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  1. Very true. However, this sort of thing cannot be normalized from the Twins perspective. If it were Philly or New York, umpires would be punished by the crowd and fans. There cannot be multiple sets of rules based on fan reaction - the MLB umpires need to pony up and say they messed up. Otherwise the silence emanating from them implies they had a ‘perfect’ game.
  2. Maybe the air conditioning In the umpires changing room should quit working until an apology from New York happens.
  3. I think that dooms our trading this year. With that high a price tag, the twins might bow out of all trade possibilities… if I were a seller, I’d hold out for something like what they gave up.
  4. Can anyone tell me the twins ERA after Wes Johnson left? And what is our record now since Sano came back?
  5. I'm wondering if Stanton would have gotten it if he had been the one to hit the go-ahead HR. I'm scarred by the Cy Young excuses for Roger Clemens during his time with the Yankees (He won the most games! .. but not the ERA title-------->2 years later - he won the ERA title! .. but not the most games...)
  6. Probably for the best. As much as we would all love to see him on the big stage, the season and his health is far too important.
  7. I guess agree to disagree. edit: to add context. 1991 would answer your question.
  8. Strong division. Not 4 games above 500. They did have at least 2 players that deserved to go and only 1 went.
  9. Totally understand - just quoting ‘experts’ when the twins were in 4th in a strong division.
  10. Toronto should not get any more reps. A 4th place team only should have minimal representation.
  11. 1) 5-6 2) a mostly healthy lineup. Hopefully Miranda and Kiriloff continue to improve! 3) A one way ticket for Pagan to St Paul. And using some of the younger guys to fill holes in the bullpen. 4) here’s a shot in the dark - Catcher.
  12. Jimenez makes his Sox return. Let's hope for the sweep today!
  13. It probably comes down to several factors: Is the player a prospect and needs to see AB's? How are the peripheral #'s for the player? What is the team's investment in the player? What is the consistency of the #'s? How many years of control does that player have (or options left)? I wonder how it works with pitchers? I see Robles was let go from Boston recently.
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