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  1. Now it sounds like the Twins might be trying to trade Sanchez. I have no idea what’s going on, guess I’ll just have to watch and see…
  2. How about sending Arraez, Larnach, Miranda, Duran, and Sands to the Marlins for Lopez and Meyer? They might want Kepler instead to play center though, which could be workable. If MLB goes to a universal DH, Arraez could become fairly valuable.
  3. I’m not sure if I completely agree with this. It’s not like Arraez is a rental, he has 4 years of control left. However, if they do decide to go for a complete rebuild then he might not interest them much.
  4. How about this. Twins get: Montas Manaea Andrus A’s get Arraez Larnach Cavaco Enlow According to mlb trade sim this is a slight overpay for the Twins, but I think taking on Andrus salary would really entice the A’s.
  5. Jason Kubel was born in Belle Fourche, SD. I just noticed there were no Twins listed for South Dakota. It was a fun list to look through though! Thanks for putting this together.
  6. I wonder how good this team would actually be? Pretty solid defense and three exceptional hitters. Constructing a lineup would be interesting too. I was thinking something like: Carew Knoblauch Mauer Tovar Buxton Punto Gladden Revere Guzman
  7. I’m beginning to feel less and less optimistic that the Twins will sign a pitcher this offseason. They just as well turn their full attention towards trades. Call up the Marlins and see what it will take to get Caleb Smith. He could be a solid backend rotation piece, with upside. If he cuts down on the homers, he could be very successful. Then, call Arizona and Colorado. I really like Ray and I think a move out of Colorado could really help Gray. My preference is Ray, in the hopes he will like it in Minnesota and re-sign there. It seems there’s a lot of untapped potential with both these guys. I really have no idea what it would take to land any of these pitchers, but this might be the best way to improve the rotation without getting locked into a huge contract.
  8. What if the Mets just made Thor available to take other teams attention away from Stroman, so they could swoop in and get him?
  9. They need to get at least one reliever as good as Rogers and one more solid reliever. They should call the Nationals and offer them Graterol, Javier, Blankenhorn, and whoever else they need to for Scherzer.
  10. After watching the video of Perez I am pleasantly surprised with how he looked. Good movement on his pitches and good velocity. He induced a lot of weak contact too. I didn’t like the signing at the time, and I’m not sold yet. With that said I think the front office might have found a real diamond in the rough here.
  11. I wonder if a 4 year $64 million contract with an opt out after year 2 would be enough to get Kimbrel.
  12. I didn’t get a chance to watch or listen to the game. When I looked at the box score, I was surprised that Slegers was pulled after just 72 pitches. Was he laboring or getting into some trouble in the later innings?
  13. You are right. I was a little light for Archer. We all know Lewis isn’t going anywhere though. I wonder if Gonsalves, Gordon, Kiriloff, Jorge, and Blankenhorn would get them interested?
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