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Everything posted by mikelink45

  1. I like a regular DH which means I would have had Gallo, Wallner or Larnach there, but I truly hope Buxton does not have the most ABs there.
  2. This move was made so that the twins could sell more t-shirts. All the tie-dyed shirts will be a boon to their bottom line.
  3. I just haven't believed in him since he was drafted. It's not his fault the front office put him in a bad position by taking them first. It increased the pressure and the expectations. Still not sure why, but this front office does like sluggers.
  4. He is the type of player that the twins need to allow for when they construct their roster. I don't like filling it up with marginal big leaguers. I'm afraid it will take more than one injury to create room for him on this roster
  5. How can I get excited about a player who makes the line of money he has and chooses to have hurt feelings instead of going out and proving the team wrong and setting himself up for the next big contract. Sorry but just kind of tantrum just simply well with me
  6. The real question is, what is the front office strategy for bringing in Young players with potential instead of older players will have already maxed out? And there is the question of what trades will happen, what draft choices we will have, and what injuries will take place. I always liked the players who seem to suddenly find themselves and jump forward. Maybe Urbina
  7. You miss my point one is redundant in the outfield and one is redundant in the infield this is not about them compared to one another
  8. I am baffled. Gallo - Solano both redundant - I am confused by the FO moves unless both of them are actually getting ready to switch to the BP. I would rather have Larnach than Solano or Gallo and The infield is not only set, but has Julien, Martin, and Lee in the minors who can come up and fill in. Is there a new anti-youth movement going on here?
  9. I want it to be better, but it will be only if health is better and holds up. It is the big unknown and I cannot rank us above Cleveland until we see how the team holds up through the spring. I hope we are, but if all things are equal I would not bet Baldelli against Francona.
  10. Balazovic just got his jaw broken according to Vanimal - he just seems to be going the wrong way. I do not see room for Martin with Lewis and Lee and Farmer and Polanco and Miranda ahead of him in the IF and Taylor and a full OF roster also blocking him. Plus his drop. The same problem exists for Julien - are these two trade baits? I am interested in projections - Lee and Lewis are close to guarantees for big league production above average. Rodriguez seems like he is on a star track (not trek). Then come the questions. Raya has jumped over Winder, Balazovic, Sands, and all the other former highly ranked pitchers who we were expecting to see on the big league roster. Will he be here next year? Is Varland the next call up? Will Canterino quit following our injury reputation? Balazovic was bad last year and now starts the year with a broken jaw is he on a bad spiral? Does Richardson bypass the other SP and leap to the Twins when we next need a SP? Will Wallner play for us or is he trade bait? Prospects are graded against one another, but it is so hard to say which will actually make the grade in the majors.
  11. Signing Correa was great, but it does not move the needle since he was with the team last year. Losing Arraez and adding Gallo to the lineup is a negative. Adding Lopez to the starting rotation is a big positive. Farmer is on the bench, Taylor is also on the bench, but could be an essential part of the team depending on injuries. Trading Gio was a negative. Yes we win the Central, but are we good enough to match Byron's goal? I hope so.
  12. To answer the basic question - NO. But I have no choice. After watching Columbe, Dyson, and other veterans turn things around here why wouldn't I think Pagan can. If my radio happens to turn off when he comes in I will have to seek technical help to get it to come back on.
  13. You might want to look into the Indian influence on MLB and we can speculate on why it has disappeared. Chief Bender - all Guardians were called chief back then - is a HOFer from Brainerd area
  14. Overwhelming. I had to check and see where they will be playing this year and found that we once again have a new stadium
  15. He got a nice contract - more than independent ball players can dream of. He seems like a great guy. So my prediction is that he pitches out his contract in the minor leagues, saves money and enjoys a great life with lots of stories to share.
  16. These projections actually seem pretty well in line with my personal thoughts (I don't make projections). I am happy to see someone else feel that Gallo's defense is not gold glove like so many argue. I have been too outspoken on too many forums about Gallo so I will just absorb the fact that this is my expectation too and I am sorry if they and I are both right. Alcala is hard to project. Injured pitchers have such different roads back to recovery. If he can move forward from his previous time on the mound I expect him too be much better than this and much better than the last projection - Lopez. I can see Alcala move up next to Duran in the rankings if his recovery is finished. Lopez is a puzzle - 1/2 good year is all he has to make us think he will be good. I hope he can find that magic again, but I would not project it. Larnach is a sad story. Like Lewis I kept thinking "this will be his year" and like Lewis we keep seeing injuries that take him out of the lineup. Does he stay healthy. Does he reach what we dream for him? I don't know how you project from his last two years.
  17. I love baseball history - this is a nice break from all the Twins speculation. Give us more.
  18. On Gleeman and the Geek they said that the message is that they are not going to do that. I think they should.
  19. There is no projection system for body failure. I have had too many operations on too many parts to think that they can just train him to succeed. I want him to. It would be just great, but we have seen this story (Pete Reiser) before. Good luck to him, good luck the new trainer (he can help make a difference) and good luck to those body parts!
  20. I am not completely with this strategy. It worked for Johann Santana to transition to BP and then the rotation. I have seen this over the years and it is not a bad strategy. I prefer to see young arms over Megill, Pagan, and Lopez in the pen.
  21. I believe it is our favorite holiday - April 1. Come on - Pagan? All in the threes or better? And this is with the shift being gone.
  22. I hope he forces the Twins to be aggressive. He really has the feeling of a "natural". I do not know if he is better than Lewis because poor Royce has missed too many games over the last few years to make a real on field comparison. I do hope he comes back strong and the log jam in the Twins IF will be interesting in the next couple years.
  23. Only 23 but it seems like we have seen him on this list at least 10 years. Did we sign him at 13? I hope for health.
  24. I would love to see him soar, but why do good Twins stories always end with an injury. Get well quick and rush up to the majors. Potentially this is Soto, Griffey kind of talent which means a quick rise to the majors if more injuries don't derail him. I might put him at number one on this list.
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