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  1. Good luck to him. I am actually happy that the Twins won't toss 250 million or more at him. I actually think Correa and Boras are going be a bit surprised by the lack of a line of other teams to do so as well. I don't see his market being any better this year than last. But again, great to have him on the team this year, with no heartburn about his leaving given the money he wants
  2. The low attendance is warranted. People ultimately vote with their feet. The team does have enough talent to bring optimism for next year. But we need to ideally have at least 10 pitchers that could slot as a least a number 5 starting pitcher going into the year. We need to assume attrition EVERY year. We need to have a fully realized plan for the bullpen BEFORE the year and not be arrogant enough to think that we can just figure it out on the fly and cobble things together in season. Hope is not a plan. I think we also need a different Manager to lead the team, but that won't happen until 2024. Next year is HUGE. Either the Twins show that they have a plan and are consistently moving toward greatness or they may enter the death spiral of low budget because of low attendance/TV eyeballs and worse team due to an even lower budget/TV eyeballs leading to lower budget ad infinitum... Biggest reason for 2023 optimism.... LEE!!!!!!!! (He could very much me in the MLB next year at 21 and that fires me up!)
  3. Translation: "I would love to stay with the Twins if they offered me a bloated long-term (7+ year) contract worth north of 250 mil that other teams didn't offer me last off season and likely will not offer after this season because of the glut of SS options and my performance in all but one of the months". Twins should respond: "We are more than happy to have you back if you choose to come back for 35 million next year. But, if you find another team willing to pay you hundreds of millions for 7 or more years, good luck to you!"
  4. It was a great outing in a meaningless exhibition game where both sides were just playing it out. Obviously, we need to see this sustained during real in-year competition to get the hype train rolling again... BUT it is still a lot better to seem him do this than to get knocked around!
  5. "with no especially obvious places to spend it" I'll take a stab at this... um pitching, pitching, and um... I'll take more pitching (real pitching... not what is left over on one-year-squint-hard-to-see-a-mirage-of-talent-cross-fingers-tought-great-2-months-production-in-2019 pitchers) Yes, there is some promising young pitchers and some coming back from injuries but there will be injuries and underperformance next year too. We need to start from a better position of strength next year.
  6. The Halos simply went where many have gone before and where many will go in the near future....
  7. Did Sisk run over the Owner/FO dog or something? The biggest mystery to me is why Sisk never got a look this season. I mean, if the FO office doesn't want to give him a look in a season like this with a bullpen like this, for the love of God.... set him free!
  8. Just as I predicted on a previous post.... he'll come back for another year. BUT after continued uninspired leadership with minimal agility, flexibility, and in game adjustments (to include pitcher use), he'll be fired after NEXT year by the FO because they will have to so they can keep their own jobs for another year. Sadly, this is as predictable as the end of most one hour shows on TV.
  9. Except this was an issue going back to at least May... so no... I'd argue this is actually late...
  10. Here is half of the 'all that is left to do is wait for the inevitable surgery/procedure to be named later for Buxton and Mahle" comment I made a few weeks ago. Not so fun fact... MRIs are not great at diagnosing thoracic outlet syndrome so a negative MRI for structural damage does NOT rule out TOS for Mahle Good Luck Buck. I wish you the best, but I also wish that the Twins shut you down MUCH earlier when many in this site questioned the utility of playing a 60% Buck in real time
  11. I think next year Rocco needs to take it up a notch and transition from 'scheduled rest days' to 'scheduled rest series' en route to 'scheduled rejuvenation weeks' and perhaps ultimately 'scheduled sabbatical years!" *** *** Except for relief pitchers.... they will need to cover 4-5 innings a game, every game
  12. We NEEDED to make sure to REST him for um..... er.....ahhhhh.....eeeh...... yah know..... yeah.......
  13. The new race is for more draft lotto balls and THAT is a race we are excelling in! We can still 'overtake' Boston, Arizona, and SF for draft lotto status!!!!
  14. I am strangely OK with either scenario. If he stays under the current short-term structure.... great! I'm sure he'll perform well for the team next year. If he opts out... I'm totally fine with that too. We have other promising cheap options in the pipeline and reasonable stop gaps (and yes nothing is for sure) and the 35 million can go a long way toward shoring up our pitching.... and let's be honest... no improved pitching, not playoffs The only thing I don't want is a bloated long-term extension. I'm not at all convinced that he is going to be a superstar going forward (no evidence of that this year) and we have to be as sure as possible to shell out that kind of money long term. Also, we should not be Bamboozled by Boras about any contract restructure... I don't see the market for Correa as any better than last year and nothing he did this year is going to improve his position to get the type of money he is asking for. The Twins need to sit back and just let him make is decision.... we can adjust either way. (I'm kinda hoping he opts out and we stop gap until one or both of Lee/Lewis is ready for cheap at SS and we can use money to fill other holes)
  15. It's honestly hard to believe that we were ever leading the division with this team.... Believe that we have now reached terminal velocity in our free fall.... so we got that going for us.... which is nice...
  16. Perhaps they tried to change too much with Martin and Blaze... Perhaps they should let them go back to maximizing their natural talents. Perhaps Martin will never have power but be a monster OBP/Ave at the top of the order with Arraez (driving pitch counts up and SP out early). Perhaps Blaze should let go of whatever they 'had him working on at the end of last season', get out of his head and go back to pitching to his strengths. ... Perhaps
  17. My hope was already at the bottom of the lake next to the old coke can and rusted anchor....
  18. I want the 'rehabbing Twins' to make sure they are absolutely right before returning. There is absolutely NO reason to rush them back and risk further injury for this season. The goal should be to be as best positioned as possible going into a 2023 that holds promise IMO as the younger core matures.
  19. Twins were and are tremendous lucky to have him as part of the organization. He earned every penny and absolutely could have gotten more. Don't forget that he sold plenty of tickets for the owners as a true hometown hero in addition to what he 'earned' through his elite performance.
  20. Yaaaaaawwwwn..... We beat a AAAA team with nothing to play for which is simply holding serve. If we win 4/5 against Cleveland, optimism can creep back in. Sadly, I don't see that happening against a real MLB team with something to play for....but I hope that I'm waaaaay wrong! And where the hell was THIS Correa for the last months.... it certainly would have helped for him to turn on the light switch before contract push time
  21. A simple thought exercise... Would any other MLB team be excited to swoop Rocco up as their manager if we fired him? I strongly believe the answer is 'no.' He does not have agile and creative thinking during games that incorporates aspects that cannot be captured on spreadsheets. He also appears to have no range as a leader. Good leaders alter approach as needed based on the clubhouse atmosphere to optimize performance over a long season. He seems to relish his own 'consistent approach' Good leaders do not use one approach. My prediction: He will still be here next year and then he will be fired after next year because the FO will need to do so to save their jobs. He will then go on to manage exactly 0 more MLB teams, BUT WILL go on to be a fantastic bench coach or front office piece where a steady and methodical approach is a good thing.
  22. If the Twins could just play the Royal for each game in different cities a la the Harlem Globetrotters, we would be in GREAT SHAPE!
  23. All that's left to do is wait for the inevitable announcement of Mahler and Buxton's "Surgery/Procedure To Be Named Later" Nick.... your proposed pathway to being tied for the division lead is essentially 'showing the work' for Five-Thirty-Eight's estimated 8% chance of winning the division
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