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  1. Hasn't been made official, but all signs are pointing towards Mahle making his debut start on Friday against Toronto and Jose Berrios.
  2. From a MLBTradeRumors article last week: But Mahle has flown somewhat under the radar for the past few seasons despite being quite similar statistically, to both Castillo and Montas since 2020. It’s hard not to wonder just what Mahle’s performance might look like in another uniform, as his numbers away from the homer-happy Great American Ball Park are tantalizing. Few pitchers have such a dramatic home/road split as Mahle, who since 2020 has pitched to a 2.93 ERA on the road but an ugly 4.89 mark at home. Mahle has allowed 1.75 homers per nine innings pitched in Cincinnati, compared to just 0.52 long balls per nine on the road. He also has a better strikeout rate and opponents’ hard-hit rate than either Castillo or Montas, dating back to 2020 — albeit with the highest walk rate of the three. Broadly speaking, Mahle is much closer to the Montas/Castillo tier of pitcher than most pundits credit him. And, with a $5.2MM salary compared to Castillo’s $7.35MM mark, he’s a bit more affordable than his teammate and right in line with Montas ($5MM).
  3. That Twitter account has 19 followers. It's fake.
  4. Lopez is under team control for 2 more years.
  5. Twins also sending Yennier Cano and Juan Nunez to BAL.
  6. Gio Urshela has been placed on the Paternity list with Gilberto Celestino being called back up from St. Paul.
  7. Two catchers in a row! Twins just drafted this guy in the 12th.
  8. We got a catcher! Andrew Cossetti - St. Joseph's (PA)
  9. Twins have signed 2 relief pitchers to minor league contracts: Brock Stewart (pitched in 36 games for LAD from '16-'19 and 10 games for TOR in '19) https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/stewabr01.shtml Ben Heller (made 31 relief appearances for the Yankees from 2016 to 2020) https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/h/hellebe01.shtml
  10. From Doogie: “Byron Buxton was asked to participate in the home run derby… and he has turned it down. The way it was described to me, not necessarily worried about his swing getting all #*%$* up. Moreso, why put your body at risk? Why take massive swing after massive swing? It’s just not worth it. He wants to be on the field for the Twins. And the knee is not close to 100%. Now, it’s not 50%, but we know the knee isn’t close to 100%.”
  11. Martin Perez and C.J. Cron, members of the Twins 2019 "Bomba Squad," were selected to represent their teams at the 2022 MLB All-Star Game.
  12. Totally agree with this assessment. I really enjoyed Obi-Wan! Was it pointless? A bit, yeah....We all knew that all of the main characters had to survive and live to fight another day in A New Hope. But I think McGregor is outstanding as a younger Obi-Wan and it was cool to see him in that role again and to find some way to incorporate Vader as well. I'm hopeful as well that Disney can find some new stories to tell that resonate with fans.
  13. We recently got the deal through AT&T where you get free Samsung S22's if you trade in any old Galaxy phones. I know there was a reason that I saved those S3 & S4's!!!
  14. Probably not surprising, as the Twins are in Arizona, but Kiriloff is not in tonight's lineup.
  15. https://www.mlb.com/glossary/injuries/10-day-injured-list "The maximum an IL stint can be backdated is three days, even if a player hasn't appeared in a game for longer than that."
  16. Per Betsy Helfand. This is Polanco's 1st ever trip to the IL!
  17. I always hated when Twins fans booed AJ. He had been a valued member of those early '00's teams and was traded to make room for Mauer. Felt that he deserved to be cheered for his contributions in helping to bring us from the brink of contraction back into relevance and post-season contention. Now I'm not a huge Donaldson fan per se, but he did choose to sign with us as a FA and played hard here. And we traded him away...So not sure why he deserves a healthy smattering of boos from Twins fans.
  18. I've enjoyed all 3 episodes, but yes, REALLY liked the 3rd episode. Some of the suspense is obviously lost though knowing that the main characters are all fine in A New Hope.
  19. I still have my ticket stubs both from the 1985 AS Game that I attended with my grandpa and from Game 7 in 1991. Another favorite of mine...I came across a photo online about 15 years ago of Killebrew attempting to hit a ball across the Mississippi River during the '85 ASG festivities. Koufax was supposed to pitch to him, but when they showed up, they both realized that there was no way he was going to hit it across the river. The image that I had found happened to have me (at 8 years old) and my dad in it (we're right below the ball)!
  20. Donaldson has been suspended 1 game (he has appealed the suspension) and fined an undisclosed amount. Also has been placed on the COVID-19 injured list today.
  21. Not much of a hockey fan, but seems like there is more parity in the NHL and/or ability for lower seeded teams to win the Stanley Cup. So I'd say the Wild have the best chance on being the first MN team to break through with a championship.
  22. Switched phone providers recently and got HBO Max for free. Watching 'Barry' with Bill Hader. It's pretty good! Seems to be a lot of good shows on HBO Max that I haven't seen but want to watch like The Wire, The Newsroom, West Wing, Big Love, True Detective, among others. I'm open to suggestions from others who have the channel!
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