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  1. Celestino has played a lot as a 4th OF type. Martin is likely a big upgrade over Celestino at minimum.
  2. I won't comment on the FO decision-making process, their collective expertise or such as I am not aware of their deliberations, and I don't have any real inside information. However, their results are fair game and to be honest the results are mixed and mediocre overall. Not sure if that demands an immediate changing of the FO and Rocco, but it is cause for a complete examination on behalf of ownership as to the direction the FO and Rocco have taken the Twins.
  3. Yes, the season is teetering now given the lack of offense the past few weeks. But the team shouldn't cash it in - they remain within striking distance of the post season despite their obvious struggles. Let the season play out, let's see if the Twins can put up a fight in tough, but doable circumstances. There are a good number of young and/or future core players who could use the experience of being in contention. (MIranda, Arraez, Gordon, Duran, Ryan, Lopez etc.) There remains those games in September vs Cleveland too...
  4. Nice info on a vital member of the Twins and as others have said a Joy to watch.
  5. It remains unclear to me why Duran couldn't be a starter in the future? Yes, he has a chance to be a dominate reliever, but quality starters seemingly have more value - Duran could be a top of the rotation type (#1 or #2) with his arm/stuff. He seems to have good stamina and up until this season he was a starter.
  6. Gray is unhappy with being pulled early because he is a competitor. Better expressed behind closed doors, but I get his discontent.
  7. Tough road trip. This home stand with 7 vs KC and Texas may provide an opportunity to regroup. But if not now - when?
  8. 86-76. Finish 2 ahead of Cleveland and 3 ahead of the Sox. Win at least one playoff game.
  9. As a long time fan (I started rooting for the Twins in the Killebrew-Oliva era) I appreciate being in any pennant chase. It's not like it's been a regular thing over these many decades. I am watching intently, hoping for the best in chasing a spot in the postseason! BTW - Nice article.
  10. Pagan has simply not got it done despite a large number of opportunities. I agree, sadly it is past time to give another pitcher Pagan's role/spot on the roster.
  11. When other teams win vs the Twins in a manner of last night's game they are referred to as "opportunistic" or "savvy". When the Twins benefit from a poor play by the opponent they are characterized on this site as "lucky" "fundamentally weak" or a "mirage". To each his own is an apt phrase for Twins fans. I am enjoying. this Twins team, a pennant race and the possibilities that postseason games present.
  12. Sandy Leon already was instrumental in a victory at the plate and behind the plate as the pitching was well directed.
  13. Twins made a strong move adding a power arm to the BP. All the angst about Lopez's July performance is overblown. The individual game results bare this out. I really like the idea of having Jax, Duran and Lopez at the back end with the possibility of Maeda and Alcala being added down the stretch of the regular season. This is particularly good in a playoff setting. Another move today? SP? Another RP? An OF?
  14. The Twins will not and should not trade Correa. Currently, the Twins are in 1st place - what first place at midseason team trades their elite SS who is also arguably their best player? As pointed out by Howeda7 trading Correa would be a buzzkill with the fans, the rest of the team and future potential Twins. Just accept the Twins are not the Yankees or the Astros, regardless they should prudently strengthen their roster with a few + arms because despite the active postseason streak of futility by the Twins organization any postseason series can be won by the underdog and it typically requires at least decent pitching.
  15. Buxton home run to win all-star game. Foreshadowing something good to come???
  16. Buxton - Arraez - Kirilloff - Winder (Correa - wishful thinking?)
  17. Kirilloff has the potential to be an elite middle of the order hitter. He can hit for average, have a solid OB% and hit for power. Plus, he is coming through in important at-bats.
  18. Good article. Of course, the Twins need to try something different in terms of the sources of BP arms. Clearly, they will attempt to trade based on Falvey's recent comments. I understand the impulse to turn to young arms for BP roles, and it might help short term. However, SP is more valuable to the Twins and in terms of potential future earnings for the pitchers. Turning the best arms in the organization into RP can delay their development paths as SP. Just asking, but is that delay/detour worth the possible few games in the standings the Twins might gain while they are pursuing trades?
  19. If the Twins can get Correa to stay at his current price point and an agreed length of the deal by both parties (opt outs if needed) of course the Twins resign Carlos Correa. He is an elite player and elite players can lead teams to the World Series. (Note: As Kirby Puckett did 2x.)
  20. Seen him a few times, he has the stuff to be quite good - he just hasn't been.
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