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  1. I’m at the game and didn’t see the ump call time. I was wondering why they didn’t give Rooker 2nd base cause I thought it was a wild pitch.
  2. There is no reason why Nick Gordon shouldn’t be getting regular playing time right now.
  3. Sano stolen base standing up without a throw. No context needed. Brag about it, big fella!
  4. Not going to lie, it’s so good seeing the FOX graphics and hearing the FOX music again.
  5. The Twins have a team OPS of .389 in the 9th inning or later, worst in baseball. Second worst? San Francisco with .510.
  6. Maybe I shouldn’t care, but hearing Gladden repeatedly pronounce Pineda’s name like you would say piñata is infuriating.
  7. How many times do I have to say it? In that situation, you walk the bases loaded to put a force on every base because no matter what, you’re going home with the ball if it’s put in play. Cain would’ve been out had they done so.
  8. Game should be over. We’re giving them five outs this inning.
  9. There was no reason to throw to second. They were not going to turn a double play and that run means absolutely nothing if it scores. Get the out.
  10. Pre-Tommy John surgery Liriano’s slider maxed out at 93 MPH and looked impossible to hit.
  11. It went to the game right at 1:00. Just no pregame for whatever reason.
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