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  1. I am not a believer in Dobnak. Wish I could but stories like his have a short shelf life. Colome will come back but I don't want to watch him. Jeffers is still young and I expect him to blossom. Celestino will also come back strong.
  2. When the season started the saints looked on beautiful. Then the twins started taking the saints and moving them to Minneapolis and The replacements are less recognizable. Of course there's Miranda and celestino, but overall I think we're waiting for next year when Martin steer and others move up and make St Paul exciting again
  3. Avoiding 90 losses is getting to be a pretty big challenge at this point with only 12 games to play they have to win eight of them to avoid 90 losses. I would like to see Maggi play. Why not would be my question what's the value of playing Simmons anymore this year he's a free agent and I doubt if we're going to sign them again. The biggest question I have is how a team like the Yankees can hold such a strong curse over a team like the twins. We keep saying the old Street doesn't count because those were different players but it does not seem to matter who our players are if we put a New York team on the field we blow up.
  4. I agree, but considering who we sign lets try and tweak our own pitchers before picking up other outcasts.
  5. .261 .364 .486 .850 That line is excellent - don't complain because he finally gets his chance. This is not pity, this is an earned promotion.
  6. More interested in turning our own minor league prospects into stars than working on someone else's. I am looking at Ober, Balazovic, Ryan, Strotman and Winder in the rotation next year. I know I would not get it, but sign Pineda and let one of these be number 6. If we are so good at tweaking, take our own. It seems like the other teams prospects always seem more attractive.
  7. I hate it. What is the pride in this? Sorry, no congratulations Sano - you would not be on my team.
  8. Really curious what move the FO makes this year. I have had the feeling that the FO values the players they find more than the players they inherited.
  9. Terrific this is what September is for and why I want the clubs to add at least 5 - not 2 at the end of the season.
  10. Pineda has started 26, 9, and 20 games the last three seasons - the 9 was in the short season. I would be happy to have him back, but don't count on a full season worth of starts. Bailey Ober will make start 19 tonight.
  11. Another question - #5 - are our pitching gurus really as good as we have claimed? Was Shoemaker wrong to make the statements he made? He gave up one run in 20 innings over four starts in St Paul. Sure we dumped him, but that is just a way of ignoring the truth in the statement. When Happ departed we all cheered - who wants him. The Cardinals did. Somehow he is 4 - 2 with a 4.08 ERA for St Louis. Berrios is 4 - 3 with Toronto and a 3.31 era - down from 3.48 with us and is the kind of pitcher we hope we can sign in FA. Coincidence or something to wonder about?
  12. I have to have Miranda as the number one prospect. His growth this year is amazing. I know Martin plays SS - but 242 AV and 750 OPS puts him behind Miranda and Royce Lewis needs to prove he is still number one. Miranda has done it all and should be in MN. Ryan would be second for me. He is here, he is doing all we could hope for. There are a lot of names on the prospect list that actually are on the IL list and not a lot making me wish they were with the Twins. I do wish Winder was not hurt and that Balazovic had been pushed to AAA. Thanks for the report.
  13. I want Kiriloff, Larnach, and Buxton to be the OF and I want someone other than Cave at number 4 - Kepler? Celestino if we need a CF. I would love to see Miranda, Gordon, Polanco, Sano, Donaldson in the IF and DH and Arraez as U. Jeffers is C. Is Garver back or do we have Rortvedt? Not the strength we thought we had. Who else is on the bench? Astudillo? SP I would love to see Ober, Ryan, Winder, Pineda and FA. Next three - Balazovic, Sands, Jax RP Rogers, Thielbar, Not Colome, Alcala, Duffey????, Moran if he gets his mojo back, Cano and who knows? Coaching - a real bench coach with a little old school savvy.
  14. We were the team that put the value on him. Pay and play rather than pay and trade. It makes no sense to eat part of his salary unless it gains us an amazing pitcher.
  15. In this era a strikeout record in nice, but does not have the same meaning as it used to, I do agree with all the comments about Miranda. He belongs with the club. Don't ask me where he would play - just sit any of the players on the big league team except Polanco. He can get plenty of ABs. Since Rooker is now a forgotten player he can take that spot.
  16. Bring up someone, This selection of pitchers other than Ober and Ryan does not look like next years rotation - Barnes, Gant, and Jax belong in the BP or the end of the rotational options. Let's see some more arms in this last gasp of a terrible season.
  17. A SP giving us length would have been a complete game in a seven inning DH. 4 innings from a starter is not enough. Lucky to have 7 inning games - that is what saved the BP. The justice of MLB is that we won this game with a mediocre SP performance, but lost the first game with a good performance.
  18. Here is the good news - Ryan might be okay! Yes we need him. Here is the bad news - the objective of creating a better defense did not work. The Twins bats do not work. We did get three hits- one from 163 BA Rortvedt and one from 224 hitting Simmons. And one more thing - Coloumbe is not really the answer. And who really wants the DH to have more than 7 innings? I am happy to get these games over quickly. But we still have one more game to go.
  19. Hard to have a good comment here. Nothing against Jake, but he is not what I want in a fourth OF. I will wait to see Gil in the future before saying who won or loss.
  20. I do not see anyone under rated this year. Underperforming yes, underrated - no way. Arraez was supposed to lead the league in batting, Ober is supposed to be a starter who goes more than 5 innings. Thielbar is doing what he did before. The reason that we have a losing record is that we do not have anyone who truly outperformed their expectations. Ober is a good story and close, but that is it.
  21. "But some terrible ball-strike calls helped the Yankees to rally back and walk it off in extras." A quote that is symptomatic of losers! We were great except for the one inning when they scored all the runs. The umps hated us. We were robbed. The Yankees have beaten us for the last ten years - it is not fair. BLAH, Blah, blah. Stop whining. We lost again.
  22. I agree with you, but in reality we have had to lower the bar - things that would have not merited comment in the last two years become significant now. I am really pleased with Ober and see him with a fine future as a #4, just as Gant looks to be a #4, and Jax a #6, and Barnes a #8, Pineda is a #3 and will probably resign, But that leaves a lot of rotational concern going forward. I do hope Balazovic or Winder can step in, But without AAA this year what is their chance? Berrios is 11 - 7 with a 3.52 era and 2.4 WAR so I cannot compare any of the current Twins with him and wonder how we will afford a pitcher as good as him in FA. Polanco has been a great batter and would rank high no matter what year, But we are playing Refsnyder and Cave and they are not the future - I know Larnach flamed out and I hope he comes back, Celestino needed AAA and has done well there and Kiriloff seems like another injury plagued star. But our current nine have batting averages of 195 280 214 225 249 279 210 203 292. We used to talk about the Mendoza line - I guess it is now the Sano line. We rank 9 in BA out of 15 teams, 8 in OBP, and 4 in SLG. We are 9th in hits - HR or nothing. It is not a critique of a really good summary that you wrote, but rather an overall disappointment and desire to try to see the reality in our situation. Thanks for the response.
  23. Our standards have really slipped. We celebrate giving up only 3 runs no matter how many innings pitched. Our batters continue to miss in big opportunities - come on Sano - a K on 3 pitches!
  24. I thought that Gordon had a good debut at SS and if Simmons is not back he might start next season. Simmons has such a high rating in fielding, but I see little things like messing up the throw into him from the OF in the previous game and I see too many moments of lost concentration that do not show up in fielding metrics for me to believe in him. I assume we are out of OF options if Cave is starting - he is not our future. Only 19 left to play. Who should be playing. Glad Moran is called up. Anyone else?
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