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  1. So we would have to fit him on the 40 man roster this winter. Then, we either put him on the 60 day IL to open a 40 man spot (major league pay) or just keep him on the 40 man like we did Enlow this year until he was ready. Someone let us know if I have this wrong. Wonder why it takes the doctors, maybe not with the Twins team, so long to figure this out. Seems like this has been speculated about a lot on TD.
  2. Balazovic - appears to be the case (or is it a one year fluke while pitching with a bum knee) Henriquez - waiver wire pickup, probably worth the try but appears we didn't hit the jackpot Sands - maybe but I like to give guys another year (like Jax this year) Enlow - major injury and he is starting to pitch better now It wouldn't be good we just kept replacing our top AA and AAA pitchers with new guys every year. Remember the graduates this year though - Duran, Ober and Jax (and Ryan if you count trades). We'll take 3 or 4 like that every year.
  3. Wow, they must like Varland better this year than Sands last year (unless, in hindsight, they think they should have given Sands this experience last year).
  4. Is Martin ever coming back this year (not that I want us to put him back at SS)?
  5. I am guessing the Twins will be very cautious with his coming off surgery. May not even see him in a game this year - me totally guessing.
  6. I think the Twins also want to keep playing both Miller and Lee at SS full-time rather than them splitting time or one not playing SS at all. Miller is really young and struggling a little with the bat (but almost everyone does in that league). Does this say anything about the Twins belief in Miller? I say probably not, yet.
  7. He's been pitching poorly of late. ERA is up to 4.71. SO/BB ratio still isn't bad though.
  8. I do think his career has been a disappointment BECAUSE, as someone said about Gordon, of the expectations we all had for him. If he was a 20th round draft pick, what would we be saying?
  9. At age 30, you look for best opportunity to get another chance in the show. He correctly sees that an injury or two to starters on the Twins gives him a prime chance to be called up again. Cotton, also age 30, goes through the same thing.
  10. Moran is actually on the active roster and pitched on Friday night for the Saints. It will be Archer, Sands and Pagan today. If the game is tied or you have a close lead, you go to others. But I don't think there is any way we see Duran, Jax or Lopez. Still, I wouldn't have let Bundy go out there for the 5th and liked the bullpen usage yesterday to go for the win when you have the chance.
  11. Pagan was warming up. Did we really want him to come in and give up 3 base runners and then Lopez to give up one mistake pitch for a homer? Imagine the comments then. Take the wins when we can get them and be happy.
  12. Urbina, Severino and Helmin continue their one month or so streak of hitting well but Palacios is simply on fire! 2 more homers tonight. What has gotten into him! Nice pitching from the top three levels - Enlow seems to be getting a little streak of good outings going.
  13. No, Palacios is really playing well at AAA and is a great fielder. He would be used until Lewis returns. And maybe beyond that if he plays well with Lewis also playing SS and OF.
  14. Agreed. If you are the Twins or a border line hitter, wouldn't you practice bunting for a half hour every day. MLB players are so bad at it now that a border line player could get the last roster spot just because they are a great bunter.
  15. Agree with your must adds, unless Correa stays then Palacios would not be added. I've Headrick and now Severino as adds. Isola - an MLB team is really going to keep a AA catcher on their MLB roster for all of 2023. I just don't see it. Urbina - wow, he is a long way from the majors down at low A, even more so than Baddoo was I believe. I don't add him to the roster. Using Beans list - New MiLB 40 man candidates Matt Wallner - Protect Eduoard Julien - Protect Jair Carmago - No Matt Canterino - Protect Simeon Woods-Richardson - Protect Louie Varland - Protect MiLB players on the 40 man Jordan Balazovic - yes Blayne Enlow - depends how he finishes the season Ronny Henriquez - no Jovani Moran - yes Devin Smeltzer - no Drew Strotman - Easy remove Josh Winder - yes Caleb Hamilton - Easy remove Coming off the 40 man Chris Archer Carlos Correa Miguel Sano Gary Sanchez Sandy Leon Michael Fulmer - this would be a good one to re-sign I think MLB/Injured Non-tender candidates Tim Beckham - no Jake Cave - no Kyle Garlick - no Mark Contreras - no Cody Stashak - no Daniel Coulombe - no Emilio Pagan - yes. The Twins will continue to try to work with him, for better or worse. Caleb Thielbar - maybe Dylan Bundy - no, but try to re-sign at a much lower salary Dobnak - no, Twins will try slip him down to AAA. Even with a lot of cutting, I still show 37 on the roster, leaving only room for 3 free agent additions.
  16. Gordon, Jax and maybe a little bit of Cave are the surprises for me. That's why I'm not a GM. Love the hustle from guys, forcing the defense to make errors.
  17. If Kepler, Larnach, Jeffers and Ober got healthy (without others getting hurt), St. Paul could look like a good team. As it is, they are playing well. Some very good pitching performances to go along with a lot of runs scored tonight. Derek Rodriguez, SWR, Headrick, Mullenbach, Hanner, Lavallee and Rimmel all go multiple innings and don't allow a run. Maybe we have some pitching left in the minors. Brent Rooker continues to be one of the all-time best AAA players, no matter what organization he is in.
  18. I believe we are talking about guys who may come back yet. Maeda is #1 in my book. Alcala doesn't count as he is done for the year. Jeffers is better than Sanchez. Once Sanchez started catching every day, his batting tanked.
  19. Thanks for your accomplishments and efforts Mr. Duffey. You pitched many good innings for the Twins and always gave your best. Better yet, you are a great person.
  20. Is Varland better than Sands was last year in AA? I just think it takes these guys a year or so at AAA before they are really ready for MLB, and of course some don't make it. The Canterino's of the world, with better stuff, can make the jump more quickly IF they could just stay healthy.
  21. Indeed, Perez is adding to his frequent flyer miles and going to Cedar Rapids today. Severino moved up to Wichita as well!
  22. Helman - how does he compare to Nick Gordon? Same speed? They seem to play the same positions with what seems like the same level of effectiveness. Gordon with a big advantage in that he is already playing in the majors. Helman would provide tons more flexibility with max options left. Every time I count Gordon out after an 0 for 15, he gets 4 or 5 hits in two nights.
  23. He still scares me. Doing better as he doesn't let the runners score when they load the bases, but there are still runners out there against him. Baby steps.
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