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  1. Good question. However, I think Celestino's performance at St. Paul was strong enough that there is some evidence he could be a decent MLB hitter. I think he projects as a 4th OF type for now.
  2. JD remains a vey good MLB player. I enjoy watching him rake and this article does a good job providing evidence for his hitting prowess. I get that the Twins are a particularly payroll conscious franchise so that factors in to JD's value as it were. But to me how does a team become a consistent winner if it has to continually contemplate moving on from good to very good players as a result of payroll calculations? Sigh.
  3. Agree that Lewis has had a rough few. years and misfortune. However, his ranking is inconsequential at this point. He has the goods or he doesn't - we'll soon enough know the answer.
  4. Kirby Puckett w/ honorable mention to Tony Olivia and Harmon KIllebrew
  5. The "knee problems" seem to be so speculative - maybe even a red herring? Arraez has produced at a fairly high level, fairly consistently for a few seasons. He also plays with great competitive intensity. How many current Twins can we say those things about? Arraez has value to the Twins and would have value too many MLB teams. Extending him on a fair, cost-controlled contract would add value for the Twins or in a trade scenario.
  6. Arraez is a special player/competitor, but given where things now stand trading him for SP may be the move the Twins' FO has to make. (Would be disappointed to see him go, but even more disappointed if the pitching is poor and the Twins' fail to be in contention again.)
  7. Yes, most of these pitchers are a few years away from MLB - but they profile well. Hard throwers, secondary pitches - this is an encouraging list for # 6-10. I am still hopeful Duran becomes a quality SP soon.
  8. To date the biggest failure is the failure to add pitching. Maybe they have a plan, but there is no discernible evidence for such a plan unless the plan is to promote from within and hope for the best.
  9. Kirby's impact on pivotal Game 6 in the 1991 World Series homering in extra innings. "We'll see you tomorrow night." is likely the most iconic moment in the history of the Twins. Kirby was special.
  10. Acquiring a proven, solid starting pitcher with at least two seasons of control for a few prospects is not that risky. It gives the team a better chance to contend in 2022 and play meaningful games after the All-Star break. Those meaningful games would be hugely important in the development of the prospects still on the Twins. Then in 2023 said starting pitcher holds down a key spot in the rotation for an even better team. Yes, this presupposes the Twins can score enough runs and pitch out of the pen reasonably well - based mostly on the present roster. (Figuring they will add an arm or two to the pen) If you except this premise as possible the Twins almost have to make at least one big move for a SP. It would be riskier to do nothing.
  11. Nice article. Yes, the Twins' strategy appears to be build pitching from within. I am good with that (as if it matters). But if the team is seeking to compete for a postseason spot as they should be given the run scoring potential of the line-up bringing in 1 competent to very good SP wouldn't derail the strategic approach and would increase the chances some of being a contender.
  12. Bundy at best will likely be a deep backend rotation type. Why add him now? Was he going to get scooped up the Dodgers or Yankees?
  13. Great deal for Twins and Byron Buxton. Now BUILD around him and the core guys.
  14. Byron Buxton, injuries and all, is an exceedingly rare talent who can impact the outcome of a MLB game in myriad ways. Just how many current and future Buxtons do the Twins think they have? Here is a hint for the Front Office: Less than 2 and more than zero. Sign Buxton!
  15. Trading Byron Buxton is a terrible idea especially if it's motivated by a tight-fisted front office unwilling compete in the marketplace.. Having said that it becomes less terrible if the FO somehow gets = or > value in assets in return. But I am dubious the current FO will be able to pull that off...
  16. The Twins rarely sign "sure thing" free agents, if there is such a thing. So pretty much anyone in Top 10-15 or so is more pipe dream. These signings along with a healthy Buxton and Garver, progress from Kirilloff into a + MLB hitter, Polanco stays productive and add: #18 Rodriguez, #35 Cobb, #42 Knebel, SP via trade and a new answer at SS Could well be a dream of the Twins back in contention...
  17. Alcala is progressing. He pitches with good, competitive intensity. The development of a change up combined with his + fastball could put him on another level.
  18. Garver is the better hitter by a wide margin over Jeffers. He would bring more in trade value, but as is pointed out here the loss in value to the Twins is significant. If the Twins deal Garver they need to get proven MLB front-line (#2 / 1- type) pitching in return. The Marlins may have that pitcher to deal.
  19. Ryan looks promising looking forward to watching him. Twins will be in a way better place if Ober's performance to date is not an outlier and 1 or 2 young SP, like Ryan are able to take rotation spots next season.
  20. I get the interest in comparisons, and yes Arraez is no Carew, Gwynn or Puckett. Arraez though like that HOF Trio can flat out rake. He is more than a good enough hitter to be considered a regular batting title contender, and a key piece for the Twins for years to come.
  21. There are plenty of solid to very good starting pitcher prospects in the system: Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, Duran, Ryan, Canterino, Winder, Strotman, Sands, Enlow, Vallimont plus. Ober and Jax already with the Twins.. Is it unrealistic to think 2-3 of these guys become consistently effective major league pitchers in 2022-2023? Could at least one of them be at Berrios level? (a #2 type) The Indians and Rays seem to crank them out why can't the Twins?
  22. Many successful MLB players struggled to adjust in their first extended run of games as Larnach is currently doing. It is way too soon to right him off - he has hit in the minors and shown flashes with the Twins.
  23. I see no reason to trade out all these players turning 2022 and maybe 2023 into years to bring along the slew of prospects the Twins receive by moving these proven MLB players. The success rate of prospects is unknown to me, but through my own observation through the years it doesn't seem all that high. Proving you belong, can stay and thrive in MLB is a multi-variable deal with lots of snares that end careers.
  24. Dman - your logic on Arraez is strong, however I think it is a mistake to trade a quality and rare hitter like Arraez.
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