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  1. I'd rather the Twins lose in the playoffs than not make the playoffs. That's pretty obvious. But, yeah, this isn't a great team. Just looking at the latest "power rankings" from espn (lame, I know), you could argue this isn't a top 15 team in baseball. But a weak division gets them into the playoffs.
  2. They are what we knew they'd be at the beginning of the season, enough offense to carry them (3rd in r/g inAL), pretty bad pitching. It's a lot better than last year's pitching staff though, so, progress. We might still win the central but I doubt any of the three teams pulls away. We'll see.
  3. I doubt his career is over, he'll pitch somewhere in the majors again. But for a 5th round pick, he's had a nice career. He's made over 7m (I also believe he signed a neat contract with under armor where he got a bunch of money v. his future value. Could be wrong on that though). And he lasted a long time. Good on him to work and good on the Twins to hit on a 5th rounder.
  4. I really do like it when athletes do things like this. Obviously, it's a good thing in of itself, but it also is a nice way for the players to be part of our community.
  5. But he's not that young - this is his age 26 season. And his k rate is actually a touch below MLB average - 8.4 v 8.5 k/9. Some numbers, such as fip and xfip, suggest Ryan has actually been lucky. I don't think he's top 50 in any MLB stat.
  6. It's a bit hard to define now since starters aren't asked to do as much - is he who he is because that's how the Twins run things, or is this his ceiling and the Twins are protecting him? But he's pretty much a traditional back end starter, which isn't a bad thing. Over a full season, he'll likely produce somewhere about 2 WAR and roughly a league average ERA+. At the same time, he wouldn't sniff the rotation for the Yankees or several other playoff caliber teams,
  7. It's a fair trade with the potential to really blow up in our faces in a few years. CES is a tough pill, I really liked him. But Mahle is instantly our best starter and we really needed help. I still think our pitching isn't good enough but they did upgrade it quite a bit today.
  8. I agree with Mike, the trade makes sense for both sides. We gave up quantity with some upside but we have several years of control and fits an obvious need.
  9. If the Twins put up the white flag while in first place, I might not take it too well. The team has to do a few things in the offseason but there's room for hope. In the meantime, I'd rather watch the Twins lose in the postseason than miss the postseason.
  10. Any of these teams could win the central. The Twins pitching is bad but our lineup is pretty impressive and we've taken 6 of the 10 against Chicago, which is a good way to keep them behind us. Fangraphs slightly favors the Sox over us. Health and pitching will probably be the defining matters for these last few months.
  11. I didn't look into draft stuff so much this year as in other years but I think the first two picks make this my favorite draft since 2016. We'll see how it plays out but I'm happy with this draft.
  12. It's a good team and should make the playoffs. Really enjoying Arraez' break out.
  13. That's horrific for him. He looked really good this year.
  14. Jack Del Rio, showing that he's never the smartest person in a room, should be fired, per Souhan. https://www.startribune.com/jack-del-rio-commanders-vikings-linebacker-should-watch-his-career-bite-the-dust-jim-souhan/600180895/?fbclid=IwAR12ot3Bmi8Dr1YNVgkMlWUckYVq-xKU1KtzBTa6aZ1x4b1UaylzJkwXhGs I tend to agree.
  15. Yeah, this isn't a fun team to watch anymore. Very disappointing. But they're a playoff team and, after last year, that's probably what the FO needs. So I don't expect anything to change unless Chicago or Cleveland get hot and start pressing us.
  16. There are a lot of problems with this but to cut through all of it, it is 2022. Homophobia - which is what these players are showing - should be mocked. The Rays should have, as the article suggests, been out in front of this like other organizations have done so this didn't happen. Also, this is my fairly annual reminder that you all can usually march in the pride parade. Just reach out to organizations that are registered. It's a lot of fun.
  17. https://www.outsports.com/2022/6/5/23155403/tampa-bay-rays-lgbtq-rainbow-pride
  18. It's amazing how many new accounts sprung up on TD just to push anti-vax views. Russian troll bots are going after baseball forums!!!
  19. Well done, stu, well done. I'm pretty sure Dr. Van Lowe also spends considerable time on message boards, spreading misinformation. I also enjoyed the (real) piece in the pioneer press that stated the "most common, long-term effect [of the vaccines] has been not dying of COVID."
  20. We've already seen this FO throw in the towel at the deadline and see the team make the postseason despite the FO. So .... maybe they will trade Correa, depending on what, if any, offer is out there. My guess is it doesn't happen but we'll see.
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