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  1. So Lewis has no intention of returning to the minors..... time to start figuring out the plan for him an Correra..... 3B/LF combo?
  2. If Buck stays relatively healthy, they are a 'real' contender for the playoffs. Not a contender for being a 'real' threat in the playoffs this year IMO, but give this core 1-2 years of experience on top of talent.....absolutely a WS contender too...if Buck stays healthy (which should be added to the end of any prognostic declaration about the Twins
  3. We obviously need to see a half season to a full season before we can feel more confident, but yeah.... it couldn't be going any better for the pitching pipeline currently!
  4. Great win! But, for all of you that like to talk about Sano's average exit velocity..... just make sure you are factoring in the 0 mph for each of his Ks! That will help you understand why your advanced metrics fail the logic test
  5. Buck is Breaking Baseballs. Just Say No to Sano... It's been more than loooong enough. I'll happily root for him to 'find it' elsewhere. Good teams cannot just wait months for a player to have a few torrid weeks. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Twins have been meeting that definition with Sano for a few years now. (and yes, they will still be meeting that definition when he inevitably has his hot 3 weeks during the mid to end of June)
  6. I don't know what the Twins record will be at the end of the season, but I do know that there is nobody else in the MLB that I would rather have right now than Buck (yes, including even Trout). Buxton at peak powers over the next few years will be something to behold (please to not run into anymore walls hard to save one out unless it is in the playoffs....we need you too much!)
  7. "Basically, when Sano does make contact" Yes, but unfortunately there are the MANY times he does NOT make contact over LONG periods of time
  8. I was regularly hard on Lewis for his batting problems in A and felt that many were too overoptimistic about his potential. He is proving me wrong and I'm lovin' it! (Now Sano can feel free to prove me wrong that it is time for him to play elsewhere! :)
  9. Buck is Back! As goes Buck, so will go the Twins. I am ready to let Sano have a fresh start elsewhere and now. He is an albatross that could sink team morale and momentum. If he catches fire somewhere else, good for him! I wish him well. It's been enough here... more than enough.
  10. Yikes! "Neither is a total longshot. Either of these guys could turn into assets." This description of 40% of a starting rotation is usually not compatible with a playoff appearance. I say 'usually' because, well, I am old enough to remember our 3rd pitcher in 1987.... a one Les Straker Though, unfortunately I we don't have a Frank V or Burt B equivalent in our rotation this year either.
  11. Buck will be league MVP this year (if healthy). He is absolutely ready to tear sh*t up!
  12. Hopefully the FO REALLY knows something we don't yet know about the readiness of our young pitchers. We have exactly one starter with established long term MLB success that is not a wild card based on recent injuries. That is a HUGE risk. A few injuries (Bundy, Archer) and/or regression due to the league catching up (Ober, Ryan)..... things could go very south, very quickly. Even if the prospects in AAA ultimately have a wonderful career, most will likely struggle during their MLB debuts and not suck up enough innings even if successful. I wish we had not left so much up to luck on the pitching side with our line up being so impressive. Buck, Correa, and Palanco will make this a fun team to watch though even if the pitching implodes.
  13. Unfortunately, Cave has the inside track to go North initially. The Twins paid him 800,000 which isn't much, but more than any of the other marginal players They will give him the first month to prove something. I don't like this one bit, but I'm just warning everyone for expectation management I actually would be OK with giving Garlick a 'show me' month (while holding my nose and wincing mildly) because he can provide roster balance with hitting lefties Rooker needs to me in the minors learning how to K much less
  14. Great write up as always Nick, but Sabato reference could only have been for a comedic break There is a 0.0% chance he has any impact on the Twins roster this year....
  15. Yes, he can.... and he will IF he stays healthy. Buckle up buttercups, he is going to have one special season.... IF he stays healthy....(just put that at the end of any Buck related post, kinda like 'in bed' after the end of any fortune cookie saying
  16. This is the opening salvo of The Flavine Big Bet. The only explanation for this pitching staff is that they BELIEVE in the young and upcoming pitchers. They are showing big cojones, I'll give them that It could easily be argued that we have a #3, two #5s, and ??? (three question marks... see what I did there) in our starting rotation with a whole bunch more ????? waiting in AAA. If Buck, Palanco, and Correa stay healthy, this team will always have a punchers chance and be amusing to no end. It is highly unlikely though, that the pitching staff can hold for a whole season unfortunately
  17. I don't really care who the Twins select from the remaining poo poo platter this year.... as long as they don't block too much time for the prospects to come up and play. They need to let the kids play this year and figure out what they have and adjust accordingly next off season (Especially the pitchers). Otherwise, we are going to end up in a 40-man roster crunch and lose talent
  18. Has yet to demonstrate that he can consistently hit even A pitching over a sustained period (that SO/BB ratio in A his last full year is a doozie (yes he did have a good AZ league but that is a SSS). Future MLB superstars do not historically struggle in the low minors for even a season. Of course some unbiased evaluators of talent are going to find 100 players they are more excited about. Bottom line is simply that he needs to dominate competition in AA or AAA this year (not just compete) if he is to become a top prospect again....no excuses....no 'developing' .... no 'it's the process' this year. Yep, this year is just about results... and only results If he cannot demonstrate clear superiority in the MiLB this year... he may eventually make the MLB but will no longer be a 'top prospect'. IMHO TD has vastly overrated Royce regularly because of his draft position (perceived 5 tool player who has certainly been missing the hitting tool so maybe not so much) and by all accounts he is a great guy. He would not be in my top 3 Twin prospects currently and maybe not even in the top 5. I desperately hope I'm wrong... (i certainly was about Buxton signing a wildly team friendly extension!) All should agree though that THIS is the year the debate will be answered.
  19. Scot Erickson has a similar dominant 1/2 season in 1991 undone by unsustainable torque on his arm as well... but boy was that 1/2 equally as fun to watch as Liriano's half season....
  20. For those who were too young to remember.... the best 1/2 seasons of pitching in twins history were Francisco Liriano 2006 Scott Erickson 1991 Each were ABSOLUTELY DOMINANT for a brief period. (arguably more than even peak Santana... but obviously he was great for much longer Unbelievably fun to watch. It was similar to watching Moss during his rookie season.... just so rare to watch a player overwhelm opponents at the professional level in any sport. For that, I'm so grateful to Liriano....it doesn't come along often....
  21. Congrats to Buck, the Twins, and the fans! I'd also like to acknowledge that I was obviously 100% WRONG that that Buck and the FO had no way of coming together on an agreement (and about bad blood that apparently did not exist). That said, It is a wonderfully team friendly deal (pay for performance...and if great performance, extra pay well worth it). Buck has really put together a beautiful and reproducible swing and I anticipate a HUGE year for him upcoming. After turning down extensions all they way up to 1 year out of FA, seems odd to cut a deal coming out of a 'lost year." Maybe the anticipated new CB structure changed the calculus. Alas, no matter what the reasoning, I'm super happy to be COMPLETELY WRONG on this issue and could not be more excited to retain a generational talent.
  22. Great point! I personally think at least 2 of the the 6-ish deep pocket teams will be salivating which would be enough to drive up the price... but we shall see. I also wonder though if the Twins are being low balled in trade offers because they waited too long and are up against the wall a bit. Optimal time to make a decision to extend or trade would have been 2 years out, not 1 year out, for maximum value and minimum desperation.
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