to wait and see. So far I am not excited by their work, but I am excited to see the young arms if they are really going to let them loose.
  12. obviously many feel different than you do and I suspect that they know more details and any of us. Don't worry, they will get there, but i shed no tears for them.
  13. Congratulations to Ortiz. No matter what numbers are presented - he had the look and feel of the HOF. Bonds and Clemens will get in on committee votes. That is appropriate.
  14. I am not interested in honoring the sterioders, but at the same time, this is the 15th year since Clemens and Bonds have retired that they have gotten massive publicity. Like Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose there is a tendency to keep writing about the injustices instead of the players inducted. Put them and and they disappear - here are the inductees since Clemens and Bonds and Shilling retired - how many of them have been written about over that period except for their election? Derek Jeter, Marvin Miller, Ted Simmons, Larry Walker (Note: The 2020 induction ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19 and rescheduled for 2021). 2019 Harold Baines, Roy Halladay, Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina, Mariano Rivera, Lee Smith 2018 Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, Trevor Hoffman, Jack Morris, Alan Trammell 2017 Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, Ivan Rodriguez, John Schuerholz, Bud Selig 2016 Mike Piazza, Ken Griffey Jr. 2015 Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz 2014 Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Tony La Russa, Frank Thomas, Joe Torre 2013 Hank O'Day, Jacob Ruppert, Deacon White 2012 Barry Larkin, Ron Santo 2011 Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Pat Gillick 2010 Andre Dawson, Doug Harvey, Whitey Herzog 2009 Joe Gordon, Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice 2008 Barney Dreyfuss, Goose Gossage, Bowie Kuhn, Walter O'Malley, Billy Southworth, Dick Williams After this we will continue to hear about the poor guys who ruined the record book, the men who changed the game so that we no longer revere the records. And of course now we start the Alex Rodriguez ten year count down and the continuation of Manny Ramirez. I really do not care about any of them. I celebrate who does get in and Ortiz will make it. To your other statement about Selig. He does not belong and neither does Bowie Kuhn. This is a travesty just like the owners who kept the black players out. Executives, managers, umpires - I do not want any of them, but Kuhn and Selig are both travesties. But you see that you do not mention Kuhn because he was already in for a while so we forget and move on.
  15. Minnesota school leagues have always been challenged by our weather and the school schedule. I found myself in the Y leagues in softball because they started in May and went through the summer.
  16. Interesting list - I am glad to see some hesitation on Lewis - he has missed so much and MLB is doing all it can to mess up a third year. Rodriguez looks like he should jump three spots based on his production and those above him. What I see from all the lists and they are everywhere, but what else do you do when there is no action to report, is that the Twins have come to a point where so many prospects are getting to the point of needing to be on the 40 man that we should start making trades or Rule V will be a mess for us.
  17. I want to see them all. I want them to rotate the minor leaguers and see what we really have. I do not want them to be too quick to the bullpen, although I see Vallimont as a BP candidate along with Strotman. I keep hoping Duran is a SP, but if he breaks down again the pen might need to be his place. Canterino has to start. This is the most exciting thing the Twins have going and picking up a mediocre free agent is something I really do not want to have happen.
  18. Thanks for this winter wakeup posting. I have seen my posts suggesting this attacked so I could imagine that your bigger audience would have a strong reaction. I am for this as it opens the obvious logjam. But it also raises another question - what is a SS now? I knew a SS in the past and could envision him on the left side of the field. Now the SS might even be on the right side of second. With the emphasis on flyballs the SS must get fewer chances and certainly fewer DPs. How many chances to they have now compared to the past. I could not find out these things, but I continue to be puzzled over which positions are the most important now compared to the past. CF is always important, C is always important. Those two did not change, but now the 2B sometimes plays on the SS side, the 3B is often in the SS hole. Very confusing. So the question is Polanco or ??? I am fine with Polanco.
  19. Wonderful to learn about this Minnesota baseball man - I do remember him pitching for the Twins. Nostalgia is our antidote to the lock out.
  20. For now he is just a name (an interesting one) but I have no expectations. He will be in training (spring or summer) and we will see. But at his age he should have established something besides question marks. Good luck to him and the Twins. Now we need baseball to do something that we can really dig into.
  21. That's exactly what I did last year. I hated to do it, but none of the grandkids or kids cared.
  22. I think Donaldson is a good player, but I think this article overstates his case. I like him, but I do not see him as a superstar which his salary would suggest. There were games where he was wonderful and others where he was just another player on the field. The question I would pose is this - what would our record have been if Donaldson was not a Twin and Arraez, Polanco, Miranda took turns at 3B the last two years? Did he move the bar? Did he keep us from sinking further (if possible)? I like him, but I would rather have Berrios or another really good pitcher (not a rebound candidate). Conclusion - a very good player, but I would not hesitate to trade him for a good return.
  23. I loved your thoughtful post. Some excellent ideas and thoughts. Let me add that we have now come to a point where kids are either indoor video addicts or they are organized to the point where they no longer have "free time". Like you I played ball (mostly softball) in pick up games - games like 500 (where you got points for catching a fly ball or bouncing ball and when you got to the total you were allowed to be the batter - workup where each out you shifted positions until you got to bat. Maybe the fact that I had a huge goose egg from a bat when I played catcher in one game impacted my judgment, but I thought these free form games were the most important way for me to fall in love with the sport and understand how good the pros really were. Hockey equipment cost too much, same with football until you got into high school, soccer and Lacrosse were unknown and basketball just did not have as much appeal in those days (the end of the Minneapolis Laker era). I did play both basketball and football and later in life I played soccer, but even though my abilities made me best in football, my baseball cards and transistor radio were my prizes since they connected me with the National Game. Our population was 1/4th of what it is today. Playgrounds don't feel as safe, playing ball in the alley seems more dangerous. Our daughter drives her son all over the stay for lacrosse games and before that for soccer. It is expensive in many ways because the competition is not just the guys who showed up at the park. As someone wrote, "nostalgia is addictive" and I cannot deny that, but nostalgia is what keeps me tied to a game that seems to be doing everything it can to alienate the basic fan.
  24. Great reflection. I would suggest that they have 4 - eight team leagues - the old model and that each play 154 games - the old model - no interleague games until the playoffs and with four leagues they can add their extra rounds of playoffs, but each league would have its own identity. I am afraid that cable TV really impacted the sport. The dollars that are being negotiated are beyond my grasp. Like you mentioned - you could have gone and bought a car from Bob Allison in the off season.
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