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  1. Sometimes it seems like the term was invented solely to describe the Twins organization, though.
  2. Maybe give him a cortisone shot before 30 games with the Twins instead of before 30 games with the Saints? I’m an AK skeptic. Walk rates as low as his are extremely problematic. And it’s a carry-over issue from the minors. It’s not like his K rate is going to be extraordinarily low…and that means he has to have an elite BABIP or elite SLG (or elite BABiP/SLG combo) to be good. He pulled that off in the minors…including this year in St. Paul with his wrist. Big ask in the majors.
  3. “Headrick has the potential to fly up this list even further as the season continues, and he’s now undoubtedly the best left-handed pitching prospect in the system.” I’m not sure I disagree. But I’m pretty sure Matt Braun disagrees…he ranked a lefty 10 slots higher than Headrick.
  4. 3 or fewer runs scored in regulation in 5 of last 7 games. Nobody in this division is going to qualify as a wild card.
  5. Duran’s career ERA against the Yankees is an even 54.00 I’m confident Lopez has been better.
  6. The Jays fans do migrate from Thunder Bay and Winnipeg in great numbers every season.
  7. Because your plan before the game starts is for the started to go five.
  8. My guess is that the crowd averages a little over one cajon each.
  9. I remain skeptical regarding Baldelli’s in-game management skills…still, he’s can’t go with the 4 “A” bullpen arms every game off a 5-inning start. The offense has to go out and win their share, and a started has to occasionally own a game. And both those events continue to be way too scarce
  10. Can’t believe we’re behind in the 6th inning…us having already hit one single.
  11. It’s hard to throw that many pitches in 5 innings without giving up a run. Positively Odorizzi-like (on a good day)
  12. One game. Against Detroit. Significantly better off. Still the new bullpen will be significantly challenged…any bullpen would be for a team whose starters go 5 innings or less practically on a daily basis. Theoretically…but only theoretically, adding Mahle will help in that regard. We’ll see.
  13. Not rhetorical, btw. I’m guessing a whole lot of Gordon from here on out. In left (and center probably). Huge opportunity for him…regardless of his future in MN.
  14. Ironically, the OF has been the least of our offensive issues tonight. When Kepler comes back, and if Buxton happens to be available…who’s the ‘every-day’ left fielder against right-handed pitchers?
  15. Gordon quietly turning into a legit…maybe even nice…major league bench piece
  16. Gotta get an APB out for Win. Dick Bremer has hijacked his TD account!!
  17. Yeah. I’m not buying it. Same wrist he was destroying AAA with…and he’s still active. Needs to stop hitting pitcher’s pitches, show some patience, willingness to take a walk. But, that’s just me.
  18. Hoping we keep it close enough for some late-game pinch hitting heroics from Buxton or Kirilloff.
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