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  1. Agreed! I've been on the Festa bandwagon for two years and I continue to like him. Also, agree with @roger that Canterino is another possibility. His problem will be similar to Raya's - severe innings limits for 2024 as I see it.
  2. At this age, Castro's speed and defense (and switch hitting) won't decline. He may make a couple more errors just because he made almost none in 2023 but I actually think his overall OF defense will improve. Even if his hitting would decline a little, he is by far the best utility guy.
  3. I don't know that anyone is saying Kiersey will be an All Star player. What many of us see is the base stealing and defense. For the most part, you can't teach this to everyone. Therefore, that alone can make him a valuable (and inexpensive) 4th outfielder or shuttle between AAA and the Twins for injuries, etc. Let's see how the bat develops at AAA this season.
  4. I now believe the Twins believe Buxton will be healthy to start the season. Castro will play on the days when Buxton needs a break. Martin will be ready by mid-season and take over if Buxton is done. That is what I think the Twins are thinking and will now get pitching. Do I think Buxton will stay healthy - No.
  5. The Twins did get 4 players in the minor league Rule 5 draft, including a catcher. Don't know that we lost anyone in that draft.
  6. There was a poster in another thread who correctly stated that there were 13 players selected last year in the Rule 5 draft. A grand total of two were non-pitchers. I don't think he will get drafted. Will find out soon.
  7. Was it wrong for the Twins to move up last year almost the exact same # of spots to get to #5 in a draft in which there was a clear cutoff in talent at #6? I just don't remember anyone on TD saying that was wrong.
  8. No. Prato is younger and thus more likely to be picked. But teams like to stash pitchers, not hitters with Rule 5 picks. I say neither gets picked. Regi Grace is more likely than either one to be selected. He is at about the same level as Tyler Wells when the Orioles selected him. But I'm predicting none of our players get selected.
  9. "Twins minor leaguer Regi Grace was named the team's Minor League Players Union Representative for the coming year." Good, Maybe this will keep a team from selecting him in the Rule 5 draft (probably not true but I'm hoping). I know everyone is more concerned about Prato being selected but I think the biggest chance for a Twin to be selected is Grace, as he is very much like Tyler Wells, a relief pitcher who really improved and who the Orioles selected years ago.
  10. Not Maeda. With this roster, if Buxton couldn't play CF at all, it would have to be, and many don't want to hear it, Lewis. A variation of MIranda, Polanco and Farmer would play 3B with Lewis moving there on a day we play Castro in CF.
  11. Pagan signs with the Reds on a 2-year deal. The Reds sure like guys from the Twins, minor leaguers before now.
  12. Who is in charge here? Scott Boras says Lewis can only play at 3B. Varland only wants to be a starter. Sometimes I think the first day of training camp they are going to have a sign up sheet for the positions they are allowed to play so we don't hurt anyone's feelings. Having said that, I still like Varland as a starter.
  13. Do I remember correctly that a team can trade away the end of first round compensatory pick? Certainly could see that included in a deal for a #2 pitcher.
  14. Yep, that's where I think they are at.
  15. Correct because the contract is for more than $50 million.
  16. That's what I keep telling myself - wait until the entire offseason is done to evaluate the FO as they often make moves at the end (and not always for scraps).
  17. The Cardinals must be the 2024 resting place for most former Twins pitchers - Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson and now Sonny Gray.
  18. Maeda apparently signs with the Tigers, 2 years for $24 million. Curious why the Twins didn't match that, if the info is correct.
  19. Cossetti is in A ball. He's not on the Twins next year or probably the following year. Played really sparsely in the AFL but hit .100 something there. I like him but he is about a one level per year advancer.
  20. Lewis in CF changes our OF depth a lot (or LF if Buxton has a miracle recovery). That has been discussed in numerous other threads so I won't dive any deeper.
  21. If you think you are getting the Kepler from the last half of 2023 (not the playoffs), keep him. If he's going to return to the guy hitting in the middle of the order in 2021 and 2022 who batted under .220 and couldn't get a total of 100 rbi's, sell high. Do NOT extend him. Rodriguez and Jenkins are coming.
  22. Just from comments on TD and some experts who rank prospects, I get the impression that E-Rod is going to be okay in CF but that we are going to be saying, "Buxton/Taylor/Kiermeier (or some other great defensive CF)" would have caught that ball - that the range won't quite be the same either due to lack of experience, top line speed, or getting the right jump on the ball. Any thoughts on that? There must be some reason there is talk that he possibly moves to a corner OF position.
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