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  1. FO deserves a fair amount of credit: 1. Great return and perfect trade timing for Berrios. He was not coming back to us. 2. Good return for Cruz... exceeded expectations 3. They are damn magicians for getting anything in return for Robles and Happ (Happ?!? I'm mean whaaaat?!) Buuuuuuuuut, Only excuse for not trading Pineda is if the only return offered was a B or C prospect that had to be added the 40 man at the end of the season (we already have a glut there). I have a hard time believing that was the case. Stop with the leader/mentor nonsense. We could sign him for next year during the off season if he is that great of a mentor. Stop with the 'staying respectable for the rest of the season'... for what... to get a worse draft pick?! Huge miss on that one
  2. Wow.....just two horrible teams having a pillow fight... Quick try to trade Sano at peak value!!!!
  3. Don't distract yourselves with incentives. Buxton and his agent will be focusing on guaranteed dollars for his one chance at a FA contract in his prime. I would looooooove to sign Buxton to an incentive laden contract just like I'd love to only buy insurance only after I got sick or had an accident. Buxton and his agent already took the risk of waiting this long for FA, why on earth would they suddenly give that leverage away by taking an incentive laden extension and give up on FA? The Twins know this and knew he would never accept their 'offer' I desperately want to keep Buck, it just isn't going to happen. I'm simply trying to infuse a does of reality and expectation management to the situation
  4. We don't know what the counter offer was.... I suspect they just tossed something back ludicrously high to highlight how ridiculous the Twins offer was. Anyhoo, I promise you that Buxton will not be signing an extension with the Twins and it is OK if the Twins think the risk>reward.... I just ask that they be honest with it instead of face saving low ball offers.
  5. Buxton WILL get multiple offers for guaranteed money > 100 million on the open market. Again, it is not about if you think he SHOULD get those offers... He WILL get them. I have no problem with the Twins FO/ownership determining that the risk/reward is unacceptable (after all... they should be experts in such things) Just spare me the nonsense that 70-80 million guaranteed over 7 years is a serious market value offer. If that your 'offer' just be honest with the fan base and tell them you don't think the risk is worth the potential reward!
  6. Dear Twins FO, What exactly do you want me to still be working on down here in AAA... an OPS of 1.200? Have you seen the team you are rolling out there in the MLB? I'm pretty sure I can help. Yours Truly, Miranda
  7. There are two parts to the Buxton discussion. 1. What will he be worth on the open market? Answer: Significantly more than the Twins are offering (and they would have to be HIGHER than other clubs because they have done nothing to ingratiate themselves to him). Again... this is not if YOUR AGREE with what he will get on the open market... just what HE WILL get on the open market. He is not going to take incentive based contract when someone will give him guaranteed money. Using Hicks contract as a starting point for guaranteed money is BAT #$%& Crazy! 2. Should they offer him market value? Answer: Now THIS is where the discussion lies. Good arguments to be made on both sides.... personally, I would give him a 5 year 125 million contract (that would at least be an offer that would show the Twins are doing something other than PR damage control). I think his likely WAR justifies it even if he only plays 100-110 game a year. But, I completely get the counter argument. We can all agree High Risk/High Reward. In summary, the Twins are clearly not offering market value and they know it But, IF they should offer market value is a very fair discussion.
  8. 80 million over 7 years guaranteed is laughable. He will get waaaaaaaaaay more on the open market. The Twins know it... clearly a face saving PR stunt offer. Yaaaaaawn.....this situation is tired. Wake me up when a trade happens
  9. It never ceases to amaze me that people still believe that Buxton may stay with the Twins. The writing has been on the wall for at least 6 months and to me for 12-18 months. He has been pissed at the Twins for service time manipulation and mixed messages for hitting instruction during his development for years now. He is going to free agency and he is going to get paid and the Twins are going to lose any bidding war. Time to pull head out of sand and get maximum trade value. This is all tired PR spin on the Twins part (We tried soooooooooo much); but clearly this still works on a lot of people so I guess I can't blame the Twins for deploying such a tired strategy.
  10. Adding two AAA ready replacement pitchers would be consistent with a strategy to trade Pineda and Barrios (Sorry....nobody wants Happ...He will eat innings here the rest of the year
  11. The "Be Interesting" headline juxtaposed with Rocco's picture made me laugh out loud!!! Thank you Ted!
  12. In my opinion, history strongly suggests otherwise. In this particular case, the question is who leaked the information an why? The second question is why would anyone rationally think that he would accept a 70 million extension (even if over 4 years)? 1. He will get far more on the open market... a minimum of 100 million over 4-5 years (again, it is not about if you agree with it, it is about if a team will pay him. and THEY WILL). The Twins know this....and all the GMs know this....and Buxton's agent knows this... So, the offer is 10s of millions low.....ergo it is a low ball offer 2. Buxton is not happy with the Twins about service time manipulation or how they developed him (see past quote where he said that he was no longer accepting advice on his swing from the organization and 'listening to himself'..... ouch... So not only will the Twins not receive a home town discount... they would have to exceed other offers which is not going to happen. Buxton is gone, the only question is when and with what return. I don't like it one bit (he's a transformational talent, but he is gone (100%).... feel free to save this post and club me over the head with it if I'm wrong
  13. These two quotes are all that need to be said. I'm going to break a story* and tell you that Buxton's camp already rejected that "offer" and said "yes please do trade me as soon as possible...It will be hard but eventually I'll get over our special relationship where you skewed with my service time and my swing" * I have no sources....I just have logic and follow the news
  14. I've been ringing the Moran bell for awhile now.... On this list, he is my first, second and third choice
  15. The are the St. Paul Mirandas for me right now.... that is why I click on their box scores
  16. The Kid.... I mean 'Zeus'... has confidence and charisma for days. He seems to have mastered the extreme confidence without crossing over into arrogance which is not easy. Seems level headed with good priorities and perspective. I'm impressed....which of course means nothing... but I'm impressed
  17. We need to trade Donaldson just to clear room for Miranda....seriously. When does Moran get a look? What more does he need to do?
  18. Whatever team Cruz goes to, I'm rooting for them in playoffs....unless it is New York of course
  19. Only relevant information to come out of this game: Pineda unlikely to have an trade value at the deadline
  20. Miguel "Golden Sombrero" Sano, Nelson "Nitro-boosting-outta-this-clown-car-to-a-contending-club" Cruz and Rocco "Remind-me-where-the-leadership-section-is-in-my-binder" Baldelli all being their best selves in yet another game!
  21. (slow golf clap for the FO.... only about 6 weeks late...but congrats...or something)
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